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What the weather has in store for Seattle’s Fourth of July weekend

After a heat wave and cool-down, what weather is coming for the Seattle area this holiday weekend? “I don’t think people are going to be real happy,” one meteorologist said.

Pacific Ocean breeze brings ‘natural air conditioning’ to Seattle area

The cool marine air means Tuesday's high temperature will be around 23 degrees lower than Monday's. We can thank the Pacific Ocean for the blast of natural air conditioning that came overnight.

King County to develop plan to cope with extreme heat events

King County officials want to improve what they call "heat resilience" as greenhouse gases released by human activity drive average temperatures higher.

Another super-hot day ahead for Seattle area, but cooler temps will return soon

While it's cooling already along the coast, most folks in Western Washington are in for another day of hot weather Monday. But cooler, damper weather will return.

After one of the mildest early summers on record, first heat wave of 2022 scorches Seattle

After an unseasonably cool early summer, the first heat wave of 2022 struck this weekend and is forecast to linger until Tuesday.

Window shades, ventilation and other key lessons from the 2021 Pacific Northwest heat wave

New research shows passive cooling, like window shades and fans, are key ways to keep conditions bearable during heat waves.

Heat waves around the world push people and nations ‘to the edge’

Millions of Americans are again in the grips of dangerous heat. Hot air blanketed Europe last weekend, and China is facing both heat and heavy rains, as is India.

How to stay cool during Seattle’s first heat wave of the year

Temperatures in Seattle will get into the low- to mid-80s this Saturday through Monday. Use these tips to stay cool and safe in the heat.

Summer swelter: Persistent heat wave breaks records, spirits

A heat wave that's already lasted more than a week keeps on baking the US, Asia and even the Arctic.

Texas boy, 5, dies after being left in hot car for hours

Authorities say a 5-year-old has died after being left in a vehicle in the Houston area as his mother prepared for a party and temperatures soared past 100.

Summer solstice arrives along with warmer temperatures for Seattle

Tuesday will be the longest day of the year, ushering in a welcome change of season after an unusually cool and rainy spring in and around Seattle.

Dozens dead, thousands homeless in Bangladesh, India floods

Villagers in Bangladesh are crowding refugee centers as massive floods, which have killed dozens and displaced hundreds of thousands in Bangladesh and India, wreak havoc.

Get ready for summer: Highs in the 80s, clear skies expected this weekend

The warm-up follows a rainy several months that gave Seattle its fourth-coldest spring in the last 50 years, according to the National Weather Service.

From dry to deluge, how heavy snow, rain flooded Yellowstone

Mostly natural fleeting forces with some connections to long-term climate change combined to trigger extensive flooding after months of drought.

Europe wilts under early heat wave from Med to North Sea

A blanket of hot air stretching from the Mediterranean to the North Sea is giving much of western Europe its first heat wave of the summer.
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