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FBI probing Capitol riot link to foreign governments, groups

Bureau examining payments of $500,000 in bitcoin made by a French national to key far-right figures and groups.

FBI Investigates if Rioters at US Capitol Were Sponsored From Abroad, Reports Say

5:57 » SPUTNIK
On 6 January a mass protest occurred in Washington as the certification of the Electoral College vote was being held. Trump's supporters violently stormed the Capitol and interrupted a joint-session of Congress, causing 5 deaths.

New Bitcoin Billionaires | Bitcoin Banks Coming

21:49 » Forbes
After staying above $40,000 for much of January 10, by the next morning bitcoin was threatening to fall below $30,000. However, it came roaring back. Plus, the recent crypto surge has minted a new crop of billionaires.

Massive blackouts have hit Iran. The government is blaming bitcoin mining.

Massive blackouts and smog have hit cities across Iran. It’s a toxic mix as the country, already under economic duress and suffocating U.S. sanctions, simultaneously battles the region’s worst coronavirus outbreak. Blackouts are not new in Iran, w...

This crypto startup is offering 8.6% interest on savings accounts — 123 times the national average

At 8.6% interest on its savings accounts, crypto fintech platform BlockFi is offering an interesting option for savers disappointed with low rates.

EFF, Cory Doctorow Warn About the Dangers of De-Platforming and Censorship

16:47 » Slashdot
Last week Cory Doctorow shared his own answer for what Apple and Google should've done about Parler: They should remove it, and tell users, "We removed Parler because we think it is a politically odious attempt to foment violence. Our judgment is ...

As The Bitcoin Price Whipsaws, These Radical New Cryptocurrencies Are Still Soaring

12:37 » Forbes
As investors weigh whether to add bitcoin to their portfolios, smaller new cryptocurrencies that power the emerging decentralized finance (DeFi) market have soared—with some almost doubling over the last week...

The ongoing Bitcoin frenzy

12:27 » The Week
Here are three of the week's top pieces of financial insight, gathered from around the web: Don't overlook traditional mutual funds Some of the year's best-performing mutual funds are still losing customers at a record pace, said Michael McDonald ...

British Man is Desperately Trying to Recover Binned Hard Drive With $280 Mln in Bitcoin

10:27 » SPUTNIK
Bitcoin has been making rapid advances in the past month, topping $41,000 on 8 January – an all-time high mark since the cryptocurrency’s release 12 years ago. These figures have kindled regret among those who cashed in the digital currency before...
SARS-CoV-2 - Nový koronavirus způsobující onemocnění COVID-19
Elon Musk - Americký podnikatel
Donald Trump - Americký obchodní magnát
Lenka Zahradnická - Česká herečka

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