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Four Democratic presidential candidates reach double digits in new Iowa poll

9.June » FOXNews
Talk radio hosts John Hancock and Richard Eeds weigh in on the growing field of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

Hank Haney's racist and sexist comments were unsurprising in the world of golf

30.May » The Guardian
Women’s golf is full of brilliant athletes from a huge variety of backgrounds. It can be tough to find out more about their stories though On Wednesday, I sat in a room with media executives working on a pitch for a series about the LPGA. We discu...

NBC Makes a Nostalgic Pitch to Advertisers at Radio City

The network promotes TV veterans (Fran Drescher! Brian Williams!) while noting that it’s pushing back the start date of its streaming service.

Making waves: the radio DJs changing the way men talk about mental health

5.May » The Guardian
By blending banter with heartfelt discussion, rising radio stars John Robins and Elis James have created a forum that allows men to open up about masculinity and mental health – with jokes attached In the two days between the announcement that the...

Obama staying on the sidelines as Biden gets ready to launch 2020 campaign

24.April » FOXNews
Former Vice President Joe Biden’s expected to declare his candidacy for president on Thursday. But when he does, don’t expect his running mate – former President Barack Obama – to speak out in support of his bid.

New evidence gets mistrial in Montana senator's nephew death

21.April » ABCNews.com
The discovery of new evidence prompted a judge to declare a mistrial in the murder case against a Spokane man charged with killing the nephew of U.S. Sen. Jon Tester of Montana

Human face evolved to help us communicate emotions, scientists say

15.April » The Independent
Smooth forehead and mobile eyebrows allowed for wider range of 'non-verbal' communication, researchers reveal
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