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Faced With Tough Words From China, Taiwan Rallies Around Its Leader

Support for Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, has risen after she criticized an unpopular proposal by China’s leader to unify the two sides.

‘Disgusting to Say, but It’s the Truth’: German Winemakers See Boon in Climate Change

The hot, dry summer of 2018 produced a sweet bumper harvest that looks like a harbinger of things to come. Traditional styles may suffer, however.

Pipeline Erupts in Fiery Explosion in Mexico, Killing 20

The explosion came amid an epidemic of fuel thefts across the country. Initial reports said more than 60 were injured.

Journalist for Iranian TV Is Detained as Witness in U.S. Investigation

Marzieh Hashemi, an anchor for the Iranian channel Press TV, is not accused of a crime but is being held until her grand jury testimony is done.

Congo Rejects African Union Demand to Delay Election Results

The organization called for the results to be postponed because of “serious doubts” over the conduct of the presidential vote.

4,141 Latvians Were Just Outed as K.G.B. Informants

Is the newly released Soviet-era archive a real record of collaboration or a time bomb planted by agents as the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991?

After a Crash, Prince Philip, 97, Stokes Debate on Older Drivers

Nobody was badly hurt. But with a ballooning number of older drivers in Britain, the thought of the headstrong royal behind the wheel was cause for alarm.

Canada Letter: How a Growing Rift With Canada Is Unfolding in China

China correspondent Chris Buckley discusses the country’s opinion of Canada and the case of a Canadian now facing the death penalty.

At War: What Happened in Iraq: ‘Seven Months of Blood and Fire and Broken Glass’

In this week’s At War newsletter: Many veterans know something that the politicians who speak for military action often do not: for those who do the fighting, war is often reduced to who is near and whatever happens.

Trump and Kim Jong-un to Hold Second Summit Meeting Next Month

Negotiations over eliminating North Korea’s nuclear arsenal have made little progress since the two leaders’ June meeting in Singapore.

Germans Send Love Letter on Brexit: Britain, Please Don’t Go

In a letter of admiration, prominent Germans called on Britons to halt their withdrawal from the European Union.

Suspect in Bombing That Killed 21 in Colombia Belonged to Rebel Group

The man who attacked a police academy with a car bomb belonged to the National Liberation Army, or ELN, the largest guerrilla group remaining in the country, the defense ministry said.

Does Your City Have a Great Public Transit System? Tell Us About It

New York’s subway is overcrowded, often delayed and in desperate need of repairs. How does your city’s system compare?

Give the Wombats Some Space, Australia Tells Selfie-Loving Tourists

Visitors to a Tasmanian island snuggle, chase and even pick up the fuzzy creatures for photos. Officials are asking them to pledge to respect the wildlife.
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