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Vojtěch Filip Politik za KSČM

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Statement of KSM on the situation after the parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic

On Friday and Saturday, 8-9 October, the elections to the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic took place. The elections were conducted entirely according to the principle of the commercial and marketing machinery adapted to b…

Calls for KSČM chief's head grow louder

10.April » Prague Monitor
Prague Daily Monitor Opposition parties joined MPs from the Communist party in calling for Vojtěch Filip to step down from his role as KSČM Chair and Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies. According to Pravo, Filip lobbied for controversial busi…

Huawei uses a document written by two Chinese lawyers as a “legal opinion” from a British law firm

26.February » Veľká Epocha
The Chinese company Huawei is trying to defend itself against a wave of criticism in Europe and has submitted a “legal opinion”. This document from May 2018 was actually prepared by a Chinese Law Firm and co-authored by a CCP member, Chen Jihong . T…
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