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WebStorm vs. Visual Studio, and how to choose the right IDE

While these two IDEs are quite different from one another, there is more that goes into the decision to use WebStorm vs. Visual Studio than meets the eye.

Using the BFF pattern to keep UIs flexible and reliable

Learn the basics of Backends-for-Frontends, and discover how the BFF pattern helps developers safely decouple a UI from the application's back end.

Guide to creating a cloud migration testing strategy

A solid cloud migration testing strategy ensures your app meets all requirements when it moves to the cloud -- functional validation, security and more.

embedded operating system

Embedded operating systems are everywhere. Find out how they work, the types available and the difference between embedded and non-embedded OSes.

A 12-factor app principles quiz for cloud-native developers

How well do you know the 12-factor app principles? This quick quiz tests your knowledge of the principles and cloud-native development skills.

Problems with Java modules still plague developers

The Java Platform Module System promised to standardize how Java apps modularized. But years later, the problems with Java modules remain.

How to choose between REST vs. gRPC

RESTful web services aren't without their shortcomings. Here's why gRPC, instead of a REST API, might be the right choice for your microservices APIs.

Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)

A URI is a character sequence that helps identify a logical or physical resource connected to the internet. Read more about key elements, types and examples.

3 simple Java Hello World examples

Whenever developers start a new language, they're welcomed with a Hello World application. Here are three Java Hello World examples to get started.

The benefits and drawbacks of Java's fail-safe iterators

Developers can choose between fail-fast and fail-safe iterators in Java. Here we compare and contrast the two so you'll know which will fit your situation.

How developers can help build a diversified workforce

Software engineers approach problems with a sequential and methodical approach. Learn how to utilize these skills to build a more diversified workforce.

How technologists should approach professional development

Technology changes faster than ever, and that requires new professional development approaches for DevOps professionals who want to stay on top of modern trends.

Collaboration is key to a secure web application architecture

Author Andrew Hoffman discussed the importance of secure web application architecture and why it should be a priority for software and security engineers.

Interpreted vs. compiled languages: What's the difference?

Java is the most popular interpreted language on the planet. Learn how it differs from compiled ones in this interpreted vs. compiled languages breakdown.

Genuitec's CodeTogether 4.0 promotes pair programming

Genuitec CodeTogether 4.0 helps development teams collaborate with each other more effectively. The tool supports pair programming, mob programming and swarm programming.
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