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47 WordPress Statistics We Bet You Didn’t Know in 2020

WordPress is used by over 38% of all websites on the internet with over 80% of users enjoying version 5 of the CMS. On its own, that’s a pretty impressive statistic right? Since 2003 when it was first born, WordPress has come a hell of a long way. What once started as a basic blogging […] The post 47 WordPress Statistics We Bet You Didn’t Know in 2020 first appeared on Phire Base .

How to Build a Recognizable Brand on a Limited Budget

Even if you have a great product and efficient operations, effective branding can still mean the difference between making a sale or losing out on a new customer. When deciding which products to buy, customers can’t always compare value directly. Instead, they make value judgments based on how companies present themselves — their look, design […] The post How to Build a Recognizable Brand on a ...

Top 5 MotoGP Podcasts You Should Definitely Listen To

Grand Prix motorcycle racing is the ultimate ceiling when it comes to motorcycle racing events. The sport has over the last few years increased immensely in popularity. Over 180,000 fans watched as Brad Binder became the first South African to win a top level MotorGP race earlier in the year. This is not bad for […] The post Top 5 MotoGP Podcasts You Should Definitely Listen To first appeared o...

100+ Stats And Facts about the Internet in 2020

Natalie from send us great Infographic 100+ Statistics And Facts To Give You an In-depth Look of The Internet in 2020. Out of the 7.77 billion people in the world, around 4.54 billion have an active internet connection. This means around 58.4% of the world population has access to the internet. Check out comprehensive […] The post 100+ Stats And Facts about the Internet in 2020...

The Core Concepts of Bold Web Design

In recent years, we’ve seen dozens of trends, from pastels to gradients to big typography. Styles have a way of circling around and coming back into fashion. One thing that never goes out of style, though, is bold and strong design elements that grab user attention and make a strong statement. According to the U.S. […] The post The Core Concepts of Bold Web Design first appeared on Phire Base .

The Impact of the Gig Economy on Traditional Employment

The gig economy is a free market system characterized by temporary jobs, independent workers, and short-term contracts. The gig economy’s growth and continued impact on the traditional workforce have been open to debate in recent years. Its popularity has made people wonder how it’s affecting mainstream employment. According to TeamStage, the gig economy is expanding […] The post The Impact of ...

Four reasons why cybersecurity is important

When you leave home – even if it’s just to pick up some essentials from the supermarket – you make sure to lock the doors and windows, so it’s secure. If you take your car to the shop, you’ll lock it once you park. You do this to ensure the security of your possessions. You […]

What is GrooveFunnels? – Online Marketing Platform Review

Online marketing can be quite a hassle if you don’t know where to start. The cost of purchasing all that you need and paying your team can be very expensive at times, more so with the ever-growing demands. GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one software that takes care of all of these for you. It is comprised […]

What You Need To Know About Content Marketing

Trends in marketing are ever-changing, and keeping up isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you might not even know which ones you should be following, and which ones are already yesterday’s news. This is why we are here to tell you that, right now, content marketing is king. Attracting customers and creating a well-known brand isn’t possible […]

How to Start a Blog – Beginners Guide [Infographic]

Today blogging is one of the fastest growing industry in the world that was estimated to be worth of $400 billion by the end of 2020. Because now everyone wants to Start there Own Blog, But some of you probably don’t know How To Start a Blog in Proper Planned manner so you get faster […]
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