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Paul Walker’s beautiful 1980 BMW M1 AHG heads to auction

Paul Walker was an incredibly popular actor that tragically died very early in his life. Walker left behind a daughter and other family members, along with an incredible collection of cars. The BMW M1 seen in the images here was part of the AE Performance collection chaired by Walker and Roger Rodas before being acquired in 2014 by the current … Continue reading

SpaceX scrubs satellite launch attempt minutes before liftoff

SpaceX is set to launch a Falcon 9 rocket with a payload of 143 satellites aboard today. However, only a few minutes before the rocket was supposed to lift off, the launch was canceled. There was no problem with the rocket or the payload. The launch was scrubbed due to poor weather conditions at Cape Canaveral. Reports indicate the mission … Continue reading

Gigantic dead finback whale discovered the Mediterranean

Last weekend officials discovered the carcass of an enormous finback whale in the Mediterranean Sea. The finback whale, or Balaenoptera physalus, is the second-largest animal species on Earth. It measured 65 feet long and is estimated to weigh more than 77 tons, one of the largest ever discovered. The length and estimated weight make it one of the largest whale … Continue reading

A Quiet Place Part II movie release date bumped yet again

A Quiet Place Part II, the sequel to the 2018 horror movie, was originally set to hit theaters in March 2020 — around the same time the pandemic was declared, causing widespread lockdowns and throwing the movie industry into chaos. As with many other planned movie releases, A Quiet Place Part II was delayed…and now it has just been bumped … Continue reading

Xbox Live Gold price increase reversed and new perk added

Following heavy criticism of the change, the Xbox team has announced that it will not be increasing the price for its Xbox Live Gold subscription service. ‘We messed up today and you were right to let us know,’ the company said in its update on the matter. Instead, the company says you’ll no longer need Xbox Live Gold to play … Continue reading

iPhone 13 is going to be a different deal: Here’s why

It is probably very early to make a claim about the forthcoming iPhone – or a new lineup. But with rumors flowing in from every side of the globe, it’s fitting to touch upon certain aspects that’ll make the iPhone 13 a different deal. Presumably, and various sources confirm, the 2021 iPhones will not have a dramatic change in the … Continue reading

Google Search on mobile is about to get a big visual redesign

Google is about to roll out a redesigned Search on mobile, the company said in a blog post today, explaining the adjustments users can expect. Google describes the updated UI as a ‘major visual redesign,’ one that is intended to simplify things for users, bringing ‘information into focus,’ improving the readability of text, and more. First things first, Google says … Continue reading

Epic addresses claim that Fortnite account data is being leaked

Epic Games has released an official statement on claims that Fortnite account data, namely email addresses, are being leaked. The allegation seemed to kick off with a tweet from pro player Yung Calc, who tweeted a message encouraging players to disable the ‘Show on Career Leaderboard’ setting over concerns that their emails were being leaked. Yung Calc has since deleted … Continue reading

Pinterest’s new AR feature lets you try on virtual eyeshadow

Shopping online is the primary way people get most of the items they want or need, but there are some downsides: you can’t try on clothes to make sure they’ll fit right and it’s not easy to determine whether a particular makeup color will look good on you. Pinterest has introduced another feature that addresses the latter problem, one that … Continue reading

Vicarious Visions move to Blizzard means remastered Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft

The folks at Vicarious Visions will soon need to switch up their digital business cards. Back in the year 2005, the developer brand and its developers were acquired by the folks at Activision. In the year 2008, Acivision merged with Blizzard, forming Acivision Blizzard. So why should you or I or anyone spend even a moment thinking about how the … Continue reading

If Apple lets me trash this dongle I’ll be overjoyed

I’m a Mac user, and a macOS fan, and I like Apple’s industrial design, but the chatter of a return of the SD card slot to upcoming MacBook Pro laptops has me muttering a silent prayer of thanks. It feels like we’ve been languishing in dongle hell for many years now, and while Apple wasn’t alone in betting on a … Continue reading

You can’t be fat and healthy at the same time, study warns

A new study is dashing the ‘health at every size’ myth, revealing that it isn’t possible to be both fat and healthy at the same time. Researchers warn that an active lifestyle simply isn’t enough to mitigate the inherent health risks that come with obesity, at least the ones related to heart health, putting many people at risk of chronic … Continue reading

Xbox Live Games With Gold gets an extra title in February 2021

Microsoft has revealed the Xbox Live Games with Gold for February 2021, and it seems that next month Gold subscribers are going to get a bonus game. Instead of the typical four games for free, Xbox Live Gold subscribers will have five, with none other than Gears 5 leading the charge. Gears 5 is a game that many Xbox One … Continue reading

Pokemon GO Love Cup, free items, Johto Rocket leaked

There’s a new Pokemon GO game code teardown available today thanks to the PokeMiners crew. The latest version of Pokemon GO contains a variety of items new to the game, including a GBL Cup – Love Cup, free items from sponsored gifts, reminders for Mega Pokemon, and a Johto Rocket Collection Challenge. This update also includes Pokedex updates to both … Continue reading

Houseplants may offer major mental health benefits during pandemic

Having plants in the home helped improved mental wellbeing for many people, according to a new study from the University of Seville. This isn’t the first study to link exposure to plants with psychological wellbeing, but it is unique in one big way: it focused specifically on the COVID-19 lockdowns and how houseplants may have been a benefit for those … Continue reading
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