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Texas sues Biden administration over 100-day deportation ‘pause’

Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit claims Biden violated a last-minute deal Texas and other states signed with the Trump administration.

George Floyd languished inside a Texas prison. Communities and companies saw it as ‘economic development.’

Bartlett State Jail contributed to a third of the city's budget. But inside, prisoners like Floyd got little training or education that would help them reintegrate into society.

A Michigan woman asked county officials to denounce the Proud Boys. One commissioner flashed a rifle instead.

When a resident asked the Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners to denounce the Proud Boys, one commissioner showed a semiautomatic rifle.

Advocates push for Marjorie Taylor Greene’s resignation over report that she spread falsehoods about school shootings

Marjorie Taylor Greene reportedly spread conspiracy theories on Facebook calling the Parkland and Sandy Hook shootings staged, leading some advocates to demand her resignation.

To honor Kamala Harris, these women are bringing a traditional Indian art form to D.C., made by thousands of hands

“All of us were so ready for something like this,” said Shanthi Chandrasekar, an organizer of the public art, called a kolam, which will welcome Biden and Harris to D.C.

Ex-Houston police officer claimed he only breached the Capitol during riots to see ‘historical art’

Tam Dinh Pham was arrested on Wednesday on charges of unlawful entry of the Capitol and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

The final U.S. county to get covid-19? A remote Hawaiian outpost and former leper colony

Until recently, Kalawao County, Hawaii, which has less than 100 residents, was the only county in the country that hadn’t reported a single covid-19 case.

With a new administration, activists hope for a focus on environmental racism

Environmental justice activists hope that the Biden administration will focus on an often overlooked issue: environmental racism.

Biden’s Cesar Chavez bust in the Oval Office signals a new era for Latinos, activists hope: ‘It shows that he’s authentic’

Many Latino leaders say Cesar Chavez's bust at the Oval Office symbolizes Biden's commitment to the Latino community and marks the beginning of a new relationship with a president they hope is far less adversarial than his predecessor.

Bernie Sanders — and his mittens — were everywhere on Inauguration Day. Just ask the Internet.

On a day in which a severely divided nation welcomed a new president inheriting a pandemic and a slew of very serious issues, popping a cutout of Sen. Bernie Sanders into ridiculous photos provided a rare laugh everyone could agree on.

At his swearing-in, Jon Ossoff used a Hebrew Bible from an MLK ally whose synagogue was bombed by white supremacists

Sen. Jon Ossoff was sworn into the Senate on a Hebrew Bible that belonged to Rabbi Jacob Rothschild, an ally of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and a leader of the oldest synagogue in Atlanta, which was bombed by white supremacists in 1958.

As Biden addressed the world, an unknown man in uniform stood watch over his son Beau’s grave

The poignant scene, which would have gone unnoticed if a reporter from the Delaware News Journal hadn’t stopped by the graveyard to pay her own respects, struck a chord with thousands of people on Twitter.

Obama, Bush and Clinton release video praising peaceful transfers of power, as Trump skips inauguration

Former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton praised the peaceful transfer of power in a joint video that served as an unsubtle rebuke to former president Donald Trump.

Biden orders a ‘pause’ on border wall construction, bringing crews to halt

The new administration intends to review existing contracts, though it is unclear whether it can block completion of wall segments already funded by Congress.
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