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Ex-president turns pizza delivery man amid US shutdown

Former US president George W Bush tried his hand at delivering pizza to treat unpaid Secret Service staff amid the ongoing government shutdown.

Police officer jailed for shooting teen 16 times

A white police officer who shot a black teenager 16 times in 2014 has been jailed for nearly seven years for his murder.

Twenty die as Mexico oil pipeline explodes

At least 20 people have died and 54 badly burned after a leaking pipeline triggered a massive fire in central Mexico.

Bangkok pollution 'at crisis level' as planes trigger rain

Doctors in Thailand are warning Bangkok could face a pollution health crisis if it does not address its smog problem.

Second summit: Trump and Kim set to meet in February

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are planning to meet for a second summit at the end of February, the White House says.

'Sudan spring' protests build against president

After four weeks of protesting, chanting and marching against the regime of Omar al Bashir, thousands of Sudanese demonstrators gathered in the centre of Khartoum overnight in an attempt to force the country's long-time dictator to step down.

Crime bosses cause chaos from jail as Brazil toughens up prisons

Petrol stations set alight, bridges blown up and police stations torched are just a few of the ways crime bosses in Brazil are flexing their muscles from within the confines of their prison walls.

Israeli student killed as she spoke to sister on mobile

An Israeli student was killed as she spoke on the phone to her sister, while on the way home from an evening out.
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