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Hugh Laurie Britský herec, komediant, hudebník, spisovatel, ...

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Narozen 11.6.1959


Crosswords that are too puzzling and an Agatha Christie mystery

12.May » The Guardian
We consider clues that are harder than they were supposed to be and Hugh Laurie’s TV adaptation of Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? It’s hard to take issue with Hugh Laurie, though that’s what I’m about to do. Specifically, it’s hard to take issue with Hu…

The week in TV: Obsession; Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?; Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields; Colin from Accounts – review

16.April » The Guardian
The sexed-up Obsession is unlikely to be anyone’s turn-on; Hugh Laurie delivers Agatha Christie 101; and an absorbing documentary makes you wonder how Brooke Shields held on to her sanity Obsession ( Netflix ) Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? (ITV) | ITVX…

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? review – a classic whodunnit with delight in every scene

10.April » The Guardian
Written and directed by Hugh Laurie, this adaptation of Agatha Christie’s coastal mystery has it all: tight dialogue, a starry cast and exquisite 1930s nostalgia The first of many good jokes in Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? (the first of a three-parter…

TV tonight: Hugh Laurie’s juicy adaptation of an Agatha Christie classic

9.April » The Guardian
Why Didn’t They Ask Evans is a fun murder mystery. Plus: Fashion Reimagined could be a life-changing documentary. Here’s what to watch this evening Continue reading...

Anil Kapoor Talks ‘Night Manager’ Indian Adaptation, Playing Villains and Taking Risks

20.February » The Hollywood Reporter
Anil Kapoor has never been afraid of taking risks. The Indian film icon, amongst the best-known Bollywood stars in the West after starring in 24, Slumdog Millionaire and Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol, has always sought to blaze a trail, first…

Apple fixes Siri bug in tvOS 16.3.2 & HomePod update

13.February » AppleInsider
In addition to updates to iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS, Apple has also released tvOS 16.3.2 and HomePod 16.3.2, that fixes Siri request failures. HomePod mini Apple pushed iOS 16.3.1 and iPadOS 16.3.1 to users on Monday with bug fixes and perform…

Podcast #871: Jane Austen for Dudes

13.February » The Art of Manliness
Years ago, I was flipping through TV channels and came across Hugh Laurie, of Dr. House fame, decked out in 19th-century English gentleman garb. Because I was a House fan, I was curious about what Hugh Laurie sounded like with his native British acc…

Hugh Laurie to join new season of Israeli hit show 'Tehran’

11.February » Jerusalem Post
Laurie is best known for starring as Dr. Gregory House in the Fox medical drama House for eight seasons.

‘Avenue 5’ Canceled After Two Seasons on HBO

11.February » The Hollywood Reporter
The crew and passengers of Avenue 5 won’t be returning to Earth. HBO has canceled the space-set comedy from Armando Iannucci after two seasons. The show’s second and now final season aired its finale on Nov. 28, with the ship saved from a disaster b…

'Shrinking' comedy breaks top ten, says streaming aggregator

10.February » AppleInsider
Apple TV+ does not release viewing figures, but its comedy "Shrinking" is in the current top ten of shows as recorded by one streaming portal. "Shrinking" (Source: Apple) "Shrinking," a comedy about a therapist facing a life crisis, began streaming …

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