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How To Make A Speech Synthesis Editor

When Steve Jobs unveiled the Macintosh in 1984, it said “Hello” to us from the stage. Even at that point, speech synthesis wasn’t really a new technology: Bell Labs developed the vocoder as early as in the late 30s, and the concept of a voice assistant computer made it into people’s awareness when Stanley Kubrick made the vocoder the voice of HAL9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). It wasn’t b...

How To Build An Endless Runner Game In Virtual Reality (Part 3)

And so our journey continues. In this final part of my series on how to build an endless runner VR game, I’ll show you how you can synchronize the game state between two devices which will move you one step closer to building a multiplayer game. I’ll specifically introduce MirrorVR which is responsible for handling the mediating server in client-to-client communication. Note: This game can be p...

I Used The Web For A Day On Internet Explorer 8

This article is part of a series in which I attempt to use the web under various constraints, representing a given demographic of user. I hope to raise the profile of difficulties faced by real people, which are avoidable if we design and develop in a way that is sympathetic to their needs. Last time, I navigated the web for a day using a screen reader. This time, I spent the day using Internet...

A Detailed Comparison Between WordPress And October CMS

Three months ago, WordPress finally released React-powered Gutenberg to power its default content editing experience, triggering many people who are not happy with this change to look for alternatives. Some folks decided to fork and release pre-Gutenberg WordPress, however, for me this doesn’t make much sense since it still carries 15 years worth of technical debt. If I were to find an alternat...

Monthly Web Development Update 3/2019: React Hooks, Constructable Stylesheets, And Building Trust

Do you sometimes feel like there’s so much to read and learn that your brain can’t take it anymore? It’s something most of us experience from time to time when we have too much to do and then overload our brains with even more. I’m aware that my reading lists aren’t helpful in that regard, as they contain even more things to learn. But it’s the very reason why I try to compile a diverse, open-m...

Block Kit: Slack’s Contribution To Building A Better Collaboration UI

(This is a sponsored article.) Over the last few years, there’s been a major shift in terms of the way companies work. As more businesses become location independent, collaboration tools have become the standard way in which teams meet and get work done. That said, just because we have collaboration apps that integrate our connected business processes and tools, that doesn’t mean the experience...

How To Build An Endless Runner Game In Virtual Reality (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, we’ve seen how a virtual reality model with lighting and animation effects can be created. In this part, we will implement the game’s core logic and utilize more advanced A-Frame environment manipulations to build the “game” part of this application. By the end, you will have a functioning virtual reality game with a real challenge. This tutorial involves a number of s...

Exploring The Latest Web Design Trends Together With Be Theme

(This is a sponsored article.) Designers have a strange relationship with trends. On the one hand, when designers follow a crowd, they might feel that they aren’t able to express enough creativity. On the other hand, trends can tell designers a lot about user preferences — what people love, what they hate — and ultimately help designers to create products with better adoption rates. People are ...

Creating A Spotify-Powered App Using Nuxt.js

We’ve all heard of Spotify. Launched back in 2008, the app offers millions of tracks from various legendary and upcoming artists. It allows you to create a playlist, follow other people or choose a playlist based on your mood. But let’s take the app from another perspective today. Let’s build a two-page server-side rendered web application featuring a “Now Playing on Spotify” component. I’ll walk you through all of the steps of building a client-side application, building and connecting to a ...

Designing An Aspect Ratio Unit For CSS

One of the things that comes up again and again in CSS is the fact that there is no way to size things based on their aspect ratio. In particular when working with responsive designs, you often want to be able to set the width to a percentage and have the height correspond to some aspect ratio. This is something that the body responsible for designing CSS - the CSS Working Group (CSSWG) have be...

Can You Make More Money With A Mobile App Or A PWA?

Let’s be honest. The idea behind building mobile apps, websites or any other branded platforms online is to make money, right? Your clients have contacted you to do this for them in order to maximize their results and, consequently, their profits. If money didn’t matter, they’d use a free website builder tool to throw something — anything — up there and you’d no longer be part of the equation. ...

Biometrics And Neuro-Measurements For User Testing

(This article is sponsored by Adobe.) So it’s time to test the latest version of your app with users. You schedule your first user testing session. The participant enters the room; your lab partner puts velcro on the participant’s finger and fits a headband and head cap on before she sits down at a computer to start the user test session. What’s all this for? It’s biometrics and neuro-measureme...

How To Build An Endless Runner Game In Virtual Reality (Part 1)

Today, I’d like to invite you to build an endless runner VR game with webVR — a framework that gives a dual advantage: It can be played with or without a VR headset. I’ll explain the magic behind the gaze-based controls for our VR-headset players by removing the game control’s dependence on a keyboard. In this tutorial, I’ll also show you how you can synchronize the game state between two devic...

Building Robust Layouts With Container Units

Container units are a specialized set of CSS variables that allow you to build grids, layouts, and components using columns and gutters. They mirror the layout functionality found in UI design software where configuring just three values provides your document with a global set of columns and gutters to measure and calculate from. They also provide consistent widths everywhere in your document ...

Using Composer With WordPress

WordPress is getting modernized. The recent inclusion of JavaScript-based Gutenberg as part of the core has added modern capabilities for building sites on the frontend, and the upcoming bump of PHP’s minimum version, from the current 5.2.4 to 5.6 in April 2019 and 7.0 in December 2019, will make available a myriad of new features to build powerful sites. In my previous article on Smashing in w...
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