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5.1-magnitude earthquake strikes North Carolina, is felt hundreds of miles away

It is the strongest earthquake to strike the state in more than a century and was reportedly felt as far away as Atlanta, part of Tennessee, Washington and Ohio.

Pandemic accelerates trends that are likely to change the way apartments and condos are designed

As apartment and condo buildings struggle to to keep residents safe and connected, one Maryland developer says office space and outdoor areas are more important that ever.

As U.S. expels migrants under emergency measures, they return, again and again

Emergency pandemic measures that rapidly expel most migrants who are arrested at the border have had the unintended consequence of a soaring rate of repeat crossings.

‘You can’t control peoples’ anger’: Portland protesters set fire to police union headquarters as tensions rise again

Portland police declared a riot and began a game of cat-and-mouse, chasing the protesters down business-lined streets and through a park in North Portland for hours.

Coronavirus update: California surpasses 10,000 deaths as Trump signs economic relief orders

At least 10,011 people have died of the coronavirus in California, where daily deaths have steadily increased since early July. Only New York and New Jersey have reported more deaths since their outbreaks began.

Coronavirus update: U.S. infections approach 5 million

Coronavirus infections in the United States were on track to exceed 5 million Sunday as the White House and Congress clashed over how to extend economic relief measures for millions of Americans amid the pandemic’s economic fallout.

Released prisoner accused of raping, killing Virginia woman has died

Ibrahim Bouaichi was arrested in October for sexual assault, then released on bond in April amid covid-19 concerns. He is charged with murdering the assault victim.

Trump sent agents to quell unrest. But protest is what Portland does best.

The stamina and creativity of Portland protesters has been grown for generations. By the time federal agents packed into the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse in early July, protesters had settled into a rhythm.

Coronavirus relief package talks stall; Trump might use executive actions to bypass congress

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) said he tested negative for the virus, hours after a positive result from another test prevented him from meeting with President Trump.

FAA survey finds employees under ‘strong’ pressure from industry and in fear of retaliation for raising safety concerns

Employees said in focus groups that they lacked confidence in their leaders to prioritize safety and stand up to Boeing and other big companies.

Where states reopened and cases spiked after the U.S. shutdown

Hundreds of millions of people started moving around again. Now, a surge is here, with new restrictions.

Police with guns drawn confront Black drivers more than I realized. Even after it happened to me.

I was 17 when police pulled over my mom and me, guns drawn. They handcuffed us, and after a harrowing 30 minutes, told us what we already knew — they had the wrong car.
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