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Newborn baby found in Oxford hospital toilets as police appeal to trace mother

'We have midwives and doctors to give you the care you need and reunite you with your boy,' says head nurse

Teddy Bridgewater Says Saints Offered Better Long-Term Situation Than Dolphins

15.března » Bleacher Report
Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater explained Friday why he decided to re-sign with the New Orleans Saints rather than join the Miami Dolphins to potentially compete for a starting job...

Dem Chairman Calls Trump 'Greatest Threat' to US Democracy 'Since Civil War'

25.února » SPUTNIK
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler called President Trump the "greatest threat" to US democracy since "the Civil War," promising numerous probes against the Trump administration in the future.

Seguin scores tiebreaker, Stars beat Coyotes 5-4

5.února » The Seattle Times
DALLAS (AP) — Tyler Seguin scored a tiebreaking goal with 7:32 to play, and the Dallas Stars scored four goals in a wild third period on the way to a 5-4 victory over the Arizona Coyotes on Monday night. Roope Hintz, John Klingberg, Radek Faksa an...

Rogue cell of origin may trigger every type of cancer, research suggests

5.února » The Independent
'It feels like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack, and it crucially gives us a new window on cancer and how we might stop it,' says scientist

Leadership Conferences That Should Be On Your Radar In 2019

27.ledna » Forbes
You probably don’t have the free time to research upcoming leadership conferences, so I’ve done the legwork for you — these are the events that should be on your radar in 2019

They said I'd go blind. Now gene therapy has changed that

19.ledna » The Guardian
Matthew Bishop was told there was no treatment that could save his vision. But now scientific breakthroughs in gene therapy have given him, and others, hope In his office in Oxford’s John Radcliffe hospital, Prof Robert MacLaren sits upright, his ...

Animals may have perfected art of walking on land earlier than previously thought, new research suggests

17.ledna » The Independent
Scientists now believe efficient upright locomotion on land preceded evolution of reptiles, birds and mammals

Breath test that could revolutionise cancer diagnosis to be trialled in Britain

7.ledna » The Independent
'The concept of providing a whole-body snapshot in a completely non-invasive way is very powerful and could reduce harm by sparing patients from more invasive tests that they don't need'

Výsledky zápasov NHL 03.01.2019

3.ledna » Infospravy.sk
Výsledky zápasov NHL 03.01.2019: Detroit : Calgary (3:5) NY Rangers : Pittsburgh (2:7) Ottawa : Vancouver (3:4) Dallas : New Jersey (5:4) Arizona : Edmonton (1:3) Colorado : San Jose (4:5)

Výsledky zápasov NHL 03.01.2019

3.ledna » Hokej.sk
Výsledky zápasov NHL 03.01.2019: Detroit : Calgary (3:5) NY Rangers : Pittsburgh (2:7) Ottawa : Vancouver (3:4) Dallas : New Jersey (5:4) Arizona : Edmonton (0:0) Colorado : San Jose (4:5)
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