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Smithsonian should speed up return of human remains, task force says

The Smithsonian Institution should proactively seek to return tens of thousands of sets of human remains to their families and communities, a task force concluded.

Watchdog reports cite long-standing crises in federal prisons

Federal reports, including three this month, document many problems in U.S. prisons, including with solitary confinement, violence and shoddy record keeping.

College students taught America’s newest moon lander to take a selfie

Intuitive Machines’ Odysseus moon lander carried a device built by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University students that allowed it to photograph its own landing.

Student’s punishment for locs did not violate Crown Act, Texas judge rules

A Texas judge ruled a school district’s grooming policy did not violate the state’s law banning race-based hair discrimination because it dealt with hair length, not style.

Roger Guillemin, Nobel-winning physician with fierce rivalry, dies at 100

His work on hormones produced by the brain helped lead to the birth control pill and treatments for cancer. He also had a scientific rivalry with Andrew Schally.

Third Ala. IVF clinic halts operation after state high court ruling

The Center for Reproductive Medicine in Mobile, one of seven IVF clinics in the state, announced Thursday it had paused IVF procedures.

Trump pretrial motions due in Florida; fight over redactions continues

Donald Trump’s attorneys say they plan to file at least 10 motions as they try to convince a judge to toss out the classified documents indictment.

Teen risked her life to rescue disabled woman stuck on railroad tracks

“I think it’s one of the bravest acts I’ve ever seen,” said Jereme Robison, police chief for the Ardmore Police Department in Alabama.

Yale will again require standardized test scores for admission

Yale University will again require students to submit SAT or other standardized test scores when they apply for admission, dropping a test-optional policy.

Tiny homes meant for displaced Maui fire survivors are sitting empty

Fire survivors are now suffering from Maui’s notoriously long permitting process and a thicket of regulations that has stalled island projects for decades.

Mike Lindell must pay man $5M in ‘Prove Mike Wrong’ challenge, judge says

Robert Zeidman entered Mike Lindell’s 2021 “Prove Mike Wrong” challenge after the MyPillow CEO claimed he had data proving 2020 election interference.

Powerball’s error made him think he won $321M. He’s suing for a payout.

A D.C. man is suing several groups that run Powerball after they mistakenly posted his ticket numbers to the lottery’s website then denied him the jackpot.

Some Alabama clinics pause IVF services amid scramble for next steps

Health-care providers and their supporters met to discuss options and offer support after days of confusion.

Biden administration cancels $1.2B in student loans with new repayment plan

President Biden will start notifying 153,000 student loan borrowers enrolled in the Save repayment plan that their debts — totaling $1.2 billion — have been forgiven.
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