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Samsung Access program launched for Galaxy S20, includes 1TB of cloud storage and Office 365

If you are someone who upgrades phones every year, you might want to look into Samsung's. As reports, it's a revamped version of the company's . It will let you finance a new handset for a predetermined amount each month. When a new Samsung phone comes along, you can automatically upgrade to it after 9 months without worrying about paying the previous purchase off first. If you decide on replac...

Samsung Galaxy A71s 5G UW could be first mid-ranger on Verizon's 5G mmWave network

, the mid-range Samsung Galaxy A71s 5G is coming to Verizon with the model number SM-A716V. Based on some regulatory documents that XDA unearthed, the phone will be marketed as the Galaxy A71s 5G UW. The UW stands for "Ultrawide" which in the case of Verizon refers to the carrier's mmWave 5G signals. While these airwaves don't travel far, they do sport larger capacity for network traffic and de...

Motorola Moto E LE coming soon, likely to succeed the Moto E6

Motorola is getting ready to launch a brand-new smartphone that may succeed the affordable of 2019. Called Moto E LE, the new handset hasn't been officially announced, but we spotted its name . At the moment, we're not quite sure what LE stands for in the name of this upcoming device. Moreover, we don't have any images showing the phone. Fortunately, some of the specs of the Moto E LE have been...

Google's new AR social distancing tool can keep you safe

So there you are, walking down the street when it occurs to you that you've left your mask at home. And to make matters worse, someone without a mask is heading in your direction coughing up their lungs. Is this person, possibly shedding COVID-19, more than 6-feet away from you? That is the distance recommended by the CDC to make sure that you're out of range of any possible COVID-19 contaminat...

Huawei's 2021 flagships could be powered by Snapdragon chips says one analyst

With the U.S. Commerce Department cracking down on Huawei once again, it is now up to the U.S. government to decide whether or not Huawei can receive cutting-edge chips from foundries like TSMC. The new export rule change requires that any foundry shipping chips made using U.S. technology obtain a license before shipping components to Huawei. The U.S. is allowing Huawei to take possession of an...

Samsung's new Exynos chipset for budget-friendly phones packs a punch

We reported a few days ago about Samsung's , which has been specifically designed for mid-range 5G smartphones. Surprisingly, that SoC (system-on-chip) isn't the only one that Samsung introduced this month. The Exynos 850 didn't receive the same amount of publicity, probably because it's aimed at budget-friendly smartphones like the Galaxy A21s that's been . Even though it's positioned almost a...

Tidal brings Dolby Atmos Music support to home devices

Tidal is making it easier for customers who are still on the fence on whether or not to subscribe to its music streaming service to take a favorable decision. Together with Dolby Laboratories, Tidal is now bringing support for Dolby Atmos Music technology to home devices like TVs, soundbars, home theater systems, and home speakers. Currently, Tidal offers two subscription tiers – Premium and Hi...

Many Google Pixel Buds 2 owners complain of audio issues

It looks like a fairly high number of units are affected by audio issues, which might eventually be ironed out by a software update. There's a rather large topic on Google's (via ) that pinpoints to a certain issue with the Pixel Buds 2 that triggers when the user is moving. The Pixel Buds 2 are losing audio while users are taking a walk or jogging, and this seems to happen quite frequently. Ma...

New images of Pixel 4a XL show us what might have been

Last year Google hit a home run with its mid-range and handsets. Priced at $399 and $479 respectively, the phones brought Google's acclaimed photo processing capabilities to the masses. While Google is expected to introduce the on July 13th via a press release or online event, there won't be a larger Pixel 4a XL option this year. That doesn't mean that Google wasn't considering such a model. Pa...

ZTE's unique tri-fold phone spotted in new patent

Foldable phones are becoming increasingly common, but most of them have basically the same form factor, folding in half either vertically or horizontally. ZTE looks to be bucking the trend with its daring trifold design, which recently appeared in an official patent filing. As reported by , the patent was filed with the CNIPA, China’s national patent office, and shows a device that folds outwar...

The 'successful' partnership between OnePlus and McLaren is officially over

Despite already unveiling with 5G connectivity included as standard, one , and that also undercuts its direct competition, OnePlus is far from done for the year. But while the company is undoubtedly working on T-branded upgrades of the and , as well as and in the , one thing you shouldn't expect to see released anytime soon is another swanky McLaren edition handset. In line with , the partnersh...

Best phones for kids

Buying a smartphone for young ones can be a challenge, as parents often need to find a balance between pricing and trends, in addition to looking for decent gaming performance and a manageable screen size. In this article we'll take a look at budget, mid-range and flagship smartphones that are suitable for adolescents and younger kids, taking the above-mentioned factors in consideration, as wel...

The most unique (and controversial) thing about the OnePlus 8 Pro 5G is temporarily disabled

UPDATE: As promised, to the OnePlus 8 Pro 5G with a single important change in tow. Namely, OxygenOS 10.5.9 "temporarily removes" the controversial photochrome filter, essentially rendering the handset's fourth rear-facing camera unusable, until its functionality can be adjusted to quell everyone's privacy concerns. The changelog confirms the imaging sensor will be enabled again relatively soon...

What is iOS Battery Health and how to make your iPhone battery last longer

Ever since Apple introduced the Battery Health feature to iPhone and iPad, there have been people keeping an eye on it and worrying about the number there slowly declining. This article will explain why there's little to worry about and will provide useful tips on how to take better care of your iPhone battery so that it lasts longer. The most important thing to remember is that lithium-ion bat...

Verizon claims its 5G rollout is ahead of schedule as network slowly continues to expand

Verizon can be proud of a lot of things, starting with how its still beats in terms of , but when it comes to Big Red's own 5G deployment, the situation is pretty complicated. In a nutshell, the nation's number one mobile network operator has bizarrely chosen to put all its 5G eggs in the mmWave basket so far, with the super-advanced technology enabling ... in . The latest such city to join the...
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