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What I’ve Learned Onboarding Merchants In Portugal To Bitcoin

Lessons learned by one expat Bitcoiner living in Portugal, who decided the merchants at her local market needed the Lightning Network.

Holcim cements North America push with $1.29 bln acquisition of roofing company

14:17 » Reuters
Holcim AG , the world's biggest cement maker, has agreed to buy U.S. roofing systems manufacturer Duro-Last in a $1.29 billion deal, the Swiss company said on Tuesday, its latest move to bolster its presence in North America.

Canada's Hut 8 Mining to merge with US Bitcoin to weather crypto downturn

14:17 » Reuters
Canada's Hut 8 Mining Corp will merge with rival US Bitcoin Corp to create a crypto mining giant in North America, consolidating after a steep fall in valuations for the crypto sector that saw high-profile collapses in recent months.

Forbes Daily: Meet Bard, Google’s Plan To Beat ChatGPT

14:04 » Forbes
U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the U.S. could avoid a recession; Gautam Adani announces prepayment of $1.11 billion worth of loans; the Forbes Blockchain 50 2023 list; and more.

Generative AI is building the foundation of proptech’s next wave

13:15 » TechCrunch
AI’s emergence will cut through material use cases in proptech, from search and listings to mortgages, construction and sustainability. Generative AI is building the foundation of proptech’s next wave by Ram Iyer originally published on TechCrunch

Forbes Blockchain 50 2023

12:38 » Forbes
Despite 2022’s crypto market collapse, dozens of enterprises around the world are still investing in blockchain, the distributed-database technology that underpins the entire sector because it helps their businesses operate better, faster or cheaper.

How Mastercard, Goldman Sachs And Other “TradFi” Titans Are Using Blockchain To Rewire Global Finance

12:38 » Forbes
Crypto is in crisis, but many of the world’s biggest financial institutions are still banking on the underlying tech as the best way to build confidence with customers—and with one another.

Cryptoverse: Is bitcoin out of the woods? Consider the options

8:26 » Reuters
Have bitcoin and ether finally turned a corner? It's looking that way, if crypto options traders are anything to go by.

Record-breaking 2022 for North Korea crypto theft - UN report

5:04 » Zawya.com
The monitors have previously accused North Korea of using cyber attacks to help fund its nuclear and missile programs

365 Days of Climate Awareness #359 – Cryptocurrency and Global Warming

Cryptocurrency is a digital form of money based in an encrypted (coded) data string stored across a distributed network of many computers. The post 365 Days of Climate Awareness #359 – Cryptocurrency and Global Warming appeared first on The Good Men…

2022 was record year for North Korean crypto theft

United Nations report seen by Reuters says hackers have adopted increasingly sophisticated techniques.
Lenka Zahradnická - Česká herečka
Jeremy Hunt - Britský politik
Nelson Mandela - Bývalý prezident Jihoafrické republiky
Philip Hammond - Britský ministr obrany

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