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Trump's Green Card promise not....: 5 things to know

Most skilled graduates who are most thoroughly vetted will be eligible for Donald Trump's automatic Green Card promise, if he becomes the president. Trump campaign national press secretary Karoline Leavitt said communists, radical Islamists, Hamas supporters, America haters and public charges will be excluded. ​Donald Trump did not set a good precedent on immigration earlier. He began his preside…

Elon Musk criticizes Melinda French Gates over Joe Biden support

In a tweet, Musk wrote, "The Gates Foundation's influence is not a reason to have less scrutiny. If anything, it needs more scrutiny." His comment was directed towards the significant political and philanthropic influence wielded by the Gates Foundation, which Melinda French Gates co-chairs. Musk's remarks come in response to French Gates' continued support for President Biden.

Nato moving into Asia: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin highlighted the need for a 'reliable security architecture' in the Asia-Pacific region during an address in Vietnam, expressing concerns over Nato's increasing focus on the area.

US Supreme Court upholds federal domestic-violence gun ban

​ The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday upheld a federal law that makes it a crime for people under domestic violence restraining orders to have guns, handing a victory to President Joe Biden's administration as the justices opted not to further widen firearms rights after a major expansion in 2022.The 8-1 ruling overturned a lower court's decision striking down the 1994 law as a violation of the U.S.…

Wealthy US couple accused of poisoning trees for ocean view

According to a Fox News report, in 2021, Amelia Bond, former CEO of the St Louis Foundation, allegedly applied a lethal herbicide, Tebuthiuron, to Lisa Gorman's oak trees without her consent.

'Meghan Markle's request for free clothes from Victoria Beckham denied by palace'

The book 'The House of Beckham' by Tom Bower uncovers the tension between Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and the Beckhams, triggered by suspicions of leaked personal advice and escalating to a confrontation involving Buckingham Palace and David Beckham.

King Charles, Taylor Swift & now Stonehenge: How 'Just Stop Oil' is escalating protests

Protesters targeted the historic Stonehenge monument with orange paint to raise awareness about climate change. Just Stop Oil activists staged the demonstration, calling for urgent action against climate crisis.

Why Joe Biden chose audience’s right side for Trump debate

US President Joe Biden won a coin flip to choose his stage position for the upcoming debate against Donald Trump. Biden opted for the left side of the Atlanta stage, strategically positioning himself on the right side of TV screens for more viewer attention.

Bill Maher brutally trolled for claiming Narendra Modi lost election in India

American television host Bill Maher on a show commented on Indian election and said Narendra Modi 'lost elections' big time. A he posted the video on X, social media users, mostly from India, schooled him and reminded him that Modi became the 3rd time prime minister after winning the election. "Mainstream American media is so stupid. Modi won elections, Bill. Get a grip," a user wrote.

'He's 87' trending after Morgan Freeman's new video goes viral. Watch

A video of Morgan Freeman went viral with his fans gushing about how the actor manages to look so high spirited even at the age of 87. The viral post expressed concerns over Morgan Freeman's health and the actor was wearing a glove on his left hand. Replies to the viral post informed the creator of the post that Morgan Freeman uses a compression glove because of fibromyalgia which was a result of…

Princess Kate's birthday wish for William with a new photo where she's missing

Princess Kate Middleton is missing in the family photo that she posted to wish Prince of Wales William on his 42nd birthday on Friday. "Happy birthday Papa, we all love you so much!" the message read, signed by Cx, the abbreviation that Princess Catherine goes by. According to the Palace, the photo was taken by Kate in Norfolk, southeast England in May. Princess Kate has been undergoing treatment…

Former Pakistan PM Abbasi launches new political party

Pakistan News: ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistan prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Friday formed a new political party named Awaam Pakistan after parting ways with the.

Extreme heatwave sweeps US north-east as Texas faces tropical storm

US News: The United States continues to endure extreme weather, with a heatwave scorching millions across the Upper Midwest and Northeast, while a tropical sto.

Ukraine says its drones struck four Russian oil refineries in major attack

Ukrainian long-range attack drones struck four Russian oil refineries and several other military targets, including radar stations, early Friday, according to the Ukrainian military. This attack marks a significant escalation in Ukraine's use of drones this year. Kyiv considers these oil facilities legitimate military targets, arguing they are supplying fuel to Russian troops in the ongoing invas…

Pakistan: Rights Group condemns lynching of blasphemy accused in Swat

The Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) condemned the mob lynching of Muhammad Ismail in Swat, Pakistan, criticizing law enforcement agencies for their inaction. Ismail was lynched and burnt alive by a violent mob on Thursday evening. He had been arrested earlier on accusations of blasphemy and had traveled from Sialkot to spend a few days in Swat during the Eid holidays.
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