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Lawmakers Rebuke Biden for Bypassing Congress in Deal With Japan

The Democratic lawmakers called the Biden administration’s limited trade deal “unacceptable,” saying it should have been made available to Congress and the public for review.

Biden’s Defense of Global Democracies Is Tested by Political Turmoil

The administration’s Summit for Democracy begins this week amid crises in several countries allied with the United States, including Israel.

2 Killed in Knife Attack at Ismaili Center in Lisbon, Portugal

The police shot and wounded the assailant at the Ismaili Center in Portugal’s capital. His motive was not immediately clear.

Belarus Says It’s Willing to Host Russian Nuclear Weapons

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia floated the idea of positioning nuclear weapons in Belarus last year, but recently raised the idea again, with more concrete details.

Netanyahu Opponents Used Dangers of ‘Reform’ by Autocrats to Sound Alarm

Pointing to examples of what happened after leaders elsewhere brought judiciaries to heel has helped mobilize Israelis in protest.

King Charles Will Travel to Germany for First Visit as Monarch

Charles is set to begin his trip on Wednesday. He had planned to start the royal tour in France, but that leg was canceled because of the country’s ongoing protests.

Father’s Conviction in Russia Determines Custody of His 12-Year-Old Daughter

Aleksei Moskalyov was convicted over antiwar comments on social media that came to light after his daughter made a drawing at school.

With Judicial Overhaul Paused, U.S. Offers Olive Branch to Netanyahu

News that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been invited to Washington came a day after the Israeli leader delayed plans to limit the power of the courts and signaled a calmer atmosphere.

Fire in Mexico Kills at Least 39 in Migration Center Near U.S. Border

The cause of the fire at the National Migration Institute in Ciudad Juárez, a border city near Texas, was not immediately clear.

Russia’s Push in Eastern Ukraine Leaves Avdiivka in Ruins

Moscow has struggled to capture new ground in eastern Ukraine but its bombardment has laid waste to cities and towns. Here is what we’re covering:

As King Charles Adjusts to Being Center Stage, So Do His Impersonators

Long overshadowed by other royal look-alikes, Charles imitators are experiencing newfound popularity ahead of the king’s coronation in May.

How to Lift the Fog of War in Ukraine? Try These Playing Cards.

To help soldiers quickly distinguish friend from foe, the Pentagon is issuing playing cards with pictures of 52 different NATO weapons systems.

Torture and Turmoil at Ukrainian Nuclear Plant: An Insider’s Account

The former director of Europe’s largest nuclear facility describes abuse of Ukrainian workers and careless practices by the Russians who took control of the plant.
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