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Former ČSSD MPs' head Tejc leaving party

27.listopadu » Prague Monitor
ČTK Jeronym Tejc, 40, former head of the Czech Social Democrats'(CSSD) deputy group, will leave the party after 20 years, he announced at the CSSD's regional conference in Breclav on Saturday. read more

Běhounek to seek ČSSD chairmanship on certain conditions

20.listopadu » Prague Monitor
ČTK Jiri Behounek, governor of the Vysocina Region, announced at the Social Democrat (CSSD) broad leadership's meeting on Sunday that he might run for the post of CSSD head on certain conditions such as the return to high party posts by some previ...

ČSSD to elect new leadership at weekend congres

9.března » Prague Monitor
ČTK Social Democrats (ČSSD) will elect a new leadership at their national congress in Brno on Friday and Saturday, where PM Bohuslav Sobotka is expected to be re-elected CSSD chairman, though it is not clear how strong support he will receive from...

ČSSD in South Bohemia does't back PM's re-election as party head

30.ledna » Prague Monitor
ČTK Members of the Social Democratic Party in South Bohemia were the party's first regional branch not to back PM Bohuslav Sobotka's candidacy for re-election as ČSSD head at its conference on Saturday. They proposed Sobotka's critic Jeroným Tejc ...

Social Democrat regions backing Sobotka

23.ledna » Prague Monitor
ČTK The Social Democrat (ČSSD) branches in the South Moravia, Vysocina and Olomouc regions approved the nomination of Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka for re-election as party leader Saturday. read more

Another ČSSD branch supports Sobotka, Chovanec for party leaders

5.prosince » Prague Monitor
ČTK Czech Social Democrat (ČSSD) chairman Bohuslav Sobotka and first deputy chairman Milan Chovanec won support for defending their posts at the party's national election congress next spring from the ČSSD Karlovy Vary regional branch Saturday, So...

Brno branch promotes Tejc for ČSSD first deputy chairman

29.listopadu » Prague Monitor
ČTK Czech Social Democrat (CSSD) lawmaker Jeronym Tejc will seek the post of the government CSSD's first deputy chairman at the party congress in March, since his candidacy was backed on Monday by his home CSSD branch in Brno, which also voted for...

HN: ČSSD must take risk if it wants to be competitive

24.listopadu » Prague Monitor
ČTK The Social Democratic Party (ČSSD) still could go to the 2017 general election as a sharp, dangerous and competitive entity, but it would have to be ready to risk irrespective of who would lead it, Petr Fischer writes in Hospodářské noviny (HN...

PM Sobotka hits back at party critics

23.listopadu » Prague Monitor
ČTK Prime Minister and Social Democrat (ČSSD) chairman Bohuslav Sobotka called yesterday on his critics in the party to run for the ČSSD's head at the congress where he would be defending his post. read more

MP Tejc for expulsion procedure to be accelerated

15.listopadu » Prague Monitor
ČTK MP Jeroným Tejc wants to propose changes to asylum legislation to accelerate the expelling of unsuccessful applicants to promote security in connection with the risks posed by migration because many foreigners abuse the laws, he said on Monday...

PM warns against ČSSD's internal conflicts, calls for unity

11.listopadu » Prague Monitor
ČTK Czech PM and Social Democrat (ČSSD) chairman Bohuslav Sobotka called yesterday on the ČSSD to unite since internal quarrels and accusations weaken its energy. read more
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