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Quantum-safe communication over the internet infrastructure? Yeah, that’s doable

22:35 » TechCrunch
We're close to the deployment of a commercial quantum computing system. We need a security scheme that will protect data exchanged between quantum computers on the existing internet infrastructure.

HR Departments Turn to AI-Enabled Recruiting in Race for Talent

20:41 »
The U.S. imposed sanctions on a number of Russian individuals and firms in response to a November attack off the coast of Crimea and the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula five years ago.

Kickstarter Versus 'Crypto' ICOs: Are Traditional Platforms Having The Last Laugh?

20:30 » Forbes
The crowdfunding world - traditional or more blockchain/crypto-related - might be getting a little more crowded of late. As a financing vehicle it has been around for years, but is there a shift in the sands with some traditional platforms mountin...

‘No One Is Learning': Hacker Offers New Cache of Data From 26 Million People

20:07 » SPUTNIK
Hacker Gnosticplayers has struck again, recently uploading the personal data of some 26 million people on a dark web marketplace for sale. This is the hacker's fourth sale since beginning a series of them February 11.

A Big Step Backward for Bitcoin

A major exchange just eliminated what was supposed to be a huge catalyst for the cryptocurrency industry.

Cryptos: Bitcoin’s $4,000 mark becoming ‘life or death’ for traders, says analyst

13:41 » MarketWatch
Bitcoin prices were relatively unchanged in early trade on Tuesday, hovering below $4,000, a level that‘s growing more important by the day, according to some analysts.

Bitcoin Is in the Dumps, Spreading Gloom Over Crypto World

13:40 »
Bitcoin is in the longest slump of its 10-year history, forcing supporters to shelve dreams of global disruption and focus on simply tightening their belts long enough to outlast the downturn.

Is The Crypto Winter Coming To An End?

13:27 » Forbes
The next bull run has the potential to push the Bitcoin price to $100K, it is only a matter of time and adoption before we this number becoming a reality

Why The Cryptocurrency Space Is Stronger Than Ever

12:51 » Forbes
It’s safe to say bitcoin is now a legitimate financial asset. The same can’t be said for all cryptocurrencies, which is why the volatility of the past year was a blessing forthe cryptocurrency space.
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