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The Chinese Communist Party congress that could make Xi president for life, explained

China's ruling Communist Party is preparing for its national congress , the conclave that party leaders — and thus China's leaders — hold every five years to set China's direction and leadership for the next quinquennial. The 20th national congress will begin Oct. 16 and last for about a week, but President Xi Jinping and members of his government have already started the patriotic pageantry lead…

Has Liz Truss already failed?

Britain's new prime minister may have already worn out her welcome. Liz Truss' government on Monday announced that it is dropping a plan to end the country's top income tax rate after the value of the British pound plunged following the unveiling of the proposal just 10 days earlier. "We get it, and we have listened," said Kwasi Kwarteng, the chancellor of the exchequer under Truss. The move leav…

Ukrainian forces break through Russian defenses in southern Kherson, expand gains in northeast

Ukrainian forces continued their counteroffensive in northeastern Kharkiv province on Monday, pushing eastward and southward from newly recaptured Lyman , a key logistics hub in Donetsk province, and establishing a toehold in Luhansk province. In southern Kherson province, where Kyiv's campaign to reclaim land has been progressing more slowly, Ukrainian forces broke through Russia's defensive lin…

Georgia GOP Senate pick Herschel Walker, abortion ban proponent, reportedly funded girlfriend's abortion

Herschel Walker, the Republican Senate nominee in Georgia and advocate of strict abortion bans, encouraged his girlfriend to get an abortion in 2009 and then reimbursed her after she underwent the procedure, The Daily Beast reported Monday night. Walker called the report a "flat-out lie" that he denies in the "strongest possible terms," and vowed to sue The Daily Beast for defamation Tuesday morn…

North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan

North Korea launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile on Tuesday morning that went over Japan, the South Korean military said, causing the Japanese government to warn people in two northern prefectures to take shelter. The firing of the missile, which appeared to have landed in the Pacific Ocean outside of Japan's exclusive economic zone, is considered a major escalation by North Korea. Ja…

Trump sues CNN for defamation, claiming he's been labeled a 'racist' and 'Russian lackey'

Former President Donald Trump filed a defamation suit against CNN on Monday, accusing the network of "trying to tilt the political balance to the left" amid concerns he will run for president again in 2024. Trump is seeking at least $475 million in damages. Trump has long railed against the media, calling reports he doesn't like "fake news," and his relationship with CNN has been contentious for …

Supreme Court declines to hear cases regarding bump stock bans

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear two cases that would have challenged a ban on "bump stocks," attachments that allow semi-automatic firearms to shoot in rapid succession. While the court released a slate of nine cases that would be tried in the upcoming session, the cases regarding bump stocks were not among those selected. The attachments have come under fire in recent years due to t…

Abuse ran rampant in women's pro soccer league, according to new report

A new report published Monday documented extensive and " systemic " abuse in the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) — the top professional women's league in the U.S. The report was the culmination of an investigation into the NWSL led by former acting U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates. Per a copy of the report obtained by The New York Times , Yates describes a culture of abuse "rooted in a dee…

Hurricane Orlene makes landfall on Mexico's coastline

Hurricane Orlene made landfall Monday morning near Mazatlan, a Mexican resort town "along the Pacific shoreline in Sinaloa," Axios reports . Orlene grew into a powerful Category 4 hurricane with 130 mph winds on Saturday, before dropping down to a Category 3 on Sunday as it traveled toward the Islas Marias. Orlene was later downgraded to a tropical storm after making landfall, per The New York Ti…

The Election Recap: Oct. 3, 2022

Welcome back to The Election Recap , your one-stop shop for the last seven days of midterms news. Let's get into it: Doug himself a hole State senator and Republican nominee for Pennsylvania governor Doug Mastriano found himself in headlines again last week, after it was revealed he once suggested that women in violation of his proposed abortion ban should be charged with murder. NBC News was fir…

Will Smith returns to the Oscar race with Emancipation after Chris Rock slap

Can Will Smith get another Oscar nomination only a year after the slap? We're about to find out. Apple TV+ has announced that Emancipation , a new movie starring Smith as a runaway slave, will premiere this December, meaning it will be eligible for the 2023 Academy Awards. The first trailer for the film was also released. The New York Times previously reported that Apple was debating when to rele…

Kim Kardashian settles SEC crypto charges for $1.26 million

A celebrity paid promo for social media has gone completely wrong. Kim Kardashian is being charged by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission for "promoting a cryptocurrency without disclosing that she had been paid for the promotion," Axios confirms, adding that she "has agreed to pay $1.26 million as part of a settlement." Kim was paid $250,000 to publish an EthereumMax crypto post on Instagr…

King Charles III participates in 1st public event since death of queen

King Charles III participated in his first public engagement on Monday since the death of his mother , Queen Elizabeth II. Charles visited Scotland, along with his wife, queen consort Camilla, following the end of the royal mourning period. The Associated Press reported that hundreds of people turned out in the Scottish town of Dunfermline to get a glimpse of the new British monarch . Charles and…

Florida launches large search and rescue operation as recovery from Ian begins

Federal emergency management officials have launched their largest-ever search and rescue operation as states begin recovery from Hurricane Ian. Officials have reported that the U.S. death toll has reached over 80 with at least 76 in Florida and four in North Carolina, CNN reports. Death counts are expected to rise as operations continue. More than 1,000 rescue team members have performed at leas…

Iranian Supreme Leader blames U.S., Israel for protests across country

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei blamed the U.S. and Israel for ongoing protests in his country , breaking weeks of silence on Monday to comment on the greatest public opposition to his regime in years. Protests across Iran broke out following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died in police custody after allegedly going out in public without a headscarf. While the Iranian po…
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