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Diablo III Populární hra

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Blizzard Battle.net gets a much-needed redesign

15.January » SlashGear
Although Steam has become the de facto game store and community platform on PCs, almost every major publisher has its own little island to speak of. Actually predating even Steam, Blizzard’s (now Activision Blizzard) Battle.net has always been the...

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition launching next month for iPhone and Android

14.January » PhoneArena
Well, what do you know? The classic 2006 Diablo-like action RPG Titan Quest will get yet another release for mobile next month. The game has enjoyed cult status since its release 15 years ago and for a good reason. Titan Quest is a perfect blend o...

The 42 Biggest Games Coming Out This Year

9.January » IGN Articles
From flagship console exclusives like God of War: Ragnarok and Halo Infinite to third-party blockbusters like Far Cry 6 and Hogwarts Legacy, 2021 is shaping up to be a great year for new games.

The Best Free PC and Console Games to Claim in January

5.January » PCMag.com
You love video games, but you're not made of money. Lucky for you, game studios and subscription services offer a handful of free titles every month. Don't miss out. Here's what you can download in January.

AGDQ 2021: 8 Speedruns you don’t want to miss this week

4.January » SlashGear
Week-long speedrunning marathon Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 kicked off yesterday, and though it looks a bit different from AGDQ 2020, it will still be hosting dozens of speedruns and raising money for charity. Usually a live event, Games Done Qu...

Look but Don’t Touch: Supercars That Have Barely Been Driven

31.December » The New York Times
The power and prestige of cars like a 1990 Lamborghini might compel some owners to take a Sunday drive. But with odometers this low, the investment would take a hit.

Torchlight II, Metro: Light Light Redux are temporarily free

31.December » SlashGear
It’s that time of the year for making resolutions, writing retrospectives, and grabbing free stuff. Of course, the holiday shopping season has yet to end and game stores are still pushing out free titles for people to grab, regardless of whether t...

Epic Games Store serves up a free game for fans of deckbuilding roguelikes

29.December » SlashGear
We’re quickly approaching the end of the free games promotion the Epic Games Store is running for the holidays, but there are a few more days of free games to go before then. Today’s free game is lesser-known indie title Solitairica, which is a ca...

Long-awaited Titan Quest 2 may be in the works at THQ Nordic

29.December » SlashGear
Titan Quest is one of those old games that has made a resurgence under THQ Nordic. Originally released way back in 2006, Titan Quest quickly became one of the most visible and popular competitors to Diablo 2 (and later Diablo 3) in the action RPG ...

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