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On Chile rivers, Native spirituality and development clash

For the Mapuche, Chile’s largest Indigenous group and more than 10 percent of its population, a pristine river like the Truful Truful, flowing from a lava field under an Andean volcano, is the home of a spiritual force to revere, not a natural resource to exploit

At least 10 killed as gunmen storm hotel in Somali capital

Police and eyewitnesses say at least 10 people were killed in an attack by Islamic militants who stormed a hotel in Somalia’s capital late Friday

Mexico arrests former attorney general in kidnapping of 43 students

Murillo Karam is the highest-ranking former official arrested in the investigation into the 43 Ayotzinapa students who disappeared in 2014.

Montenegrin government falls over ties with Serbian Church

The Montenegrin government has collapsed in a no-confidence vote that followed a rift over relations with the powerful Serbian Orthodox Church

Nicaragua arrests Catholic bishop in escalating crackdown on dissent

The government of Daniel Ortega is moving ever closer to silencing all opposition in the Central American country.

Divided UN council down to wire on Taliban travel exemptions

The divided U.N. Security Council is scrambling to reach agreement on whether to extend travel exemptions for 13 Taliban officials now ruling Afghanistan that are set to expire at midnight Friday

France's Macron assails Putin's 'brutal attack' on Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday accused the Russian leader of launching a “brutal attack” on Ukraine in an imperialist, revanchist violation of national borders

Across the river from Ukraine nuclear plant, shelling adds to fear

Most neighbors of threatened plant have already left; those still there live with daily bombardments from Russian forces

Sweden: 2 wounded in shopping center shooting

Swedish police say two people have been wounded in a shooting at a shopping center in the southern city of Malmo

Life sentence for ISIS ‘Beatle’ who tortured, ransomed U.S. hostages

A jury convicted El Shafee Elsheikh, 34, in April of conspiracy charges in the kidnapping and murder of journalists and humanitarian workers.

Firing of TV anchor stirs debate about sexism, ageism in Canada

For years, until her unceremonious dismissal earlier this week , Lisa LaFlamme was a fixture in living rooms across Canada.

Calls grow to ban E.U. visas for Russians, but not all Ukrainians agree

Oleksiy Arestovych, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, said he disagrees with the idea of a blanket visa ban for all Russians and Belarusians.
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