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Biden's lead over Trump narrows slightly to 8 points

Currently, Biden is leading Trump with a 52-44 per cent margin, as to 53-43 per cent lead three weeks ago. Among likely voters, the support for Biden has been between 51-53 percent since early September, which is considerably greater than the polls in 2016, where neither candidate exceeded 48 percent support in pre-election surveys -- or the final election results.

Iraq reopens Tahrir Square, epicentre of revolt in Baghdad

Iraqi authorities reopened Baghdad's Tahrir Square and Al-Jumhuriyah bridge on Saturday, symbolically ending more than a year of demonstrations in epicentres of an anti-government protest movement. Protester tents have been dismantled at the Tahrir roundabout, now again circled by cars, and the towering concrete walls used to close off the Al-Jumhuriyah bridge across the Tigris River have been ...

Russia pledges help to Yerevan if fighting reaches Armenia

Rest of World News: YEREVAN: Russia said Saturday it would provide "necessary" assistance to Yerevan in its conflict with Azerbaijan if fighting reached Armenian territor.

'Remarks recounting release of Abhinandan have weakened state'

Pakistan News: ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's information minister Shibli Faraz has slammed PML-N leader Ayaz Sadiq for his remarks recalling the incident that led to the rel.

Nice knife attack: 3rd person under arrest

An attacker beheaded a woman and killed two other people in a church in the city of Nice on Thursday and a suspect is now in police custody.

US says virus can’t be controlled. China aims to prove it wrong

China has effectively sealed off its borders from the outside world and doubled down on efforts to eradicate the virus. When a crop of cases emerges, the government swiftly shuts down vast areas and quickly tests millions of people to help keep local transmissions near zero.

Typhoon Goni: Philippines orders 2L to evacuate

More than 200,000 people in the Philippines were ordered to evacuate their homes Saturday as the most powerful typhoon of the year so far barrels towards the country, with authorities warning of "destructive" winds and storm surges.

France tightens security after Nice attack

President Emmanuel Macron deployed thousands of soldiers to protect sites including places of worship and schools, and the nation was at its highest level of security alert after the second deadly knife attack in its cities in two weeks.

Death toll reaches 26 in quake that hit Turkey

Middle East News: IZMIR, TURKEY: Rescue teams on Saturday plowed through concrete blocs and debris of eight collapsed buildings in search of survivors of a powerful ear.

New York state launches online flu tracker

"This fall could be a one-two punch for infection as we manage the start of another flu season while working diligently to keep the Covid-19 virus at bay," Xinhua news agency quoted Governor Andrew Cuomo as saying in a statement on Friday.

26 dead as major quake hits Turkey, Greece

Rest of World News: BAYRAKLI/ TURKEY: Rescuers dug through heavy blocks of concrete with their bare hands Saturday in a desperate search for survivors from a powerful ear.

US presidential polls: Trump and Biden intensify their election campaigns

US News: WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden have intensified their poll campaigns for the November 3 presidential electio.

US, Europe coronavirus cases soar, but Trump defiant days before vote

US News: WASHINGTON: The United States saw a record number of new coronavirus infections for the second day running Friday, with more than 94,000 cases reporte.

'Biden is corrupt career politician; betrayed America for last 47 years'

US News: WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump has accused his rival and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden of being a corrupt career politician who h.

Mike Pence: The calm to Trump's storm

US News: WASHINGTON: Vice President Mike Pence is the calm to Donald Trump's storm, bringing a sedate demeanor and the religious, conservative ballast the men .
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