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Do I Really Need a Toilet?

And other questions you can’t believe you ask yourself when you’re looking for an apartment in New York.

Gas Stoves Leak Methane Even When Turned Off, Study Finds

New research that finds gas stoves emit methane, a potent greenhouse gas, even when turned off and adds to the debate over electrifying homes.

House Hunting in France: A Diamond in the Rough Near the Basque Coast

In the seaside resort town of Biarritz, home buyers are skewing younger as families replace tourists, further crowding an already teeming market.

What $2 Million Buys You in California, Illinois and Kentucky

An 1892 Queen Anne in Alameda, an Arts and Crafts house in Kenilworth and a Classical Revival-style home in Prospect.

Robbinsville, N.J.: A Diverse Community ‘at the Center of It All’

The Mercer County township in the middle of the state is growing rapidly, but there’s still plenty of open space.

After Urban Flight, Corporate Campuses Add a Taste of the City

Suburban headquarters are being redesigned to add more amenities that will integrate better with their communities and attract the skilled workers.

They Broke Up With Two Architects Before Finding the Right One

‘It’s like going through bad relationships,’ said an owner of the 1975 Bay Area home. ‘The house needed an architect who wasn’t so driven by ego.’

The Noise From Downstairs Is Terrible. Should I Sue the Landlord?

You have a right to the quiet enjoyment of your home, but lawsuits come with their own headaches. And there’s always room for negotiation.

What Designers Have Been Doing at Home During the Pandemic

Here’s what it looks like when the professionals take on D.I.Y. projects. (Don’t feel bad if they put yours to shame.)

What $620,000 Buys You in Connecticut, Virginia and Alabama

A 1788 house in West Simsbury, a three-bedroom rowhouse in Leesburg and a four-bedroom home in Vestavia Hills.
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