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A Week of Discouraging Coronavirus Pandemic Developments in Canada

Canada inched ahead of the United States on new daily coronavirus cases per capita and officials warned that worse is to come.

Pregnant British Women to Get Covid Vaccines

Early in the pandemic, Britain had recommended against vaccines for pregnant women, citing a lack of research on side effects.

‘We Were Flying Blind’: A Dr.’s Account of a Woman’s J.&J. Vaccine-Related Blood Clot Case

The disorder is rare, but so severe that the vaccine is on hold while experts weigh the risks and alert doctors and patients about symptoms and treatment.

Covid-19 Global Death Toll Nears 3 Million

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases has surged to nearly 140 million as dangerous virus variants spread and countries race to provide enough vaccines.

A new coronavirus wave is crushing middle-class dreams in India.

Ashish Anand, 38, and Akanksha Chadda, 33, with their children, 8-year-old Rehan and 4-year-old Gunika, outside their home in Noida, India.

In a season of reopenings, New York City venues try to strike the right note.

Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York, front, on the Cyclone roller coaster at the opening of Luna Park in Coney Island last week.

Overwhelmed by the virus, Paraguay considers ditching Taiwan for China — and its vaccines.

A healthcare worker prepares a vaccine dose in Asuncion on Wednesday. Paraguay is considering establishing ties with China to obtain more vaccine.

Raúl Castro to Step Down as Head of Cuba’s Communist Party

Mr. Castro announced that he will step down and pass on control of the party to Cuba’s younger generation. His departure will leave Cuba without a Castro at its helm for the first time in 60 years.

C.D.C. Panel to Meet Next Friday on J.&J. Vaccine Pause

The advisory panel will discuss safety data related to a small number of blood-clotting cases in Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients. It is unclear whether the vaccine was responsible for the clots.

Young Italians Are Accused of Jumping the Line for Vaccines

“How can people in all conscience jump the line?” Prime Minister Mario Draghi said. “Knowing that they leave exposed a person who is over 75 to a risk, a concrete risk of dying, or a fragile person?”

The Contradiction That Doomed America’s Mission in Afghanistan

How a series of fateful choices and lofty ambitions put Taliban defeat at odds with American victory.

Prince Philip’s Funeral Marks the End of an Era for U.K. Royal Family

The prince’s death is the monarchy’s dress rehearsal for the far more consequential passing of the queen, a reckoning that seems likely to reverberate in British history.

Russia Will Expel Diplomats in Retaliation for U.S. Sanctions

The Russian government announced the expulsion of 10 diplomats and a travel ban for some U.S. officials in a response to sanctions.

In Russia, a Military Buildup That Can’t be Missed

Russia’s massing of tanks and infantry along its southwestern border with Ukraine was meant to send a message, analysts say.
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