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Black, Deaf and Extremely Online

On TikTok and in virtual hangouts, a younger generation is sharing the origins and nuances of Black American Sign Language, a rich variation of ASL that scholars say has been overlooked for too long.

In Crises, Vaccines Can Be Stretched, but Not Easily

Shortages of shots for yellow fever, polio and other diseases have led to innovative solutions even in very poor countries.

The Vaccinated Class

“Getting the vaccine is the hottest thing you could be doing on a dating app right now,” said a spokesman for OKCupid.

How Alvin the Beagle Helped Usher in a Democratic Senate

Senator Raphael Warnock was sworn in this week as Georgia’s first Black senator, and he arrived with a canny canine assist.

Help With Vaccination Push Comes From Unexpected Businesses

Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon are among the companies offering the government assistance with logistics and operations.

Do Curfews Slow the Coronavirus?

A restriction more often used in natural disasters, or to quell unrest, has never been tested against a pathogen like the virus.

How Doug Ducey, Arizona’s Republican Governor, Views His Party After Trump

Mr. Ducey, who is facing censure by his state party on Saturday, says the divisions within the Republican Party are nothing new.

New Pandemic Plight: Hospitals Are Running Out of Vaccines

Health officials are frustrated that available doses are going unused while the virus is killing thousands of people each day. Many vaccine appointments have been canceled.

10 Republicans Voted to Impeach Trump. The Backlash Has Been Swift.

The House Republicans who voted to charge President Donald J. Trump with inciting the Capitol riot are facing a fleet of primary challengers, censures and other rebukes from their party.
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