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Baghdad’s record heat offers glimpse of world’s climate change future

Door handles blistering to the touch. Leaves yellowed and brittle. And a yawning divide between AC haves and have-nots.

Trump weighs blocking Americans at the Mexico border, but legal authority is shaky and no decision has been made

A Trump administration proposal to curb travel from Mexico by U.S. citizens and permanent residents remains in a draft stage and saddled with doubts.

AP Photos: Women with COVID give birth alone in Peru

Before she gave birth in Peru’s largest maternity hospital, Mar�a Alvarez closed her eyes and made one request through her face mask.

FBI arrests 7th person in Puerto Rico public corruption case

Federal agents have arrested an accountant as part of an ongoing investigation into a corruption case involving Puerto Rico’s former education secretary

Concerns grow over rising COVID-19 infections in Germany

Germany’s government is urging citizens to keep their guard up and stick to public health guidelines, as new COVID-19 infections have hit a three-month high and schools reopened in the country’s most populous state

Britain plunges into deep recession, with steep job losses and Europe’s highest virus death toll

The British economy shrank by more than 20 percent in the second quarter, its steepest drop on record.

Liberia vice president flies to Ghana for medical treatment

The office for Liberia’s Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor says she has flown to Ghana to undergo additional treatment after developing “respiratory complications.”

Mauritius seeks compensation as oil spill cleanup continues

Mauritius says it is seeking compensation from the owners of a Japanese ship that’s spilling oil after it grounded in the shallow waters off the Indian Ocean island nation

In the Alps, hikers on the trails and cows in the pasture make for perilous pairings

Attacks on tourists, some fatal, are prompting more signs and warnings: “The mountain pasture is no petting zoo.”

Protesters paralyze Bolivia over election delays, threaten escalation

Opponents say interim president Jeanine Áñez is trying to cling to power; ousted former president Evo Morales is urging restraint.

Lebanon’s crises are only getting worse

A week after the explosion in Beirut, a new food crisis is only the tip of the iceberg of Lebanon's troubles.

Former aide ties Mexican ex-president Peña Nieto to millions in bribes

The allegations are the most serious yet against Nieto, who has maintained that his campaign did not receive illegal donations.

What is happening in Hong Kong?

Chinese President Xi Jinping signed a sweeping new national security law that will dramatically overhaul the city’s freedoms.
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