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Pragues New Theatre Company – The Prague Horror Theatre

Founded in 2011 as the “Cologne Horror Theater”, until 2015 we showed tongue-in-cheek pieces in the tradition of the French horror theater Grand Guignol in the series of plays under the title “Das Kabinett des Doktor Tumblety”, which coverd the entire spectrum of the genre with a wide variety of focuses. We used different techniques – scenes were supplemented by monologues, sound recordings and...

TikToker reveals his mindset and motivations in a TEDx talk

In September 2021, TEDxUNYP, an independently organized TEDx event held in Prague, invited the Italian TikToker, influencer and actor Alessandro Bedetti to deliver a talk about the thought processes of young people using TikTok. Alessandro has 1.4 million TikTok followers, and has just embarked on a career in the Italian film industry. Alessandro demonstrated the creation of two TikTok videos l...

Mobile Slots vs Land-based Slots: Which is Better?

In 2021, it’s undisputed that there is an abundance of ways to play our slot machines. Two main options that pop into your mind are your mobile phone and in a casino, also called land-based slot machines. Whether you are seasoned in slots or new to the thrill, you might be wondering if there is any reason to choose one over the other at uk mobile slots. Are there any benefits for joining the mi...

Exploring the Popularity of Football Betting in Prague

Desc. The popularity of the beautiful game is something that goes beyond a particular point and it has landed with football betting being highly preferred in Prague. The beautiful game has admirers from around the world because it has always given the fans what they need and kept their spirits up. From tactics to skills, football has everything. However, today, we are not going to talk about th...

The Most Popular Casino Games

Desc. A list of some of the most wanted and some of the most played casino games that have also been tagged the most popular ones at the casino. Whether or not you have played casino games, you are bound to have heard about a few because some of these games are more famous than us. They have been played for years and continue to be explored by every other person who is making their first step t...

Your Guide to Gambling in Prague

Desc. Heading out on vacation to Prague? Here’s a quick guide on all that gambling can offer in the capital of the Czech Republic to help you explore the activity with ease. A city known for its lively nightlife and mind-blowing scenery would be ideal for gambling and that is the kind of place where you need to head out for vacation. While a summary of this sort does remind you of Vegas, we are...

Interesting Facts About Casinos

Desc. Considering the fact that casinos have been around for years, it opens the door to interesting facts that require the world’s attention. Facts and figures relating to casinos can always sound interesting due to the historic background and the nature of some of the games that casinos host. While a simple fact cannot paint a complete picture, it does help one in understanding how the proces...

Music band Rybičky 48 prepared a Christmas present for their fans

The Czech pop-punk number one, the band Rybičky 48, has prepared a great Christmas present for their fans! The band consisting of Kuba Ryba, Petr Lebeda, Ondra Štorek and Michal Brener untraditionally released a brand new video for the new single DVĚ DECI VÍNA on December 24th. But definitely don’t expect a typical Christmas story. „Actually, it should be a light confession of an elderly womani...

A Guide to Becoming An Exchange Student in the US

Many students usually entertain the idea of studying overseas for a brief time, and most typically find the experience rewarding. Not many young people often pursue being a foreign exchange student, but those who took the leap have witnessed fruitful changes in their lives. Thousands of people often come to the United States every year to either seek permanent residency with an American family ...

PYTLOUN HOTELS newly operates a hotel in Prague’s Kampa

Praha/Liberec, 21 December 2021 – Czech hotel chain PYTLOUN HOTELS (PH), which currently operates thirteen design, traditional and apartment hotels in the Czech Republic, has announced that it has expanded its hotel offering by adding a luxury 4* Prague hotel – Pytloun Kampa Garden Hotel Prague – from October 2021. The hotel is located in the historic centre of Prague on one of the most beautif...
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