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Intuitive Design? No Such Thing!

This article explores what intuitive design actually means, why it doesn’t make sense, how we can better approach design solutions, and what the future of interfaces might look like.

Unexpected Learnings From Coding Artwork Every Day For Five Years

Coding thousands of pieces of artwork teaches you a thing or two about the creative process. Whether you want to overcome perfectionism, learn new skills, or simply explore the playful side of coding, regular projects may be just what you need.

Simplify Your Stack With A Custom-Made Static Site Generator

In this article, Bryan Robinson explores how to take a humble HTML page and make its content editable in a CMS with no frameworks and no client-side JavaScript.

A CSS Grid Framework For Shopify Collection Pages

In this article, we’ll be looking at how to set up a grid layout for products on your collection pages, and how to use Shopify’s section settings to create customizable options in the online store editor.

Smashing Podcast Episode 25 With Anthony Campolo: What Is RedwoodJS?

We’re talking about RedwoodJS. What exactly does it mean to be a full-stack Jamstack framework? Drew McLellan talks to community champion Anthony Campolo to find out.

How To Build Rapport With Your Web Design Clients

In this article, Matt Saunders offers some straightforward advice on how you can become a more business-savvy web de-signer and take your practice to the next level.

SmashingConfs, Inspiring Talks And Birthday Cake

There’s a lot of information out there — that’s a fact. In these monthly editions, Smashing’s senior editor Iris brings it all in one place because we know how hard it can be to stay on top of things. So with no further ado, here’s what was, what is, and what will be!

Comparing Styling Methods In Next.js

Among others, [Next.js]( has dubbed itself: *The React Framework for Static Websites*. But just like every other framework whose goal is to help you build what matters by abstracting common, redundant tasks, you’re often required to learn something new and opinionated. With Next.js, one of the things you need to know is how to integrate different CSS methods with its API, and...

Advanced GraphQL Usage In Gatsby Websites

In this article, we will take a closer look at GraphQL and how we can integrate it into a Gatsby website by building and implementing advanced data sourcing and transformation in Gatsby.

Designing For Attention

In this article, Victor Yocco covers specific tactics with supporting research that are bound to help you design for attention.

Animating React Components With GreenSock

In this article, Blessing explains how GSAP plays well with the React library by integrating its functions into a React component in building an example landing page with a variety of animations.

An Introduction To Running Lighthouse Programmatically

This article contains a brief introduction to Lighthouse, discusses the advantages of running it programmatically, and walks through a basic configuration.

Smashing Magazine Is Fourteen!

This week we celebrate the 14th birthday of Smashing Magazine. We didn’t quite have the year that we planned though! I took a look back at some memories from this year and previous years — with the help of the team and some Smashing friends.

Get Up And Running With Craft CMS

Choosing what CMS to use in your next development project is a critical decision for any business, large or small. In this guide, we’re going to run through the potential of Craft CMS, setting up a local environment and creating a basic cat blog with an API endpoint to accompany it. It’s a perfect jumping off point for anyone looking to expand from their current CMS system, or make the leap fro...

How To Build A Blog With Next And MDX

In this guide, we will be looking at Next.js, a popular React framework that offers a great developer experience and ships with all of the features you need for production.
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