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Apple's own adoption figures show 50% of eligible iPhones are running iOS 13

Apple posted some charts on its App Store support page today revealing that 50% of all compatible iPhones are running iOS 13. The latest build of Apple's mobile operating system was released last month just in time to appear on the latest iPhone models. Since the release, Apple has had to exterminate some bugs and the other day it disseminated iOS 13.1.3. Overall, 41% of iPhones are driven by i...

Sony Xperia 5 battery life test results are in: great for gaming!

The Sony Xperia 5 is a surprisingly good compact phone with top tier specs. It’s the smaller version of the company's flagship -- the Xperia 1, and it’s very comfortable to use, has amazing cameras, but what about its battery life? The Xperia 5 features a 3,140 mAh battery, which is about the average size for a compact phone these days, so how does it perform in the daily grind? To understand t...

Yahoo discontinues yet another relic of the past

After launching a new mobile mail app and even a video app for Android TV, Yahoo is removing some relics of the past, features or services that not many people are still using, or have simply become obsolete and replaced with better products. In this case, it's Yahoo Groups, an online discussion board that made its debut more than 15 years ago. Well, it looks like beginning October 28, Yahoo Gr...

Google Pixel 4 feature could save your life

A couple of weeks ago, we told you that a new feature for the Pixel 4 series had leaked. Called Car Crash Detection, this would be part of a new app called "Personal Safety" that was accidentally listed and then removed from the Google Play Store. Yesterday, Google made the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL official. And on Tuesday, Google's official support page confirmed that car crash detection is avai...

Apple's new patent is for a wearable device that might control your next iPhone

Apple has been very successful in the wearables business with its Apple Watch, the most popular smartwatch in the world. It also produces one of the best selling ear-worn devices with the Apple AirPods. And usually reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that the long-rumored Apple Glasses AR headset will be introduced early next year (along with the iPhone SE 2, which he calls a "key growth driver"...

League of Legends is finally coming to Android and iOS in 2020

There have been rumors that Riot Games plans to bring League of Legends to mobile several months ago, but the reports claimed the game will not be launched this year. Earlier today, Riot took the gaming industry by storm and announced not one, but a handful of new games that will arrive on various platforms in the coming months. One of those games is League of Legends: Wild Rift, which is sched...

T-Mobile/Sprint merger has the FCC's formal approval now, but it's still not a done deal

The inevitable has happened after months of (largely unnecessary) waiting, at least according to The Verge, which has received word from an unnamed "FCC official" that the proposed merger between T-Mobile and Sprint is now formally approved by the Federal Communications Commission. The regulatory government agency's Chairman had already expressed his support for the $26 billion deal way back in...

These 15 Google Play Store apps need to be deleted now-if you can

Once again, we need to pound the table on something that we have been adamant about for some time. Before you install any app from an unknown developer on your phone, check the comment section. In almost every article that we have written about malware-laden apps, you would have seen major red flag warnings from those unlucky souls who previously installed these titles. The icons associated wit...

Despite U.S. supply chain ban, Huawei continues to grow handset shipments

Huawei continues to surprise those who expected the Chinese manufacturer to go into a death spiral because of its placement on the U.S. Commerce Department's Entity List. Placed on the list for security reasons, the company is banned from buying components and software from its U.S. supply chain. While some American tech firms have found ways around the ban, Google has not allowed Huawei to lic...

Leaked Nokia 8.2 5G specs include unreleased Snapdragon, lots of storage

Nokia 9 PureView Samsung, Huawei, LG, and OnePlus have so far focused on flagship-level 5G smartphones that cost a small fortune and aren’t very accessible. HMD Global hopes to fix this next year with a cheaper 5G device that’ll still offer a considerable amount of power. According to the folks over at NokiaPowerUser, a tip provided by a source who wishes to remain anonymous claims the upcoming...

The Motorola Moto G8 looks a lot like the Moto G8 Plus

Motorola typically launches new Moto G smartphones once every twelve months but this year the Lenovo-owned company is adopting a new strategy. Just eight months after it introduced the Moto G7 series, Motorola is preparing to release Moto G8 series which is the subject of today’s leak. Courtesy of MobielKopen, a new set of renders showcases the regular Motorola Moto G8 in its entirety. The devi...

The Galaxy S10 Lite will include these specs and launch in three colors

The Galaxy S10e The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ were joined by the cheaper Galaxy S10e when they arrived earlier this year. Attention in the press has since turned to the Galaxy S11 but new reports claim Samsung is currently working on a powerful Galaxy S10 Lite that’ll be positioned below the S10e model. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is 'Lite' only by name Despite the rumored ‘Lite’ branding, Sa...

Galaxies, iPhones, Sony or LG? And the depreciating phone brand losing most value is...

Besides design, specs and street cred, there is another important variable to explore while choosing a phone - value retention. What good is the snazzy flagship you paid close to a grand for, if a few months after its introduction it would have become an upper midranger, and, more importantly, lost a whole midrange price tag in value? This is why we are curious to know if last year's flagships,...

Best Buy is offering bigger than ever discounts on Samsung's Galaxy S10e for two carriers

The Galaxy S10e is without a doubt one of the best Snapdragon 855-powered smartphones you can buy on a relatively tight budget nowadays, especially if you look in the right places at the right time for the heftiest discounts. Normally priced at $750 and up, the flat-screened 5.8-incher has been on sale numerous times of late at top-rated eBay vendors, as well as major authorized retailers like ...

Just how orange is an Oh So Orange Pixel 4

What's the most important thing for a layman entering a carrier store? The chipset, camera resolution, the gigs? Meh, it's the design that catches your eye, and that big camera hotplate on the back that tech reviewers are raging over only makes the average buyer think "this phone must have a great camera!" The other thing that immediately grabs the "normal" person's attention is the color palet...
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