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Czech Film Review: The Inheritance or You Shouldn't Say That

by Lee Robert Adams | Prague Daily Monitor The Prague Monitor brings you our new weekly column: Czech Film Review by Lee Robert Adams. Read the reviews to know what to see, what to understand and what to avoid! read more

Calling female football players: Join the Prague Raptors!

Prague Daily Monitor The Prague Raptors are looking for female football talent to grow their successful program. So if you want to play, or if you are looking to support a great program, a franchise with an open attitude, determined to bring equality and an end to discrimination, the Prague Raptors are here for you. read more

Become Digital: Tips for organizing B2B events

by Ladislav Poledna | Prague Daily Monitor Ladislav gives us his experience and point of view on how to organize B2B events efficiently, what not to do, and how to Become Digital. read more

Happy Hour: Vegas style in Prague

by Nor'easter | Prague Daily Monitor It isn't only Prague restaurants and hotels which have been deprived of serious foot-traffic since the virus struck. The casinos in town have also thinned out. If you are missing a good 'ole night out with friends, join us for Happy Hour every Wednesday evening during the month of July at Casino Ambassador. read more

American football's Prague Lions vs. the Invisible Beast

Prague Daily Monitor As COVID19 brought the world to a close, the Lions lost their 2020 season, as well as the many opportunities that went along with it. But they keep on fighting this Invisible Beast and you can support them. read more

Become Digital: Please come in and browse

by Ladislav Poledna | Prague Daily Monitor Ladislav writes about some must have marketing channels for art galleries and museums, then adds some additional interesting options. read more

Family day out at Farmapark

by Paul Lysek | Prague Daily Monitor Hopefully the height of "society in hiding" has passed for the Czech Republic and with summer launching into full swing, there is a pent-up need for fresh air and outdoors activities. Anything to get the kids energy spent. If you are looking for something fun and active to do with the kids, read the following, we had a great time. read more

Become Digital: Pushing your charity's message with no budget?

Prague Daily Monitor Ladislav writes up some opportunities on how to spread the word for your charity with low or no funds, digitally. read more

American artist unveils painting of Czech flower alphabet

Literary Calligraphy American artist and calligrapher Susan Loy will present her 2-year art project commemorating the Unitarian flower celebration in Prague on Sunday. read more

Czech plant-based beef burger from Mana now served in Belzepub in Zizkov

Prague Daily Monitor Manaburger, the Czech plant-based burger sensation, launches its first official restaurant menu at the BelzePub in Zizkov. The patties are also now available on read more

Using prejudice as a tool for growth

by Pepper de Callier | Prague Leadership Institute Accept the fact that you may have a prejudice, but cut it off before it hijacks you, and forget the stereotypes and get to know the individuals. I am not saying this will be easy. I am saying it is worth it from a standpoint of personal growth. read more

Students stranded in Czechia? An option for uninterrupted studies

Prague Daily Monitor UNYP Rector Dr. Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the Prague Monitor's longtime supporters and partners, writes about how to start or continue an American higher education degree during these hard-to-plan times. No foreign travel required! read more

A biker charity event

by Ladislav Poledna | Prague Daily Monitor Ladislav Poledna brings us a hard to come by Czech Charity event. The 12th annual MDA Ride Prague chapter changes up the event for 2020 but keeps the hope alive! Come and participate, English is encouraged. read more

Czech Development Agency's projects facing challenges amid coronavirus

Prague Daily Monitor The current coronavirus crisis and associated restrictive measures put in place to a varying extent all over the world are resulting in a great number of restrictions and challenges for projects supported under the B2B Program. read more

Become Digital: 4 customer survey effective practices

by Ladislav Poledna | Prague Daily Monitor This week Ladislav brings us the second of a four part series in Four Customer Service Effective Practices: Make People Feel Special. Become Digital. read more
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