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To Reduce Racial Inequality, Raise the Minimum Wage

Diversity and inclusion programs for elites are tokens. A large wage increase that would most benefit the Black working class is far better.

We Were Clerks at the Supreme Court. Its Legitimacy Is Now in Question.

Brazen politics in Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation process threatens the court’s standing with the public.

A Photographer’s American Road Trip

An-My Lê has been surveying our country over the past four years, finding power in unexpected places.

Using Humor as a Political Weapon Against Trump

Readers react to a column by Nicholas Kristof urging the use of mockery. Also: When writers feel constrained; immigration reform.

New Visas Limits Would Be a Self-Inflicted Wound for the U.S.

The Trump administration wants to make it harder for foreign students, exchange visitors and journalists.

Wrangling Over Herd Immunity and Masks as Covid Cases Keep Rising

Readers are skeptical of herd immunity as a strategy and view mask-wearing as a limit on one’s freedom in order to save lives.
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