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BMW M3 with RWD, 6-speed manual coming in 2020

BMW’s 3 Series has steadily been moving away from manual transmissions for several years now, favoring all-wheel drive automatics instead, and culminating with the 2019 models doing away with manual altogether. Fortunately, there’s good news on the horizon for enthusiasts in the form of the carmaker’s iconic M3, with the upcoming 2020 model to debut with a rear-wheel drive, honest-to-god … Cont...

Mortal Kombat 11 Kollector’s Edition includes life-size Scorpion mask

Fighting game fans are eagerly poring over all the newly released details on the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11. Following an announcement teaser back in December, this week saw the first real info spilled on the game direct from developer NetherRealm Studios, including gameplay modes, character roster, abilities, and the series’ iconic fatalities. Also revealed were the different editions the game ...

Netflix taps Stranger Things producer for Unsolved Mysteries reboot

Netflix is bringing back iconic series Unsolved Mysteries with Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy, according to a new report. The reboot will reportedly be the result of Levy’s 21 Laps Entertainment working alongside Netflix, which has rapidly expanded its catalog of original episodic shows. The original Unsolved Mysteries series ran from 1987 to 2010 and included more than 500 … Con...

Alphabet’s Verily ECG watch gets FDA approval as medical device

Alphabet unveiled Verily Study Watch in 2017, describing it as a smartwatch designed specifically for capturing health data from clinical study participants. The watch has been put to good use in the months since its launch, including in studies involving Parkinson’s disease. The wearable features an on-demand ECG device and has just earned FDA approval as a Class II medical … Continue reading

How to watch the super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse this weekend

This weekend will bring the super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse, the last total lunar eclipse until 2021. The event will be visible throughout North America, assuming the weather doesn’t block the view. People unable to see the event due to cloud cover, an unwillingness to go out into cold weather, or simply being in the wrong location will still … Continue reading

Fortnite v7.20 edit improvements removed due to surprise issue

Epic Games released its version 7.20 update right on schedule this week, but as occasionally happens, the update brought an unexpected problem with it. Users had a short while to enjoy the editing improvements that arrived in the newest update before Epic reverted them back to normal, explaining that it will bring the editing changes back in version 7.30. What … Continue reading

Facebook testing LOL short video platform targeting teen users

Facebook is developing a platform called “LOL” that targets teenagers, according to a new report. The product is said to have been in development for months and revolves around video content, including short clips akin to GIFs. The company is testing the new product with a small number of high school students located in the United States ahead of an … Continue reading

Amazon worker vests let robots know when to slow down

Amazon has supplied its warehouse workers with safety vests that let nearby robots know when they need to slow down. The wearable was designed by Amazon Robotics and is intended to keep warehouse workers safe when they must enter a space where robots roam. Between sensors in the vests and the robots’ obstacle avoidance tech, the machines are better able … Continue reading

Research: 4 new ways browser history can be exposed

A recent study by the University of California, San Diego, showed four new ways to expose Internet users’ browsing histories. They also showed the ways in which these histories could and can be used to target internet users with various attacks. Most of these attacks take aim psychologically, targeting the trust users have in details to which they believe only … Continue reading

China ‘deadbeat debtors’ app turns citizens into snitches

Chinese state media has reported that officials in China are set to deploy a new ‘deadbeat debtors’ app that will enable the public to view which people nearby aren’t paying their debts. The new app is part of a program conceived by the Hebei province in North China, where the Higher People’s Court intends the app to act as a … Continue reading

Overwatch Lunar New Year event returns next week for Year of the Pig

It’s nearly that time of the year: Blizzard has announced that Overwatch‘s Lunar New Year event will be kicking off soon once again. This will be the event’s third year running, and of course, this time around, we’re celebrating the Year of the Pig. Details are still pretty slim, but Blizzard has revealed when the event will kick off, which … Continue reading

Spotify may launch in-car music player with voice control in late 2019

Spotify plans to release an in-car music player, a new leak claims. This alleged device is expected to make its official debut later this year, bringing the popular music service to vehicles that may have less than adequate infotainment systems. The report claims Spotify users will be able to control the in-car player using voice commands and preset hardware buttons. … Continue reading

Robotics help 290-million-year-old fossil walk again

So you’d like to see a 290-million-year-old creature walk the earth here in the year 2019, would you? You’re in luck, because that happened. You’re about to see the work of evolutionary biologist John Nyakatura at Humboldt University in Berlin. He teamed up with robotics expert Kamilo Melo at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne to map and … Continue reading

Johnson & Johnson will study Apple Watch stroke prevention potential

Johnson and Johnson is partnering with Apple to investigate the impact its Apple Watch may have on detecting atrial fibrillation (AFib), as well as the outcomes its may have for these patients, including its potential for helping prevent strokes. The new research study will involve Janssen Pharmaceuticals, which is a J&J Family of Companies member, as well as US-based adults … Continue reading

Verizon will start blocking spam calls for free this year

For a lot of us, spam calls and robocalls have gone from being an occasional annoyance to a frequent problem. Some carriers are attempting to do something about that, and today Verizon is hopping on that train. The company announced today that it will soon make its spam and robocall protection tools free for all of its customers to use … Continue reading
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