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When will the vaccine arrive to Czechia and who will get it first?

Prague Daily Monitor Finally, it seems like the end to the pandemic which has locked people in their houses for months, seems to be around the corner. The Czech Republic is expecting to begin the vaccination in January, but not everyone will be able to get the vaccines. read more

Social Democrats: Tax cuts will not benefit anyone

Prague Daily Monitor Social Democrats stated that the new tax cut – the abolition of the super-gross wage – will not benefit any citizen in the Czech Republic. The new proposal, which was agreed on by the Chamber of Deputies, cuts the tax rate from 20% to 15% for low and medium-income groups. For high income groups, the tax will increase to 23%. According to the opposition, the problem is that ...

Zeman tries and fails to get the names of Russian spies

by Alex Richardson | Prague Daily Monitor President Miloš Zeman asked the Security Information Service (BIS) for the names of Russian spies, got turned down, and was then criticised by opposition party members. According to STAN chairman Vít Rakušan, Zeman has been at war with the BIS for some time, endangering the integrity of Czech national security by making it vulnerable to informational le...

Czech koruna gaining against euro at fastest rate since 2008

by Alex Richardson | Prague Daily Monitor The Czech koruna is rallying against the euro at a rate not seen since June 2008, just in the nick of time for Christmas. From the start of November, the Czech Republic's currency went from 27.18 to 26.16 CZK per euro, or a gain of about 4%. read more

Restaurants set to reopen, curfew to be lifted

Prague Daily Monitor The service sector, shops and restaurants will re-open in the Czech Republic on Thursday, 3rd December, the government decided on Sunday. The night curfew will be lifted, as well. On the same day, the Czech Republic will downgrade from the fourth to the third level of danger according to PES. "According to the available data and the forecast of our mathematical model, we expect a significant improvement in the epidemiological situation over the next week," said the health...

Become Digital: Talking footballs

by Ladislav Poledna | Prague Daily Monitor Most likely you have heard someone use the term "Near Field Communication", or "NFC" in short, already. Very probably the mobile phone you are reading this article on has an NFC chip inside. NFC is an increasingly useful feature on mobile phones﹣a connectivity enabler. read more

Will measures be relaxed on Monday? All we know so far

Prague Daily Monitor Despite the Deputy Prime Minister Karel Havlíček and the Minister of Health Jan Blatný being optimistic about the grand re-opening on Monday, there is still a lot uncertainty within the government whether that'd be the right move. read more

Opposition parties: State should provide fully paid vaccination

by Irina Nikolaeva | Prague Daily Monitor Experts from the opposition parties suggest that the vaccination should be voluntary and paid for by the state. ODS, KDU-ČSL, and TOP 09 agree that the state should provide full financial coverage for the vaccination. They add that doctors, teachers, and social groups at risk should be vaccinated first. read more

Covid-19: Reproduction number in CR close to 1

Prague Daily Monitor The reproduction number keeps rising in Czechia, eventually reaching the value of 0,96 according to the Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic. If it rises to 1, the overall risk index will also increase by five points, corresponding to the fourth level of danger according to PES. Experts associate the increase in the R0 number with the overall...

Poetry for Friday: Newborn day

by Cormac Mc Namara | Prague Daily Monitor Prague Monitor reader shares a poem inspired by the recent lockdown in Prague. read more

UNYP launches three new specialized American bachelor degrees in Prague

UNYP Just in time for the 2021-2022 admissions, UNYP has received Czech ministry (MŠMT) approval to launch three new American bachelor's degree programs in partnership with the State University of New York, Empire State College. UNYP students will be able to embark upon undergraduate studies in Child Development, Political Science, and Digital Media Arts. read more

Czech Film Review: The Snake Brothers

by Lee Robert Adams | Prague Daily Monitor There are some solid films out there from the last twenty years, but there is always the nagging doubt that Czech cinema simply isn't as good as it was back in its heyday. The Snake Brothers is one film that can stand comparison with some of the greats. read more

New rules to PES for culture, sports, and business to be announced

by Irina Nikolaeva | Prague Daily Monitor The Ministry of Health will add new rules for business, culture, and sports to the five-stage anti-epidemic system (PES). According to Health Minister Jan Blatný, PES won't be modified completely. "We do not want to change what is given by the main PES table. We are only setting specific rules for individual fields," Blatný said on Twitter. read more

Hamáček: PES score not falling fast enough

Prague Daily Monitor The interior minister and head of the Central Crisis Staff, Jan Hamáček, said the PES score is not decreasing as much as hoped and because of that, it is unclear whether the government will be ready to continue relaxing the measures on Monday the 30th as originally planned. The government will meet on Sunday to discuss relaxing individual measures rather than focusing on di...

Government will offer free widespread testing before Christmas

Prague Daily Monitor Czech citizens will be able to get a free antigen test as a part of the programme initiated by the Prime Minister, Andrej Babiš. The testing will be voluntary and will be offered over the course of ten days before Christmas. read more
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