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The True Price of the Thing You’re Buying May Not Be Printed on It

Does the tag say “buyer’s remorse,” “spousal guilt trip” or “bloating may ensue?” If not, it’s time to consider the object’s full consumption cost.

China Backs Hong Kong’s Leader Despite Huge Protests

Yet it is unclear how long Carrie Lam can continue to govern the territory after her retreat on a contentious extradition proposal.

The Baltimore Symphony, Seeking Cuts, Locks Out Its Musicians

The orchestra wants to give its musicians fewer weeks of work. The players say that will affect quality.

‘The Hunger Games’ Prequel Is in the Works

Suzanne Collins’s dystopian trilogy about children fighting to the death, later adapted as a series of blockbuster movies, is getting a prequel.

The Trade War is Taking Money From Your Wallet, and Returning Some, Too

The Trump administration’s taxes made that washing machine cost more, but gas is cheaper because the markets are jittery about the trade war.

Sotheby’s Auction House to Be Taken Private in $3.7 Billion Sale

Patrick Drahi’s acquisition of the auction house, which has struggled to turn a profit recently, will return it to private ownership after 31 years of being publicly traded.

In Its Post-Lagerfeld Era, Chanel Is Still Earning Profits

The privately owned French fashion house has a new creative director, strong sales growth and a firm message: Chanel is not for sale.

Dean Obeidallah Is Awarded $4.1 Million in Lawsuit Against The Daily Stormer

The neo-Nazi website falsely accused Mr. Obeidallah, a comedian, of committing terrorism. He hopes to give money to organizations that fight white supremacy.

DealBook Briefing: Why Wall Street Likes Mayor Pete (and Harris and Biden)

Big financial donors have started to favor three candidates in the Democratic presidential primary — and none are hometown politicians.

California Tests a Digital ‘Fire Alarm’ for Mental Distress

The state is teaming up with Silicon Valley to make mental health services more available. Promises abound, and so do potential problems.

Huawei Chief Predicts Sales Will Flatline After Trump Crackdown

Efforts to cut off the Chinese company from U.S. technology will crimp business over the next two years, said Ren Zhengfei, though he vowed a 2021 recovery.

From Inclusion to Support: How to Build a Better Workplace

At the New Rules Summit, hosted by The New York Times, participants working in groups proposed changes to create equitable environments in the workplace. Here are the topics, quotations from group leaders and takeaways.
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