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Apple's A15 Bionic will reportedly be based on TSMC's N5P process

Although the is a long time off, the first details about the handset have already started trickling in. (translated ) has dished out some intel regarding the A15 Bionic chip that will supposedly power the 2021 iPhones. Apple has apparently already started working on the A15 chipset, and it will reportedly enter mass production in the third quarter of 2021. The chip will reportedly be manufactur...

For Apple's longest running vaporware, it's death after death

Here's a good question that we might soon find out the answer to. How many times does Apple have to kill off a product until everyone believes that it is good and dead? says that Apple has removed all AirPower testing and prototyping for 2021. Prosser's sources believe that the ambitious wireless charging pad is done for good. You might recall that originally introduced AirPower on September 12...

The cable industry should be trembling after T-Mobile's new Un-carrier announcement

After changing the face of the wireless mobile industry, is now taking on cable with TVision. The carrier wants you to cut the cord and have your favorite programs streamed instead. But T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert points out that even streamers like Hulu Live or YouTube TV are beginning to look like Big Cable and have been raising prices. "Just like we changed wireless for good, now we're gonna c...

Apple valued latest James Bond film at $400 million, but MGM wasn't interested

The latest James Bond movie, No Time to Die, was scheduled for release in April before being delayed until November. It was recently pushed back again until April 2021, but a new report reveals was interested in acquiring the rights. Apple considered up to $400 million for Bond, but MGM wanted double says production company MGM approached several companies including Netflix and Apple about a po...

iPhone 12 supports faster hotspot sharing

The supports Personal Hotspot tethering over 5GHz Wi-Fi, reports , citing staff member and iOS developer , and YouTuber Aaron Zollo. A allows you to share the cellular data connection of the iPhone with other devices. This means you can use your phone for connecting to the internet no matter where you are, and it's also a more secure option than using free public Wi-Fi. Although older iPhone mo...

TCL launches Verizon's most affordable 5G smartphone yet

Verizon is sure pulling out all the stops to make its 5G experience significantly more accessible to the masses all of a sudden, following up that just so happened to coincide with Apple's highly anticipated iPhone 12 launch with . The TCL 10 5G UW is ready to go on sale at the nation's largest wireless service provider on October 29 (that's this Thursday), fetching $399.99 straight off the bat...

When is Black Friday 2020? Best deals and discounts to expect

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the Black Friday shopping event is expected to occur in 2020 much like it has in years prior. Shopping stores and websites will once again promote the event alongside attractive deals and discounts for many desirable products, including consumer technology such as smartphones and tablets. You may also find useful: When is Black Friday 2020?Friday, November 27, ...

Best tablet deals to expect on Black Friday

This article will be updated regularly as new iPad Black Friday 2020 deals become available. Shopping season is almost here and Amazon Prime Day offered some very good deals on our favorite tech gadgets. Now, Black Friday seems to promise an even bigger shopping event, with some early deals starting way before the official date of Black Friday 2020: November 27, and even more deals are expected...

Here's how you can save an incredible $840 on Samsung's Galaxy S20+ 5G right now

With the Galaxy S21 lineup looking , nay, by the day, at least based on some very reliable leaked renders and many plausible rumors coming at us from left and right, it feels increasingly wise to snub 's "next big thing" and instead pick up an existing member of the 5G-enabled Galaxy S20 family. Obviously, these March 2020-released bad boys are not typically what we'd call affordable, but if yo...

Apple iPhone 12 Pro/Max vs iPhone 11 Pro/Max

Apple's brought a puzzle for each iPhone 11 model owner, should I upgrade to one of the ? The task is further confused by the fact that both on the low iPhone 12, and on the high end, we will have models with different display sizes than their predecessors. Actually, only the carries over the screen diagonal of the (but swaps LCD for OLED display tech), everything else is smaller or larger than...

What Apple AirPods deals to expect on Black Friday 2020

Even at the height of a global pandemic, , with Apple's extravagant AirPods and dirt-cheap Chinese clones in particular proving popular nowadays pretty much regardless of season, time of year, and socio-economic context. Still, there is a time and a place bunch of places ideal for picking up a pair of or at an unbeatable discount, and said time is rapidly approaching, with a number of major US ...

The OnePlus Watch launch has been postponed

Earlier this month at the OnePlus 8T announcement event, OnePlus teased the release of a smartwatch. Rumors about a OnePlus wearable have been floating around since 2016 and recent leaks pointed towards an unveiling this month, but that isn’t happening. The OnePlus Watch isn't coming this month The latest information received by from ‘multiple sources’ suggests there have been some changes to t...

The Google Pixel deals we expect seeing on Black Friday

This article will be updated regularly as new Black Friday 2020 deals become available. We’re a month away from Black Friday 2020 and the online shopping space is already starting to heat up. This year deals will be everywhere and you don’t need to worry about going around stores and waiting in line. With the current difficult health situation, it’d be better to stay home and shop from the comf...

Best Black Friday gaming deals

Photo by from The video gaming industry is now larger than the movie industry and the music industry combined, proving gaming is the preferred entertainment for millions of people. And with good reason. A movie ticket gets you a couple of hours of entertainment while a video game, although usually more expensive, can give you hundreds of hours of joy (and sometimes frustration), making it a far...

Samsung could copy Apple and ship the Galaxy S21 5G without a charger and headphones

As much as we loved appreciated the and especially the in our in-depth reviews a couple of months ago, Samsung made a number of dubious choices for its latest S Pen-wielding high-end devices that caused a bit of an uproar among the company's core fanbase. While the plastic build and traditional 60Hz display of the "regular" 6.7-inch variant attracted a lot of negative attention before the Note ...
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