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Bikini Kill review – return of the riot grrl revolutionaries

15.June » The Guardian
O2 Academy Brixton, London The second coming of Bikini Kill is a gloriously urgent call to arms from a band that have lost none of their visceral power In their heyday, Bikini Kill – reunited and on stage in the UK after 23 years – were more than ...

Apple Watch now available from UK carrier O2, upfront cost from £20 ($25)

14.June » 9to5Mac
When the cellular Apple Watch first launched in the UK, it was only available on EE. Vodafone later offered it, and now O2 has done the same, leaving Three the only major carrier not to do so … more… The post Apple Watch now available from UK carr...

O2 becomes third UK carrier to sell Apple Watch LTE contracts

14.June » AppleInsider
O2 has become the latest carrier in the United Kingdom to offer the LTE-equipped version of the Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4 to its customers, making it the third to offer contracts for Apple's wearable device.

O2 Mobile Network Now Offering Apple Watch Cellular Contracts to UK Customers

14.June » MacRumors
O2 has became the latest network carrier in the United Kingdom to offer the cellular version of the Apple Watch Series 4. iPhone users can now order the LTE-enabled smartwatch through the O2 website , which is offering several personal pay-monthly...

Google's language techniques help O2 Czech Republic reveal network secrets

13.June » ZDNet
Google created Word2vec to help analyze natural language. But O2 Czech Republic is using it to interpret messy cell-tower data.

Factor launches O2 VAM frameset

6.June »
Factor has launched a new frameset called the Factor O2 VAM, which the British brand claims to weigh sub-700g for an unspecified frame size. VAM is an abbreviation for Velocità Ascensionale Media, a theory coined by the controversial doctor Michel...

Jack Savoretti review – smouldering pop doesn't quite catch fire

24.May » The Guardian
O2 Academy, Glasgow With his first No 1 album, more than a decade after his first releases, the British singer is certainly tenacious – but his songwriting still needs longer to mature A lack of tenacity is not one of singer-songwriter Jack Savore...

O2 makes iPhone 4 available on PAYG

13.May » Macworld UK
O2 has followed in Vodafone's footsteps by making Apple's iPhone 4 available on a pay-as-you-go-basis.

Telefonica's O2 Partners With Wireless Infrastructure Group To Bring 5G To U.K. Malls And Stadiums

10.May » Forbes
Telefonica-owned U.K. mobile operator O2 has partnered with the Wireless Infrastructure Group to bring 5G to U.K hotels, shopping malls, sports stadiums, and conference centers.
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