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Va. police can keep license plate data indefinitely, state supreme court rules

Devices that photograph license plates record the time and location of each photo, which privacy advocates say can be used to track the movements of people not suspected of a crime.

Obama blasts Trump on coronavirus response

Nearly 60,000 new infections were reported in the United States on Tuesday, and at least 8,239,000 have been reported since February.

For George Floyd and Black men in recovery, ‘everything just piles up’

Floyd moved to a new city to heal. But his race and criminal record made it hard to get beyond his past.

D.C. already has $90 million back from FEMA for fighting covid-19. So far, Fairfax County has $0.

Some officials say there is plenty of time to seek reimbursements, but experts say they should act quickly.

An Oklahoma ‘cannibal’ illegally castrated a man, police said, and stored body parts in a freezer

“It is something that we have never in my career run across in this part of the country,” Le Flore County Sheriff Rodney Derryberry told reporters.

DNI Ratcliffe said Iran aimed to hurt Trump with faked Proud Boy emails. Democrats are skeptical.

A chorus of Democrats responded to the last-minute news conference by suggesting that Ratcliffe’s characterizations were an attempt to “carry water” for Trump by emphasizing Iran’s alleged role in the spoofed email attack while downplaying suspicions of Russian election interference.

As a doctor and lawmaker, he fought drug abuse. Then he tried to swap opioids for sex, police say.

Federal drug enforcement agents set up a sting to arrest the Long Island lawmaker, a doctor who had been vocal about the prescription opioid epidemic.

Alabama’s GOP lieutenant governor called mask rules an ‘overstep.’ Now he’s tested positive for covid-19.

Ainsworth, who also pushed back on mandatory business closures, is the latest Republican skeptic of government-mandated pandemic rules to test positive for the virus.

Live updates: Obama says Trump ‘can’t even take the basic steps to protect himself’ from coronavirus

More than 8,300,000 coronavirus cases and at least 221,000 fatalities have been reported in the United States since February.

House Republicans push inquiry into Biden’s use of Amtrak on trip through Ohio and Pennsylvania

In its disclosures to the Federal Election Commission, the Biden campaign reported spending $265,000 on the charter. Amtrak says the starting rate is $30,000, and that no discount was given.

Suspect in killing of Houston police sergeant is present in United States illegally, ICE says

Sgt. Harold Preston, a 41-year veteran, was killed Tuesday while responding to domestic disturbance at apartment of Elmer Manzano, a Salvadoran immigrant with criminal history.

The parents of 545 children separated at border still haven’t been found. The pandemic isn’t helping.

Hundreds of migrant children are scattered across the country, living in foster care or with relatives, during a pandemic that has all but halted the legal effort to locate their parents.

Breonna Taylor grand jury was not given option to bring homicide charges, anonymous juror says

The grand jury did not agree with prosecutors that the officers who shot Taylor were justified or that wanton endangerment charges were the only charges that should be brought in the case, the juror said.
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