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‘The worst we’ve seen’: Ranchers threatened by historic heat and drought

Intense heat and a record-breaking dry spell, covering more than 40 percent of the continental U.S. for nearly two years, has put pressure on livestock herds across the Great Plains.

One man braved Hurricane Ian’s wrath to rescue a boatload of strangers

Kevin Ott, 53, rescued about a dozen people from floodwaters as Hurricane Ian pounded the Florida Gulf Coast. But he regrets the ones he had to pass by.

The failed NFL diversity ‘rule’ corporate America loves

From Amazon to the New York Police Department, the NFL's Rooney Rule was adopted by some of the country's most powerful entities. But on its own, it's rarely effective.

Photos: Striking before and after photographs over Hurricane Ian’s path

Aerial photographs over Fort Meyers, Fla., offer a view of what areas looked like before and immediately after Hurricane Ian.

The Onion files Supreme Court amicus brief defending the right to parody

The satirical publication is supporting a Parma, Ohio, man fighting a civil case against police after his arrest for creating a parody Facebook page.

Talking fetus in ‘Blonde’ adds to ‘antiabortion propaganda,’ critics say

Planned Parenthood said Netflix's "Blonde" biopic about Marilyn Monroe contributes to "antiabortion propaganda."

Laurence Silberman, titan of conservative jurisprudence, dies at 86

The federal appeals court judge was celebrated among conservatives as a constant if sometimes provocative exponent of judicial restraint

Florida faced a housing crisis. Ian has made it worse.

Florida’s rent and home prices were already high before the hurricane destroyed residences and left thousands to wonder where they would live next.

After Ian, working-class Pine Island braces for extended misery

“We need to get people talking about Pine Island right now,” one resident said. "That's the most important thing."

A Trump lawyer refused Trump’s request to say all documents returned

After 15 boxes of government records were sent to the National Archives in January, attorney Alex Cannon thought Donald Trump might have more records at Mar-a-Lago, people familiar with the matter said.

Avoid these common ballot mistakes to make sure your vote counts

Not sure how to fill out your ballot? Forgot to sign the envelope? These ballot mistakes could mean your vote won’t count.

Ga. woman’s mysterious death was ‘deliberate and personal,’ officials say

A trail of clues has raised more questions than answers after Debbie Collier’s body was found burned and naked off a Georgia highway.
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