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Coronavirus reaches Everest base camp, creating ‘perfect setup for a super spreader event’

Many common coronavirus symptoms bear a close resemblance to the symptoms of altitude sickness and the so-called “Khumbu cough” that often plagues climbers at high altitudes.

What it means for the United States to recognize massacre of Armenians as genocide

President Biden is expected to recognize the World War I-era mass killings as a “genocide” in an annual remembrance day declaration Saturday.

The United States isn’t the only country where killings quickly returned after pandemic lull

In recent weeks, as mass shootings across the United States dominated headlines, many Americans have observed that the country seems to be returning to something like a pre-pandemic state — shootings included.

‘Pervasive racism’ found in lack of commemoration for non-White troops fighting in Britain’s wars

Tens of thousands of Black and Asian service personnel who died for Britain may not have been remembered properly.

Working remotely or not remotely working? Australia officials seek to ban casual wear — even on video calls

Policy cites Ugg boots, flip-flops and sleeveless tops as among the worst offenders — and it has civil servants sweating.

China’s Oscars boycott mixes politics with push to curb Hollywood dominance

Beijing is seizing the chance to promote homegrown movies as it prepares for a key political celebration.

Covid-19 live updates: India announces most daily new infections in history of the pandemic with nearly 315,000

Cases had briefly surged in India last year but then dropped off leading many to assume that the nation of 1.3 billion had beaten the virus.

A Hong Kong journalist exposed police failures. A court found her guilty of a crime.

The verdict against Choy Yuk-ling, a prizewinning reporter, shows how legal suppression used to target activists is now ensnaring the press.

Syrian missile strike triggers alarms near Israeli nuclear facility and retaliatory attack

Israeli military said it doesn’t appear its reactor was targeted and the missile may have been trying to hit an airplane.

Videos and social media are challenging police impunity around the world

Social media and video footage of police violence may not always be effective. But the conviction of Derek Chauvin will have an impact outside of U.S. borders.
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