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Google Fitbit acquisition could soon be cleared in the EU

News about business acquisitions often makes it sound like things are over once the ink has dried. Reality is, however, far more complicated, especially when a company from one continent is acquiring a company from another continent with different laws and concerns. That is the situation that Google has found itself in when it announced it would acquiring Fitbit last … Continue reading

Firefox for Android to finally get a few more extensions

Mozilla was unsurprisingly very proud of its new Firefox on Android experience, which it dubbed “Daylight” but the backlash it received may have revealed a disconnect between the browser maker and its community. While the new browser in itself can really be considered an upgrade, the orphaned users of the most popular and most used Firefox add-ons see it as … Continue reading

T-Mobile Motorola Razr 5G is arriving this week

Verizon might soon be flaunting the novel but quirky LG Wing but T-Mobile will be offering something just as unique but probably more practical as well. Announced earlier this month, the Motorola Razr 5G is pretty much what the first Motorola Razr should have been but it will still be launching with the original’s price tag. If you’re already balking … Continue reading

OnePlus 8T Pro is a no-go, new Nord, OnePlus World teased

The OnePlus 8T is shaping up to be a rather interesting phone, mostly because it seems to straddle the thin line between “regular” and “Pro” flagships. Clues, some from OnePlus itself, seem to indicate that the OnePlus 8T by itself will already be very premium and that there might not be a OnePlus 8T Pro because of that. Turns out … Continue reading

UAE reveals Moon rover plan weeks after successful Mars launch

Weeks after its successful Mars launch earlier this summer, the United Arab Emirates has announced plans to launch its own lunar rover. Assuming everything goes as planned, the UAE will join the US, China, and the former USSR in successfully putting a lander on the Moon. The announcement comes amid renewed interest in our Moon and NASA’s ambitious plan to … Continue reading

Wyze Headphones with hybrid ANC boast high-end features at budget price

Wyze, the company best known for its inexpensive smart security cameras, has quickly expanded its product portfolio to become something more of an IoT company rather than one focused on home security. The latest product revealed by the company is its new Wyze Headphones, a model that promises high-end audio quality without a high-end price tag. Wyze made a name … Continue reading

Study finds direct link between natural sweetener and gut inflammation

If you suffer from an inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s disease, there’s a good chance that eating a modern Western diet is making it considerably worse. The latest study on this topic comes from Stony Brook University, which found that eating fructose may cause intestinal inflammation to worsen. Fructose, of course, is commonly used as a sweetening agent, particularly in … Continue reading

2021 BMW 4 Series Convertible has a new soft-top roof

The 2021 BMW 4 Series Convertible is arriving with a new fabric roof. Replacing the cumbersome folding hardtop of the outgoing 4 Series Convertible, the new soft-top roof is 40-percent lighter and folds in 18 seconds at speeds up to 31 mph. Sure, a folding hardtop ensures better protection against harsh weather elements, but BMW insists its new soft top … Continue reading

Skullcandy just launched an ultra-cheap pair of true wireless earbuds

If you love the idea of AirPods and other true wireless earbuds but you’re not interested in paying a premium to lose the cable, Skullcandy has a new model that’ll likely catch your eye. Called the Jib True, the new model targets budget buyers with its $30 price tag, making them one of the cheapest true wireless models to come … Continue reading

Yale Smart Delivery Box and Smart Cabinet Lock secure your stuff

Yale today announced that its Smart Delivery Box and Smart Cabinet Lock are both available to purchase in the US. Both products are fairly self-explanatory, as the Smart Delivery Box gives users a safe space to store delivered packages until they can be retrieved, while the Smart Cabinet Lock can be used to prevent access cabinets or drawers containing valuables … Continue reading

Presidential Debate live stream video here: Biden vs Trump simulcast

The first of several US presidential debates will be held today an aired on all major TV networks and streaming services. That includes the likes of YouTube, C-Span, CBS, ABC, CNN, and NBC. This debate will begin at approximately 9PM ET (that’s 21:00 Eastern Time), 8PM Central Time, 7PM Mountain Time, 6PM Pacific. This event will run for around 90 … Continue reading

Samsung details The Premiere 4K home laser projector pricing and availability

Samsung has revealed the pricing and availability information for its previously released ‘The Premiere’ ultra short throw 4K laser projector. The model will be available with two projected screen sizes, including a massive 130-inches, alongside a number of other features. One of the most appealing aspects of The Premiere is its subtle, premium design that blends in with one’s existing … Contin...

Sonos sues as Google audio tech remains all too familiar

Sonos filed a lawsuit against Google this week to further claims of patent infringement with smart speaker products. Sonos claims that a team-up between the companies with the launch of Google Play Music resulted in Google effectively copying Sonos technology for use in smart speakers they’d release years later. This claim comes just before Google’s next major event in which … Continue reading

Verizon is about to launch preorders for the weird LG Wing smartphone

Verizon is boasting that it will be the first wireless carrier in the United States to offer LG’s strange new Wing smartphone, a model that features two displays with a pivoting arrangement. If you’re nostalgic for old school phones that had hidden, sliding keyboards, it’s easy to see the LG Wing’s appeal — you can get all of the benefits … Continue reading

Torchlight 3 exits its short early access period next month

Earlier this year, Echtra Games and Perfect World Entertainment announced that they were revamping Torchlight Frontiers – which had already been in development for a couple of years – and turning it into Torchlight 3. What followed was a series of beta tests and the eventual early access launch of Torchlight 3 in June. Now, just a few months later, … Continue reading
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