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Ericsson Teaches Anil Ambani – and India – a Lesson

In recovering $80 million from tycoon Anil Ambani, the Swedish company’s lawyers played the nascent bankruptcy system expertly.

It’s Still a Man’s World at Hyundai

Why could a U.S.-based proxy advisory firm with a commitment to gender diversity not back the sole female board candidate?

Time to Relent on 2%? Japan Debates Inflation Target

Monetary authorities galore have set inflation targets of around 2 percent, including the U.S. Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank and the Bank of England. But none has done so with as much gusto as the Bank of Japan, where Governor Haruhiko Kuroda vows to do whatever it takes to reach that goal. While Kuroda has helped pull Japan’s economy out of a spell of deflation, he’s still years a...

Fewer than 200 people watched the New Zealand massacre live. A hateful group helped it reach millions

New details reveal just how quickly the video spread across the world and rocketed out of tech companies' control.

Google’s new streaming service will let video gamers play without downloads

The service, called Stadia, closely mirrors that of Netflix and on-demand video while differing from existing gaming platforms such as Steam, which requires users to download and install games.

Burger King rolls out monthly coffee subscription for $5

The chain is betting on the service to get early risers in the door — and away from other big names in the fast-food breakfast game.

Trump again accuses social media companies of censoring conservatives

President Trump on Tuesday sharply criticized Facebook, Google and Twitter for censoring conservatives, accusing them of "collusion" and a "hatred they have for a certain group of people who happen to be in power."

Google’s new Stadia service will let you play video games without downloading them

The platform, which runs on Chrome and Google data centers, envisions a new way to play video games.

What the massive loss of old Myspace music means for Internet culture

The loss of digital artifacts highlights the impermanence of the Web, and the ease with which files and posts that helped define Internet culture and history can be so readily discarded.

Trump won’t get sustained ‘boom’ without an infrastructure bill and more tax cuts, new White House report shows

Trump has promised 3 percent growth for years, but the Economic Report of the President, released Tuesday, indicates that won't happen without major new legislation.
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