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A Kid's Covid Vaccine Isn't Coming Anytime Soon

There are currently no trials underway, making a vaccine unlikely before fall of 2021. And students are missing online school at alarming rates.

The Death That Speaks to College Football’s Worst Virus Fear

Jamain Stephens was known as a big man on campus. His death raised questions about how his university is handling the coronavirus and prompted athletes to think about their own risks.

Fraternity at University of Georgia Is Suspended After Racist Messages Are Exposed

A Black student, the subject of degrading comments in a fraternity group chat, got a tip about the messages. She posted them on Twitter.

As Schools Go Remote, Finding ‘Lost’ Students Gets Harder

Early data for the new school year suggests that attendance in virtual classrooms is down, possibly because students are working or caring for siblings.

How Cajon Valley reopened its classrooms

Most lower-income students are learning online. But in Cajon Valley, Calif. they’re back in school. Here’s how they did it.

Parents, How Are You Doing?

We’d love to hear how you’re dealing with remote learning and getting your kids — and yourself — through these uncertain days.

Donald Trump vs. the Ivy League: An Election-Year Battle

Mr. Trump, himself an Ivy League graduate, has made Princeton, Harvard and other elite colleges targets this year.

How The Unpredictable Coronavirus Pandemic Took a Terrible Toll

At least 73 countries are seeing surges in newly detected cases, and in regions where cold weather is approaching, worries are mounting.

How One District Got Its Students Back Into Classrooms

Cajon Valley in California is doing something that many lower-income districts have postponed: offering in-person instruction.

Teachers on TikTok are showing what it takes this school year

Teachers are posting videos of the extraordinary energy required keep young learners engaged and amused.

What’s Your Advice for Virtual Learning?

Teachers, we’d love to hear from you. How are you keeping your classroom up and running — even over video chat?

DeVos Vows to Withhold Desegregation Aid to Schools Over Transgender Athletes

The Education Department has told Connecticut schools that desegregation grants will be cut off Oct. 1 if they continue to allow transgender students to choose the teams they compete on.

La historia de amor de dos inmigrantes: cómo se conocieron los padres de Kamala Harris

Donald Harris y Shyamala Gopalan crecieron bajo el dominio colonial británico en lugares opuestos del planeta. Ambos llegaron a Berkeley anhelando una formación profesional y formaron parte de un círculo intelectual que moldeó el resto de sus vidas

Princeton Admitted Past Racism. Now It Is Under Investigation.

The Trump administration opened a civil rights investigation into the university after its president acknowledged the role of systemic racism at the school and in society.
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