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Galaxy Note 9 update brings major camera Night Mode upgrade

This week the folks at Samsung released a software update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This update was just over 700MB in size and included Security Patch Level: June 1, 2019. In addition to the standard device stability improvements and bug fixes, Samsung delivered significantly improved camera performance, along with the first implementation of Night Mode. With this update, … Continue reading

Comcast’s eye tracking remote makes cable TV more accessible

Comcast today announced the roll out of new eye control remote that makes it easier for those with disabilities to change channels or set recordings using only their eye movement. Dubbed simply Xfinity X1 eye control, the system seems pretty straightforward, as it work with existing eye gaze systems and only requires pairing with your Xfinity account and set top … Continue reading

Samsung TV antivirus advice leads to IoT security confusion

Add your smart TV to the list of things you need to run antivirus on, with Samsung surprising – and worrying – some of its owners with the advice that they should’ve been scanning their sets for malware. The unexpected guidance came courtesy of Samsung’s support account on Twitter, which warned that WiFi-connected TVs should be regularly checked for viruses … Continue reading

Apple’s 2020 iPhone: 5G, screen sizes, and first signs of a huge change

Two out of three of Apple’s 2020 iPhone range will support 5G, according to analyst predictions, though it may not be another few years before the Cupertino company really shakes up the high-speed smartphone space. While Apple is yet to announce its 2019 iPhone line-up, something expected to happen in a few months time, no small amount of attention is … Continue reading

Huawei adds up the US ban impact and it isn’t pretty

Though it was obvious that Huawei’s blacklisting in the US would have a negative impact on it, thus far, the company hasn’t given us a clear idea of just how much of a setback it is. Today that all changed, with Huawei cutting revenue projections based on the hit it expects from the ban. In doing so, Huawei indicated that … Continue reading

Deep space atomic clock will help autonomous spacecraft make it to Mars

NASA is set to put a mission into orbit in late June 2019 that will put an atomic clock into space. The clock is called the Deep Space Atomic Clock, and it will launch aboard the Orbital Test Bed satellite that will launch into space on the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket. The Deep Space Atomic Clock will help usher in … Continue reading

Koenigsegg Jesko Red Cherry Edition hypercar is incredible

Koenigsegg announced in March at the Geneva Motor Show that it would be building 125 examples of the Jesko. The car is the highest production model that Koenigsegg has ever made, and despite being made in more numbers, the car has already sold out. For those wealthy enough to afford a Jesko who missed out on ordering, there is one … Continue reading

MIT researcher develops system to teach AI connecting senses

Two of the important senses that humans rely on for exploring the world are sight and touch. Humans can combine the senses of sight and touch to know what object they are holding and seeing. Robots and AI systems are unable to do that. Researcher Yunzhu Li and his team from MIT are working on a system to help robots … Continue reading

Surface Pen of the future could have its own display

The stylus is one of the understated input devices of modern times. Ridiculed by the late Steve Jobs, it has now become the star of Apple’s new iPad Pro vision. Still, there only so many things you could cram inside a small stick. Wacom put buttons, Apple places a touch sensor, and Samsung added a Bluetooth transmitter. Microsoft’s latest patent, … Continue reading

Google Search under fire for allegedly lifting lyrics

Google often extols how its ever-growing number of Search features make it easier for users to immediately see the answers they’re looking for. Business and site owners, however, are sometimes left shaking their heads every such new feature is announced. Some dread the loss of click-throughs to their sites. Others, like lyrics site Genius, are up in arms over how … Continue reading

Huawei lockscreen ads were a mistake only because it was premature

Huawei has been painting itself as a victim of great injustice in the past weeks after it had been slammed by a US trade ban. Last week, however, it became the villain when its phones started serving ads on their lockscreens. At first Huawei’s US PR team denied any such activity. While it now owns up to the error, it … Continue reading

Cellebrite UEFD Premium boasts it can unlock any iOS or Android device

Most of the rhetoric in tech these days revolve around privacy, especially when it comes to smartphones and data on the cloud. Manufacturers and platform makers are, at least in public, committed to thwarting attempts to break into users’ phones but, almost ironically, one of the most persistent threats aren’t criminals. Governments are just as interested in breaking their way … Continue reading

Motorola One Action looks more premium than company’s flagship

The Moto Z series was supposed to be Motorola’s flagship series, touting its best technologies and features. And yet not only did the Moto Z4 feel like a rehash of the practically deprecated Moto Mods system, it also sported mod-range specs. Those looking for Motorola’s best might have to turn to the upcoming Motorola One Strong that at least looks … Continue reading

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV is getting a slight but overdue refresh

When you hear “Android TV”, you might think smart TVs first and foremost or at least smart set-top boxes. The platform’s real hero device, however, is actually a years old gaming console. Despite its age, the NVIDIA SHIELD continues to make wonders in the market. However, it seems that NVIDIA itself has decided it’s time for an update but don’t … Continue reading

Windows 10 update will intentionally break some Bluetooth connections

Windows 10 updates have become a game of chance. You almost never know when an update will break something and make your PC unusable. While Microsoft does try to fix things after the fact, often the damage is already done. Now Microsoft is taking the initiative to warn users that an upcoming update may cause Bluetooth devices to lose their … Continue reading
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