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How Twitter, on the front lines of history, finally decided to ban Trump

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey agreed to ban Donald Trump from Twitter after tearful all-hands meetings, bitter dialogues, and employee pushback, knowing that this would be the biggest decision his company had ever faced.

Misinformation dropped dramatically the week after Twitter banned Trump

Zignal Labs charts 73 percent decline on Twitter and beyond following historic action against the president

Dating apps are using Capitol images to ban rioters’ accounts

Bumble, Tinder and others are freezing out rioters with help from law enforcement -- and, in some cases, their own photos. Others on the apps have taken matters into their own hands by striking up conversations with potential rioters, then relaying their information to the FBI.

Why WhatsApp’s New Privacy Rules Are Sparking Alarm

Facebook Inc.’s WhatsApp has begun alerting its 2 billion users to an update of its privacy policy -- and if they want to keep using the popular messaging app, they have to accept it. The new terms, delivered in early 2021, have caused an outcry among technology experts, privacy advocates, billionaire entrepreneurs and government organizations and triggered a wave of defections to rival services. WhatsApp says the changes are necessary to help it integrate better with other Facebook products, bu

Ice cream for dogs? Even pets are eating their pandemic feelings.

Ben & Jerry’s and parent Unilever bank on our pet obsession, launching super-premium Doggie Desserts.

Companies are halting PAC contributions after U.S. Capitol riots. Here’s where their money went.

A Post analysis of nearly 50 companies that announced changes to their political donations to the 147 Republican lawmakers who objected to counting presidential election results found, since 2016, found a small share of their contributions go to the representatives.

Biden stimulus calls for expanded paid sick leave to help workers facing coronavirus challenges

The U.S. is an outlier for its lack of a paid sick leave requirement. BIden's plan seeks to eliminate loopholes that prevented some 100 million workers from accessing it during the pandemic.

How and Why Would an Ex-President Be Convicted in an Impeachment Trial?

Donald Trump is the first president in U.S. history impeached twice by the House of Representatives. The first time around, following a trial in the Senate, only one Republican, Mitt Romney, joined Democrats in voting to convict, on one count, far short of the two-thirds supermajority needed to remove him from office. This time, enough Republicans are angry about Trump’s role in fueling the Jan...

How to get a small business loan from the new $284 billion PPP program

The Small Business Administration plans to start offering loans for its next round of PPP funding on Monday, Jan. 11. Here's what small business owners should expect in the next round of funding.

French oil giant Total quits American Petroleum Institute

French oil giant Total quits American Petroleum Institute over differences on subsidies for electric vehicles and carbon pricing.

Don’t file a paper 2020 federal tax return if you don’t have to, IRS watchdog warns

Tax Season 2021: The backlog for paper returns is large and likely to grow, so anyone. The IRS received roughly 16 million paper individual returns last year and as of Dec. 25 had a backlog of 6.9 million unprocessed individual returns.

Debt collectors, payday lenders collected over $500 million in federal pandemic relief

More than 170 of those recipients have been named in multiple consumer complaints, racking up at least 100 with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, according to The Post’s analysis.
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