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SMIC Joins the Big Bath of China Security Threats

Hawks in the Trump administration look to be taking advantage of the upcoming election to ramp up their list of targets.

Modi’s Vodafone Loss Gives India a Stark Choice

The country has a chance to repair its anti-investor image by accepting defeat in the long-running tax dispute.

No One’s Too Big to Fail in China’s Property Market

Beijing has set strict guidelines to protect the real-estate sector. Luckily many developers are in the clear.

Judge blocks TikTok ban in second ruling against Trump’s efforts to curb popular Chinese services

TikTok has received a second extension on the ban that would remove it from U.S. app stores as it scrambles to complete a deal with Oracle and Walmart.

El Pentagono utilizo dinero destinado a cubrebocas para fabricar motores de avion y chalecos antibalas

Poco después de que el Congreso aprobara entregarle mil millones de dólares, el Pentágono comenzó a asignar dinero relacionado con la pandemia a contratistas de defensa.

TikTok push showcases ‘central planner’ Trump and his hands-on approach to world’s largest economy

The whirl of presidential action reflects Trump’s determination to command the $19 trillion U.S. economy with the same hands-on vigor he brought to his Manhattan real estate firm.

Cranky customers, masked smiles redefine workplace culture: ‘Feels like we’re strangers’

In another outgrowth of the pandemic, service sector workers say they are losing out on tips and other pay predicated on engaging customers.

Nationals fans lost their ballpark this season. They lost their World Series celebration, too.

Has baseball been this soothing lighthouse, a guide toward a sliver of normal in the novel coronavirus pandemic? Or, in Washington, did it only lead to more stress?

Miners Carve Themselves an Ugly Heritage

Rio Tinto’s demolition of a 46,000-year-old Australian site has highlighted the need to better protect Aboriginal land rights.

Montana judge ousts Trump’s temporary BLM director, casting doubt on a range of decisions by acting officials

A Montana judge ruled Friday that William Perry Pendley, the effective director of the Bureau of Land Management, had failed to get Senate approval and had stayed beyond the limit allowed under the Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1998. As a result, his actions while at BLM for more than a year might be invalid, throwing into doubt a wide range of decisions.

How Do People Catch Covid-19? Here’s What Experts Say: QuickTake

In most cases, it’s impossible to pinpoint how someone caught SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. It is too small to see with the naked eye, so its infectious journey can’t be tracked from one person to another. That leaves scientists and health authorities gleaning the most likely transmission pathways from the available evidence and what’s known about how other respiratory pathogens spread. Close personal contact with infected people via mouth and nose secretions was thought to b

One Pandemic Later, Direct Listings See Some Blue Sky

Hot technology startups have traditionally raised the cash they needed to break into the big time through initial public offerings. IPOs became synonymous with instant wealth for company founders and those lucky enough to buy those shiny new shares. Then music-streaming service Spotify Technology SA went a different route, going public through a method called direct listing. Why a direct listin...

How the Virus Can Stall China’s Electric Vehicle Plan

Before the coronavirus outbreak, 2020 was to be a crucial year for automakers selling electric vehicles in China, with several industry titans opening factories and rolling out new models. The country already has more EVs than any other, thanks to government policies encouraging production and generous subsidies to help consumers buy them. But sales had been sputtering even before the pandemic due to a slowing economy. While electrification may be an irreversible trend, the shift is slow.

USPS close to settlement with 19 states on election mail, service delays, sources say

State officials hope an agreement will act as a firewall against challenges from President Trump on the legitimacy of vote by mail.
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