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CDC says counterfeit THC vapes play major role in lung injury outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published its latest update on the outbreak of EVALI lung injury cases associated with electronic cigarettes and THC vapes. According to the agency, public health officials have found that products from multiple brands, including a number of counterfeits, were likely responsible for the outbreak. Officials also say that vitamin E acetate may … ...

Hulu offers ad-free episodes to reward its binge watchers

Hulu has announced a new type of advertisement experience that will reward viewers who binge-watch content. The company says it aims to help the brands that advertise on its platform reach subscribers who often watch several or more episodes, one after another, in long viewing sessions. What’s in it for the binge-watchers? Hulu promises to show occasional ad-free episodes. According … Continue ...

Mars Express spacecraft’s new Phobos video shows rare phase angle

The European Space Agency’s Mars Express mission recently wrapped up its tracking of Phobos, the innermost moon orbiting Mars. Using the spacecraft’s camera, the mission captured images of the oddly shaped moon from many angles, the collection of which have been assembled together into a video. Visible in the images are a number of the moon’s features, including large craters … Continue reading

WhatsApp stops working on some devices in major 2020 update

WhatsApp will stop working for some older devices in early 2020 in one of the biggest updates in the app’s history. For affected older versions of operating systems affected, WhatsApp developers suggested the following: “Because we no longer actively develop for these operating systems, some features might stop functioning at any time.” WhatsApp for Windows Phone We’ve known for a … Continue re...

The Game Awards 2019: Where and when to watch

The 2019 Game Awards are slated to go down tonight, and on top of seeing which games from 2019 take home the big prizes, we’re also expecting a number of reveals. It’ll be a big show for one reason or another, and if you’re looking to tune in, the good news is that you’ll have plenty of options when it … Continue reading

Google Podcasts gets new personalized recommendations tab

Google Podcasts, the company’s lackluster audio app, has added another feature that brings it closer to competing with the market’s existing dominant products. Users have recently noticed the arrival of a new ‘Recommended’ tab that shows users personalized content recommendations based on their past listening habits. Users can directly access and play specific episode recommendations from this ...

Nintendo kicks off Switch eShop sale for The Game Awards

The annual Game Awards are happening tonight, and to celebrate the nominations various Switch games have received, Nintendo has kicked off an eShop sale. This one follows the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale Nintendo held for the eShop, so it won’t be shocking to learn that the list of discounts isn’t as long as the one we saw a … Continue reading

Eating sweet treats during winter is surprisingly risky for some people

The holiday season is often full of sweet treats and other sugary foods, but you may want to avoid them to protect your health, according to a new study from the University of Kansas. People who are prone to depression may experience a lapse in their mental health that is ultimately triggered by eating too much sugary during the winter … Continue reading

Simpsons Christmas Episodes list shared for Disney+ streaming

The best – and complete – list of Simpsons Christmas Episodes was shared by the official Simpsons license-holding promo group. As such, we’re about to get in the holiday mood, Disney+ style. That’s not the only place The Simpsons exist in this cruel, unforgiving world, but it’s currently the most likely place most SlashGear readers will have access – but … Continue reading

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode released for your phone today

Live voice translation was activated for your phone today via Google’s own Google Assistant in Interpreter Mode. This system was first revealed in its current form back in January of 2019, where it appeared prepared for Google Home speakers and Smart Displays. This is what Google calls their “real-time translation feature” for Google Assistant, new in this iteration, but a … Continue reading

Planet Zoo’s first DLC is appropriately Arctic-themed

Those of us here in the Northern Hemisphere are currently in the midst of winter, so it makes sense that the first DLC for Planet Zoo has a chilly twist to it. Today, Frontier revealed that the Arctic Pack will be Planet Zoo‘s first DLC pack, and it’ll feature four new animals from the world’s colder regions. On top of … Continue reading

Android Messages gets Verified SMS and spam protection to combat scams

Google is bolstering Android Messages with two important features today. The first is Verified SMS, which will help you make sure that text messages you’re receiving from certain companies are legitimate. The second feature is spam protection, which will warn users of suspected spam and potentially keep them safe from phishing attempts. With phone-based scams on something of a meteoric … Contin...

Disney+ Baby Yoda profile icon released, with apologies

Disney just released a “The Child” icon from The Mandalorian for Disney+ users to use as their Profile Icon. They made certain to release this little monster with an apology. “We apologize in advance for the family feud this may cause. The Child from #TheMandalorian is now available as a profile icon on #DisneyPlus.” If you’d like to get the … Continue reading

The Office Netflix exit begins with full Threat Level Midnight

The movie “Threat Level Midnight” from The Office is now available for viewing in its entirety for the first time EVER. This movie was included in clips in an episode of The Office, cut apart by the episode in which the main characters of the show react to what’s shown in the movie. It’s a masterpiece – and it’s just … Continue reading

Facebook Messenger gets Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker features

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premieres in theaters next week, and with a property as big as Star Wars, there are bound to be plenty of tie-ins. Today, Facebook announced one such tie-in for Messenger, which will be outfitted with a number of limited-time features for The Rise of Skywalker. New features include Star Wars-themed stickers, reactions, and even … Continue reading
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