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Volvo's First Electric Car Kicks Off a Plan to Cut Emissions

The Swedish automaker introduced the XC40 Recharge, which can go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds, and reach about 200 miles on a charge.

Why Solving a Rubik's Cube Does Not Signal Robot Supremacy

OpenAI demonstrated a robotic arm successfully completing the puzzle. It didn't show the machine dropping the cube—or the 10,000 years of simulated training.

NASA's New Space Suits Will Fit Men and Women Alike (for Once)

Seven months after a debacle in which the agency ran short on space suits for women, NASA is showing off a new, more flexible design.

How a Bitcoin Trail Led to a Massive Dark Web Child-Porn Site Takedown

Federal investigators focused not on offensive hacking efforts or surveilling communications, but on the transactions using cryptocurrency.

A New Gene Helps Explain Why Some People Need Less Sleep

The lucky devils who thrive on just a few hours’ sleep may be benefiting from a gene mutation that increases wakefulness and keeps memory intact.

Giphy Joins Netflix and Tinder on the Videogames Bandwagon

The GIF gold mine is just the latest platform to offer up microgames—strange, branded, trashy microgames.

Corporate America's Second War With the Rule of Law

Opinion: Uber, Facebook, and Google are increasingly behaving like the law-flouting financial empires of the 1920s. We know how that turned out.

Facebook Portal (2019) Review: Mixed Feelings

In many ways, I like the Portal. But it’s difficult to separate this family of devices from the social network that makes them.

Tired of Jetlag? The App Timeshifter Will Help Reset Your Clock

Timeshifter cribs NASA-backed science to help you recalibrate your biorhythms after switching time zones.

The Death of Cars Was Greatly Exaggerated

The founders of Uber and Lyft, among others, declared that people would no longer need to own cars. Instead, car ownership is rising.

The Quiet, Intentional Fires of Northern California

How the Yurok nation and other indigenous communities use low-intensity burns to shape the landscape and the species that live there.
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