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Current Bitcoin Price Action: A Macro View

Risk assets continue to face a challenging environment as Federal Reserve officials take incremental actions to tighten financial conditions.

How Technology Is Transforming Retirement Preparation

People often say it’s never too early to start when it comes to retirement planning. However, many individuals feel a bit taken aback by the overall process and find it...

Drip aims to provide thrill of live commerce to NFTs, physical collectibles

15:08 » TechCrunch
Drip is "Shopify for livestream commerce,” providing tooling so users can run live stream auctions, drops or buy it now formats via Drip’s existing marketplace.

Fortis Digital Ventures closing $100 million raise for new crypto fund

15:08 » TechCrunch
The fund aims to make blockchain investing easier through asset allocation, risk management and position sizing in crypto.

Amid crypto’s talent war, Encode Club mints new web3 developers

15:08 » TechCrunch
Crypto-savvy developers are in short supply these days. Blockchain startups and protocols are fighting to onboard and train more engineers — an even tougher undertaking in a world where developing on Ethereum vs. Solana vs. Polkadot vs. another bloc…

Miami's Mayor Backed MiamiCoin Crypto -- Then Its Price Dropped 95%

15:08 » Slashdot
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Quartz: On Feb. 2, the city of Miami cashed out its cryptocurrency MiamiCoin for the first time, depositing $5.25 million into city coffers. Miami mayor Francis Suarez hailed it as a "historic moment" and pre…

US warning: North Korea's tech workers posing as freelance developers

14:35 » ZDNet
US government warns local businesses that North Korean IT workers are posing as US contractors to gain remote work.

Bitcoin Is Venice: Soil And Yield

Damage to our soil and ongoing misguided environmentalism are symptomatic of fiat’s shortsightedness. Bitcoin offers a chance for Renaissance.

Small players lose faith in crypto after sell-off

14:03 » Zawya.com
Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency, fell as low as $25,401 on Thursday, its lowest since Dec. 2020

A crypto first? What happens when a blockchain like Terra dies

The demise of a crypto ecosystem of the size and depth of Terra -- once valued at more than $40 billion -- would mark a milestone in the history of blockchain, the digital-ledger technology that was initially created to support Bitcoin more than a d…

Small players lose faith in crypto after sell-off

14:03 » Reuters
Nofe Isah, a 25-year old based in Nigeria, has been investing in crypto since January. Last week, she lost all of her $5,000 in savings as cryptocurrency luna went into free fall.

'Code Is Law' During The Age Of Blockchain

14:02 » Forbes
Some will argue for the notion that code can replace traditional law across many interactions that move to blockchain technology. However, it is unlikely that code will replace law in any large sense.
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