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Radek John Politik a novinář

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Johnny 'Joey' Jones graces cover of Hook & Barrel magazine: 'It’s about bringing folks together'

13.November » FOXNews
Johnny "Joey" Jones is on the cover of Hook & Barrel to tell the story of how he’s helping veterans get better, one hunt at a time.

FOX News’ Joey Jones lands on November’s Hook & Barrel Magazine cover

12.November » FOXNews
Hook & Barrel Magazine co-founder John and Natalie Radzwilla joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss the importance of Veterans Day.

More nonsense from Mike Johnson: New speaker blamed Rome's fall on homosexuality

7.November » Daily Kos
New House Speaker Mike Johnson, who will almost certainly turn into Jim Jordan if you get him wet or feed him after midnight , has a real problem with gay people. In fact, he thinks homosexuality is so seismically sinful, it has the unique power to …

ØXN: CYRM review | Jude Rogers' folk album of the month

27.October » The Guardian
(Claddagh Records) Featuring grisly trad tales, striking vocals, two members of Lankum and shades of PJ Harvey, this is a compelling record from Claddagh’s first signing for nearly two decades The first signing in 18 years to the recently revived Ir…

Stars who have joined the picket lines during the Hollywood actors strike

3.August » The Week
As the Hollywood actors strike continues, some of the industry's biggest names are making their voices heard. SAG-AFTRA, the union that represents thousands of film and television actors, declared a strike starting on July 14 after failing to reach …

Fresh charges tie Trump even more closely to coverup effort. That could deepen his legal woes

29.July » DailyFinance.com
WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s a stunning new allegation in an already serious case: Former President Donald Trump sought to delete Mar-a-Lago surveillance footage to obstruct the Justice Department’s investigation into his handling of classified documents.…

Missing WWII soldier's remains identified nearly 80 years later

25.July » FOXNews
The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) announced the identification of the remains of John W. Radanovich, an Illinois soldier who died in Germany during World War II.

The Home Cook Who Wants to ‘Blow Up the Kitchen’

A new book by the British academic Rebecca May Johnson urges a radical rethinking of just what goes on in the kitchen. For starters, don’t call cooking a labor of love.
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