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Randall Robinson, founder of influential Africa lobby, dies at 81

The founding executive director of TransAfrica was for years the foremost U.S. activist representing Africans and the African diaspora.

Migrants start fire at Mexico detention center, killing 40

Migrants fearing deportation set mattresses ablaze at an immigration detention center in northern Mexico, starting a fire that killed at least 40 people

Pirates board oil tanker with 16 crew in Gulf of Guinea

Pirates have boarded a Liberian-flagged tanker oil tanker with 16 crew members in the Gulf of Guinea

What we know about the Covenant school shooting in Nashville

Here’s some of what we know and don’t know about the deadly shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville

EU defends its Libya migrant work as UN points the finger

The European Union is defending its record helping migrants in Libya after U.N.-backed investigators accused the bloc of abetting human rights abuses and other crimes there

Pakistan says it will skip US democracy summit amid turmoil

Pakistan says it will not participate in this week’s U.S.-led Summit for Democracy, a move seen in part as an effort by the impoverished Islamic nation to assuage longtime ally China, which was not invited

Boat carrying 32 capsizes in eastern Caribbean; 16 missing

Authorities say one person has died and 16 are missing after a boat capsized near the eastern Caribbean island of St. Kitts

Report: Renewable energy growth falls short of climate goal

The International Renewable Energy Agency says deployment of new wind and solar power plants needs to be drastically ramped up by the end of the decade to meet the world’s climate goals

Brazil has a new biggest favela, and not in Rio de Janeiro

For the first time since poverty, lack of opportunity and economic inequality caused favelas to mushroom across many of the nation’s cities, Brazil’s biggest favela isn’t in Rio de Janeiro

North Korean hackers play the ‘long con’ by targeting experts

North Korea's cyberattack capabilities are becoming more sophisticated in the service of Kim Jong Un’s nuclear ambitions, according to a new report.

Ethiopia’s PM announces outreach to rebel group in Oromia

Ethiopia’s prime minister says his administration is attempting talks with an outlawed rebel group operating mainly in the restive Oromia region

Greek police arrest 2 suspected of planning terror attacks

Police in Greece say they have arrested two terrorism suspects who had been planning attacks in the country aimed at causing mass casualties

Russia sentences dad to two years after daughter’s antiwar art, but he flees

With his 13-year-old daughter already confined to am orphanage, Alexei Moskalyov, made a dramatic escape rather than face two years in prison for posting antiwar views online.

In Photos: Fire at migrant center in Mexico near U.S. border kills dozens

A fire broke out at a migrant detention facility close to the U.S.-Mexico border, killing at least 39 people and injuring 29, the Mexican government said Tuesday, calling the deaths a “tragedy.”

After protest pause, Israelis regroup for next round in judiciary battle

Despite the pause declared by Benjamin Netanyahu, both sides expect the battle over the future of Israel's judiciary to reignite soon.
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