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6 die in collapse of abandoned mine in northeast India

Officials say six miners have died after being trapped in an abandoned coal mine that collapsed in India’s remote northeast

Denmark suspends Dubai flights amid doubts over virus tests

Denmark has temporarily suspended all flights from the United Arab Emirates for five days after suspicions arose that the coronavirus tests that can be obtained before leaving Dubai are not reliable

UN agency: Libyan navy intercepts over 80 EU-bound migrants

The U.N. migration agency says Libya’s coast guard intercepted more than 80 Europe-bound migrants in the Mediterranean Sea off the country’s coast

Kremlin warns Russians against pro-Navalny protests, detains opposition activists

The warning and the arrests triggered an outpouring of support for the jailed opposition leader from prominent Russians who usually shun politics.

Israel recommends coronavirus vaccine for pregnant women, marking a shift as some countries reassess risk

On Tuesday, Israel’s Health Ministry and council for gynecological health updated its guidance to recommend the coronavirus vaccine for pregnant women, especially those with preexisting health issues or who work in close contact with the public.

A year after Wuhan coronavirus lockdown, trauma runs deep in China’s ‘Hero City’

Relatives who lost loved ones early in the pandemic say they cannot move on without answers from authorities who failed to warn the public in a timely way.

Nissan commits to UK car plant after post-Brexit trade deal

Japanese carmaker Nissan confirmed Friday that it will maintain its operations in Britain in the wake of the post-Brexit trade deal between the country and the European Union

What to know about Navalny’s protest movement in Russia — and why it unnerves Putin

Since 2012, Vladimir Putin’s regime keeps getting tougher in trying to crush the president’s opponents. The protesters keep on coming back.

Virus surge fuels doubts over Tokyo Olympics, but Japan and IOC say Games will happen

Some members of the ruling coalition are reported to have developed cold feet, but Tokyo and the IOC insist the show will go on.

James Cross, British diplomat kidnapped by Quebec separatists, dies at 99 of covid-19

His kidnapping in 1970 precipitated what Canadians call the October Crisis and made headlines around the world.
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