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Firefox 66 silences autoplaying videos, content-pushing ads

Although it’s no longer a Wild, Wild West, World Wide Web is still far from being a peaceful territory. There is no shortage of players who’d do everything to make an easy buck or even legit actors that impose their will on users, even if it means ruining the latter’s experience. From autoplaying videos that can scare the daylights out … Continue reading

2019 BMW X7 First Drive: Unexpected agility in a 7-seat luxury SUV

The first ever 2019 BMW X7 is, without a doubt, built to satisfy the cravings of modern car buyers. We all know that SUVs – or sport utility vehicles – are the current darlings of the car buying crowd; you have to be a brave automaker to not have an SUV of some sort in your lineup. With BMW, there … Continue reading

Waymo to open 85,000sqft technical service center in Arizona

Self-driving car company Waymo is planning to open an 85,000-square-foot “technical service center” in Mesa, Arizona, the company announced on Tuesday. According to Waymo, this new service will more than double its current capacity for servicing, maintaining, and growing its Waymo One fleet. As well, the company says it will hire “up to” hundreds of new employees in the city. … Continue reading

Epic adds official Fortnite Creative submission page for creators

Epic has introduced a new and improved way to submit Fortnite Creative content. Starting today, players can use an official submission page to deliver their maps for Epic’s evaluation. This page replaces the hashtags that were previously used on social media to get Epic’s attention, helping players get a chance at having their content featured as an island or on … Continue reading

NASA says Bennu surprises include particle plumes and rough terrain

Asteroid Bennu, the space rock currently orbited by NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, has offered up a couple surprise discoveries over past weeks, according to the space agency. OSIRIS-REx arrived at Bennu back in December 2018, kicking off a couple years of observations before the spacecraft’s eventual return to Earth. If everything goes as planned, NASA will receive a physical sample collected …...

The Deliverator compact EV brings green deliveries to cramped cities

Arcimoto has launched pre-orders for the Deliverator, a three-wheeled electric vehicle designed specifically for deliveries. The vehicle has a 100-mile range and a top speed of 75mph, making it more substantial than the small autonomous delivery buggies some other companies have introduced. The model offers better efficiency than traditional delivery trucks, however. The Deliverator has a small...

Castle Crashers Remastered hits Switch and PS4 this year

It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than 10 years since Castle Crashers first found its way to Xbox 360. In the time since then, it’s found a lot of fans on a variety of different platforms, and developer The Behemoth announced today that it isn’t quite done porting the game to new consoles yet. Castle Crashers Remastered, which … Continue reading

I can’t stop taking cat photos with the Nokia 9 PureView

If you’re looking for a large number of cat photos, in excruciating detail down to individual whiskers, all taken with the Nokia 9 PureView, then you’ve come to the right place. HMD’s reboot of the “PureView” brand was met with a mixture of hope and anxiety back at Mobile World Congress 2019 last month, fond memories of devices like the … Continue reading

MoviePass brings back $9.95 unlimited plan, but there’s a catch

MoviePass has resurrected its $9.95/month unlimited subscription plan, offering consumers a limited time chance at getting to see as many movies as they’d like in a month for less than ten bucks. The company previously offered this unlimited movie plan, but changed it soon after as the company’s coffers were drained and it scrambled to stay in business. Though the … Continue reading

Apex Legends season 1 patch notes detail Octane, Legend hitbox changes

Season 1 has officially arrived in Apex Legends, and alongside it is a rather hefty patch. Not only does this patch add the season 1 Battle Pass to the game, but it also adds the new Octane Legend. Though a new playable Legend is always going to be one of the biggest parts – if not the biggest part – … Continue reading

Google sent Stadia development kits to more than 100 game studios

Google took the wraps off its anticipated video game streaming platform today, unveiling Stadia at the Game Developers Conference. The company has laid out the details for both future players and developers, stating that it will be working on building games exclusively for its new platform via its new Stadia Games and Entertainment division. The company has already started working … Continue re...

Stadia Crowd Play and State Share take streaming to new dimension

With Google Stadia, cloud gaming is about to get a lot more interactive – especially on the streaming front. Users will be able to stream gameplay in the Stadia platform (in a web browser), and can use Crowd Play and State Share to invite viewers in to play, too. With Crowd Play, it’s about joining in live, with State Share, … Continue reading

Google Stadia’s secret sauce: No cheating, no hacking

Google Stadia is a streaming game platform that works cross-platform by hosting games on Google’s servers and streaming to devices of many sorts. Users will be able to play with ease and without needing to worry about toxic players, cheaters, and/or hackers. Using new technology that takes advantage of machine learning, Google will monitor gamers and make certain they’re not … Continue reading

Google Stadia gets its very own WiFi-connected controller

Now that Google Stadia is out in the open, the question of control comes to mind. When you’re playing on a PC, controlling games through Stadia should be pretty straightforward, as you’ll simply use your computer’s mouse and keyboard. What about when you want to play on a tablet, phone, or TV? For that, Google has created a controller specifically … Continue reading

Google Stadia explained: Cloud as console

The Google Stadia announcement showed a unique sort of gaming platform where gamers, developers, and streamers (and streaming viewers) are combined. Their wants and needs are all in the mix, and YouTube is also onboard. This is streaming high fidelity AAA games to any Chrome web browser instance, even with low latency. This is the continuation of Project Stream, and … Continue reading
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