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YouTube Bars Right-Wing Media Personality Dan Bongino

Already suspended under the platform’s Covid-19 misinformation rules, he continued to post videos daring YouTube to ban him.

Tesla Reports Record Profit but Warns of Supply Problems

The carmaker had a profit of $5.5 billion as sales of its electric vehicles continued to surge, especially in China and Europe.

Amazon pays $2.25 million to settle a price-fixing investigation.

An Amazon program guaranteed sellers a minimum price while offering a potential upside if an algorithm determined that customers were willing to pay more

E.U. court throws out $1.2 billion antitrust fine against Intel.

Intel had been charged with paying illegal rebates to companies that used its semiconductors over rival Advanced Micro Devices.

The federal consumer bureau wants to stamp out what it calls ‘junk fees.’

Late payment charges, hotel resort fees and other tacked-on expenses collectively add billions to what Americans pay for goods and services.

John Arrillaga Sr., Who Helped Build Silicon Valley, Dies at 84

Starting in the 1960s, he developed the area’s farmland into office parks that housed fast-growing technology companies.

SpaceX Rocket Part to Crash Into Moon 7 Years After Launch

The four-ton piece of the rocket hasn’t been heard from since it launched an American satellite called DSCOVR. It could make a 65-foot crater on the far side of the moon.

Microsoft’s profit continues to climb.

Profit and sales at the tech giant, the first of the largest tech companies to report earnings for the three months ending in December, grew about 20 percent.

Oura Ring 3 Review: A Missed Opportunity for Wearable Tech

At a time when we are concerned about health, the smart ring, which can track sleep and body temperature, is too flawed to recommend.

Can CNN’s Hiring Spree Get People to Pay for Streaming News?

The network’s boss, Jeff Zucker, tries to make up for lost time by signing Chris Wallace, Audie Cornish and Eva Longoria.

Apple Accuses Woman of Stalking Tim Cook

The woman, a 45-year-old Virginia resident, is accused of threatening Mr. Cook and visiting his home, according to the court documents.

Japanese Company Joins March Back to the Moon in 2022

Before the end of the year, ispace aims to place a lander with two small rovers on the lunar surface. It may find other visitors have also made the trip this year.

Fashion Nova Is Fined for Suppressing Negative Reviews

Fashion Nova held lower-starred reviews for approval before they could be posted, the F.T.C. said in a complaint.
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