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Brigham Health’s 3-Pronged Approach to Reducing EHR’s Contribution to Burnout

David Raths, Contributing Editor With EHR documentation ranked high among aspects of their work physicians are dissatisfied with, Brigham Health has taken a three-pronged approach to reducing the pain.

Flatiron Health to Power Community Oncology Startup

David Raths, Contributing Editor Three oncology practices have joined forced to launch OneOncology, a startup designed to manage independent cancer-treatment clinics.

The Power of Data Exchange as Disaster Strikes: How HIE Leaders Have Prepared for Hurricane Florence

Rajiv Leventhal, Managing Editor Two Southeast HIE executives discuss how they have diligently prepped for Hurricane Florence.

Portal Makes Genomic, Clinical Data Resources Available to Pediatric Health Researchers, Families

David Raths, Contributing Editor A new data resource portal at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) offers researchers, clinicians and families access to open-source and cloud-based data resources to share information about childhood dis...

Physician Groups Ask Congress to Curtail Appropriate Use Criteria Law

David Raths, Contributing Editor Although implementation of a law to require clinical decision support (CDS) use involving diagnostic imaging orders was pushed back from 2018 to 2020, medical organizations are asking Congress to consider modificat...

Connecticut Receives $12.2M Grant to Build Statewide HIE

David Raths, Contributing Editor The State of Connecticut will receive a $12.2 million grant to support ongoing work that will establish Connecticut’s first statewide health information exchange.

Montana Seeks to Roll Out Statewide HIE in 2019

David Raths, Contributing Editor The State of Montana's nonprofit Big Sky Care Connect HIE will expand on a pilot effort already under way in Billings.

New Jersey Health Information Network Adds Camden Coalition HIE

David Raths, Contributing Editor The health information exchange of New Jersey’s Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers is the latest to join the statewide effort, the New Jersey Health Information Network.

Health System Transformation Requires Rethinking Data Infrastructure

David Raths, Contributing Editor Handling massive amounts of data requires CIOs to rethink their data infrastructure strategy with an eye on shrinking data centers, hybrid cloud and public cloud solutions.

An Open API Movement Seeks to Create App Ecosystem

David Raths, Contributing Editor Regulators, health systems and innovators are working to bring an app ecosystem to healthcare, making the open API movement one of Healthcare Informatics’ Top Tech Trends to watch in 2018.

Health System CISOs Form Group to Address Third-Party Risk

David Raths, Contributing Editor Chief information security officers from six large health systems have formed a council to develop best practices around managing the information security-related risks in their supply chain.

NIH STRIDES Toward the Commercial Cloud

David Raths, Contributing Editor The National Institutes of Health has launched an initiative to give NIH biomedical researchers access to the most advanced commercial cloud computing resources.
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