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This cybersecurity CEO says he will not take a salary until the shutdown is over

“I’m not trying to be generous. I’m trying to invest,” he said. “I can’t overstress the very tight labor market. And it’s even tighter when you have to add in the clearances and other stipulations in this marketplace."

‘Nobody like you has ever done it’: How a high school dropout became president of the San Francisco Federal Reserve

Mary C. Daly is on a mission to get more kids into college — to change their lives and the fate of the U.S. economy

Rocking beds and pillows that nudge you: Tech wants into your bed

Our tech columnist sleeps on a $5,000 Sleep Number 360 smart bed and investigates other sleep tech that’s flooding the market. Does any of it work?

What it’s like being female at U.S.’s biggest economic conference

Even when there was so much emphasis on welcoming women and minorities into the field, discrimination and harassment are not uncommon.

U.S. regulators discussed record fine against Facebook for privacy violations

The penalty would be for violating an agreement with the government to safeguard users' personal data, according to people familiar with the matter. The fine is expected to be much larger than the $22.5 million levied against Google in 2012.

The prescription drug epidemic no one’s talking about

Like opioids, benzodiazepines' effects on most users include relaxation and slowed breathing. They are also addictive and can cause an overdose.

Tesla announces plan to cut 7 percent of its workforce to aid Model 3 production

In a memo to employees, chief executive Elon Musk said the layoffs are a way to boost margins as the company plans to ramp up production on the Model 3 while also bringing down the price. Tesla’s shares sank nearly 8 percent after the cuts were announced.

U.S. regulators have met to discuss imposing a record-setting fine against Facebook for some of its privacy violations

U.S. regulators have met to discuss imposing a record-setting fine against Facebook for violating a legally binding agreement with the government to protect the privacy of its users' personal data, according to three people familiar with the deliberations but not authorized to speak on the record.

When being funny can hurt women at work

New research explains how stereotypes may make it hard for female leaders to use humor in certain situations on the job

Nearly three-quarters of executives pick proteges who look just like them

A new report reinforces a problem the #MeToo movement is probably making worse: People feel more comfortable mentoring people of their own demographic.
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