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Biden Caught in a Political Bind Over Israel Policy

His steadfast support of the Gaza war effort is angering young people and Arab Americans in an election year. But any change risks alienating Jewish voters.

U.S. and British Warplanes Again Strike Houthi-Linked Targets in Yemen

The Iran-backed group, which has been targeting global shipping routes, has proved especially difficult for the United States and its allies to restrain.

Human Rights Atrocities Mount in Sudan as War Spirals, U.N. Says

Rape, killing, torture: A stark report offers new evidence of horrific abuses carried out by Sudan’s military and its enemy, the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces.

Henry Rono, Record-Breaking Distance Runner From Kenya, Dies at 72

Twice denied Olympic glory by his nation’s boycotts of the Games, he wrote himself into track history in 1978 by breaking four records in just 81 days.

Fire in Valencia, Spain, Leaves Residents Homeless After Panicked Escapes

A fire that killed at least 10 people left many refugees from Ukraine without a home and others scrambling to rebuild their lives.

Ukraine Marks 2d Anniversary of Russian Invasion Determined Despite Setbacks

European and other Western leaders gathered in Kyiv to pledge support for Ukraine amid U.S. reluctance, while its troops suffer growing losses on the battlefield, where the Russians have been gaining ground.

Ukraine’s Deepening Fog of War

Two years after Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukrainian leaders are seeking a path forward in the face of ferocious assaults and daunting unknowns.

Farmers Clash With Police and Macron at Paris Agricultural Fair

At the annual show where the French countryside comes to the capital, President Emmanuel Macron’s efforts to calm a monthlong confrontation were met with anger.

Few Good Solutions as Home Affordability Plummets

An economic analysis found that in several Canadian cities, prices would have to plummet, or incomes would have to soar improbably, to restore affordability.

Ukrainian Family Holds Out Hope Son Will Be Released by Russians

After nearly two years and only scraps of information, a Ukrainian family still hopes their son, a marine captured by the Russians in Mariupol, will come home soon.

Gaza Toilet Shortage Creates Sanitation Crisis

“It is a public health concern,” one U.N. official said of the lack of toilets for displaced people in the territory. “But the second thing is simply just dignity.”

Want to Lose a Lot of Money, Fast? Buy a Small Soccer Team in England.

The country’s lower leagues offer a tempting entry to ownership. But the sport’s economics mean even multimillionaires can struggle to compete.

Hard Lessons Make for Hard Choices 2 Years Into the War in Ukraine

Western sanctions haven’t worked. Weapons from allies are running low. Pressure may build on Kyiv to seek a settlement, even from a weakened position.
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