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Olympic Athlete Speaks of Assault and Breaks a Bigger Silence in Greece

Sofia Bekatorou, a sailing champion, said she was sexually assaulted by a top sports official, prompting an outpouring of support in a country where the issue has long been ignored.

Barred From U.S. Under Trump, Muslims Exult in Biden’s Open Door

Few foreigners welcomed President Biden’s election victory as enthusiastically as the tens of thousands of Muslims who have been locked out of the United States for the past four years.

Navalny Protests: Live Updates as Russians Demand Opposition Leader’s Release

The poisoning and arrest of Aleksei A. Navalny set off nationwide protests. The rallies began in the Far East, where people braved temperatures of minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Protests in Moscow are also expected.

A Decade On, Silence Fills Egypt’s Field of Broken Dreams

In 2011, Tahrir Square was at the vanguard of popular uprisings known as the Arab Spring. But hopes for a democratic Egypt were crushed and the historic square given a sterile new look.

If Poor Countries Go Unvaccinated, a Study Says, Rich Ones Will Pay

A failure to distribute the Covid-19 vaccine in poor nations will worsen economic damage, with half the costs borne by wealthy countries, new research shows.

In Crises, Vaccines Can Be Stretched, But Not Easily

Shortages of shots for yellow fever, polio and other diseases have led to innovative solutions even in very poor countries.

Two Years After Legalizing Cannabis, Has Canada Kept Its Promises?

Legal pot has made Canadian justice a little fairer, with “heavily racialized” arrests for possession mostly ending. But vows on amnesty, illicit sales and Indigenous inclusion are works in progress.

Philippine Drug Raid Leaves 13 Dead

Officials said 12 suspects and a police officer were killed in the shootout, the bloodiest episode in years in President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs.

Beny Steinmetz, a Mining Magnate, Found Guilty in Swiss Corruption Trial

Mr. Steinmetz, a French-Israeli businessman, was convicted on charges of corrupting foreign public officials in a bid to reap iron ore resources in Guinea. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

Fresh Starts at the Top in Both Washington and Ottawa

A day after Joseph R. Biden Jr. became president, resetting Canada’s relationship with its neighbor, Governor General Julie Payette quit as Canada’s official head of state.

New Virus Variant May Be Somewhat Deadlier, U.K. Warns

The evidence on the fatality rate is worrisome but not yet solid, scientists said. It contrasts with news that Britain is vaccinating its people at a promising pace.

How Beijing Turned China’s Covid-19 Tragedy to Its Advantage

The Communist Party’s success in reclaiming the narrative has proved to the world its ability to rally the people to its side, no matter how stumbling its actions might be.

Voices From China's Covid Crisis, One Year After Wuhan Lockdown

One year after China locked down Wuhan, six people describe how they found courage in adversity, calm amid grief, and meaning in chaos.

A Year Later, Wuhan, the First Post Coronavirus Pandemic City

A year ago, Wuhan offered a warning about the coronavirus. Now, it heralds a world where relief at the recovery conceals the emotional aftershocks.
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