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The Latest: Father, son are first mosque dead to be buried

The first two people to be buried after last week’s mosque attacks that killed 50 people are a father and his teenage son

Concern raised over SKorean treatment of Bloomberg reporter

Journalists’ organizations are raising concern over press freedom in South Korea after the ruling party singled out a reporter over what it claimed was a “borderline traitorous” article insulting President Moon Jae-in

New report alleges U.S. airstrikes are killing civilians in Somalia

U.S. Africa Command denied the findings, saying it conducted post-strike analyses “using intelligence methods not available to non-military organizations.”

Guatemala confirms warrant for presidential candidate

A court in Guatemala says an arrest warrant has been issued for a former Guatemalan prosecutor who is running for president

Trump warns of tougher sanctions on Venezuela

U.S. President Donald Trump says the United States could impose harsher sanctions on Venezuela in its campaign to oust President Nicolas Maduro

E.U. critic Trump undermines Theresa May’s plan to leave it

Though President Trump still praises Britain’s 2016 decision to leave the European Union, he has disagreed with the method taken since.

Afghan government, shut out of U.S.-Taliban peace talks, runs short of options

President Ashraf Ghani’s administration is estranged from Washington and under pressure to postpone elections.

The New Zealand attack ratchets up pressure on Europe’s anti-immigrant right

The alleged gunman’s view of Muslims as “invaders” has deep roots on the continent he visited multiple times.

‘Shame’: As Bolsonaro visits Trump, Brazilians tweet their embarrassment

The far-right leader is making his first visit to Washington as Brazil's president. Critics back home made "shame" trend globally.
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