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UN food agency accuses Yemen’s Houthis of diverting food aid

The U.N. food agency is accusing Yemen’s Houthi rebels of diverting food from the war-torn country’s hungriest people and is threatening to suspend food aid unless they immediately implement registration and monitoring agreements

Pakistani police target traffickers selling brides to China

Pakistan probes trafficking networks that trick young women into marriage with Chinese men, sell many into prostitution

UN Palestinian refugee agency urges donors to fill shortfall

Head of Palestinian refugee agency says the group is mobilizing to replenish a $211 million shortfall despite U.S. funding cuts

Ex-first lady heads to runoff in Guatemala presidential race

A former first lady has emerged as the winner of the first round of Guatemala’s presidential election, but she will have to compete in an Aug. 11 runoff ballot to determine the next leader of the Central American nation

Women who can’t park cars, men who can’t change diapers: Britain bans ads depicting harmful gender stereotypes

The guidelines prohibit ads that play on roles deemed more female or male, as well as derogatory messages around body image.

A Houdini-inspired magician plunged into the Ganges River during a stunt and hasn’t resurfaced

Magician Chanchal Lahiri, known by his stage name, Jadugar Mandrake, is feared dead after a stunt in the Ganges River in West Bengal, India.

China’s Xi to visit North Korea as both countries lock horns with United States

Xi's visit would mark the first trip by a Chinese leader to North Korea in 14 years. China is North Korea’s only ally.

What China struggles more than ever to get from Hong Kong: Loyalty and love

A political crisis in Hong Kong shows how the Beijing government's long-term efforts to win hearts and minds appear to be stumbling.

Prominent Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong released from jail

His release comes at a time of mass demonstrations against Beijing’s tightening rule and the reinvigoration of a movement he helped start.

Canadian government to decide on controversial pipeline expansion. Trudeau faces political peril either way.

The prime minister says fighting climate change, defending Canada’s oil industry and mending strained relations with its indigenous groups “go hand-in-hand.”
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