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Report Says U.S. Airstrikes Have Killed 14 Civilians in Somalia

Since President Trump relaxed rules on airstrikes in Somalia, a number of civilians have been killed, Amnesty International said.

Mexican Volcano Lights Up the Night Sky, and Social Media

Popocatépetl, the active volcano that rises some 40 miles southeast of the Mexican capital, exploded Monday night.

German Defense Spending Is Falling Even Shorter. The U.S. Isn’t Happy.

Germany had already pulled back from its NATO spending target. Now it expects to fall below even that slimmed-down figure. The timing could not be worse.

The New Zealand Attacks Posed New Challenges for Journalists. Here’s How The Times Covered Them.

The killing of 50 people in New Zealand last week seems to be the most extreme example of a mass shooter using the internet as part of his arsenal of destruction and hate. We look at how this affected our calculations around how to cover the attack.

Can Ethiopia’s Long Love Affair With Boeing Survive the 737 Max Crash?

The manufacturer is so revered in the country, planes are often referred to as “Boeings.” The Max 8 crash may change all that.

Mozambique Cyclone Rescuers Struggle to Reach Victims in ‘Inland Ocean’

Aid agencies called the devastation from Cyclone Idai the worst natural disaster in southern Africa in two decades.

Cyclone Idai Destroys ‘Ninety Percent’ of a City of Half a Million in Southern Africa

The cyclone has affected more than 1.5 million people, with a death toll now in the dozens but feared to be far higher.

Spicy or Wonky, Scapegoat or Hero? Commons Speaker Upends Brexit

After John Bercow ruled out a third Brexit vote, he instantly became one of the most hated — and admired — men in the country.

The New Zealand Shooting Victims Spanned Generations and Nationalities

Fifty people were killed when a gunman stormed two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, and opened fire on worshippers. Among the dead were students, athletes, engineers and an aspiring pilot.

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Cyclone Idai May Be ‘One of the Worst’ Disasters in the Southern Hemisphere

A United Nations official said workers had described “water and water for miles and miles,” resembling an inland ocean where homes and towns had stood.

Britain (Yes, Rainy Britain) Could Run Short of Water by 2050, Official Says

Climate change and population growth, meaning less supply and more demand, could equal an “existential threat,” England’s environment chief warned.

Pope Rejects Resignation of French Cardinal Convicted of Abuse Cover-Up

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin was found guilty of failing to report child molestation by a priest, but Pope Francis said he should step aside only temporarily.
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