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Are you Crypto yet?

13:29 »
Cryptocurrency, what first comes to your mind when you hear that specific term? Probably a lot of stuff revolving bitcoin but to your surprise there ...Pokračovat ve čtení

Meet the Facebook executive who wants you to trust him with your money

13:17 »
The night of June 18, David Marcus and his team at Facebook pulled an all-nighter as they prepared for a big company announcement the next day.

Leave the Conways alone

12:19 » The Week
"Does your husband know you're here, madam?" This is not quite a direct quote from Wolf Blitzer's recent interview with Kellyanne Conway on CNN, but it is pretty close to the spirit, if not the letter. What Blitzer wanted to know, basically, was w...

Two Massholes arrested in SIM swapping for cryptocurrency scheme

21:25 » Mashable!
Stealing someone's cryptocurrency is bad enough, but being an aggressive dick about it? That's just mean . Two Massachusetts men stand accused of a years-long scheme to gain access to cellphones and email accounts in order to steal hundreds of tho...

Are Blockchain Entrepreneurs Overzealous?

17:25 » Forbes
After visiting a city clerk office that, with its old computers and loads of paperwork, felt like it came out of the 80s, it dawned on me that it was unlikely we would ever see any blockchain adoption or even a pilot program here.

How I Lived Off ProBlogger for 2 Years and Made $50,000+ in 3 Months

14:33 » ProBlogger
The post How I Lived Off ProBlogger for 2 Years and Made $50,000+ in 3 Months appeared first on ProBlogger . The last three years have been full of memorable events, both personal and professional. While I’ve been in the content creation field for...

Bitcoin devours more electricity than Switzerland (infographic)

14.November »
The University of Cambridge has released a new online tool that estimates the huge amount of energy it spends

The Strange Life and Mysterious Death of a Virtuoso Coder

14.November » Wired
Jerrold Haas was on the brink of blockchain riches. Then his body was found in the woods of southern Ohio.

Coinbase Card adds 5 more cryptocurrencies and launches in 10 new countries

14.November » Mashable!
Coinbase Card , the cryptocurrency exchange's Visa debit card that lets users spend crypto directly from their accounts, is expanding. On Thursday, Coinbase added support for five more cryptocurrencies: BAT, REP, XLM, XRP and ZRX. This brings the ...

Blow To Bitcoin As Former ECB Boss Makes Dire Warning Over Crypto’s Future

14.November » Forbes
Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have attracted strong criticism from the world's central bankers this year, sparked, perhaps by Facebook's plans for its own bitcoin rival...
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