iMac Stolní počítač společnosti Apple

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Deals: B&H Photo Discounting 16-Inch MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac Pro in New Sale

19.February » MacRumors
B&H Photo has a new sale going on this week aimed at discounts on select "pro" models of the Mac, including MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and iMac. The discounts include a few lowest-ever prices, so be sure to browse them all below before the sales expire...

Deals: Save Up to $150 on Apple's Latest 21.5-Inch and 27-Inch iMac Models

17.February » MacRumors
Amazon is discounting a few models of the latest 2019 iMac, including 21.5-inch and 27-inch models. These sales offer up to $150 off the iMac, and each discount has been automatically applied so you won't need a coupon code. Note: MacRumors is an ...

This refurbished Apple iMac is on sale for under 300

17.February » Mashable!
TL;DR: A refurbished Apple iMac is on sale for £279 on Wowcher, and includes a wireless keyboard, mouse, and Microsoft Office. Refurbished products can be a little scary, but there is no reason to fear something that might have just a few visible ...

B&H launches massive Apple Mac sale: save up to $1,000

16.February » AppleInsider
Fresh markdowns have been issued at Apple Authorized Reseller B&H Photo, with bonus savings on 16-inch MacBook Pros, 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMacs, and even new Mac Pros.

Top Stories: 5G iPhone and iPad Rumors, AirPods Pro Lite?, HomePod Turns Two

15.February » MacRumors
It was a fairly interesting week for rumors this week, with reports claiming new 5G iPad models will be coming around the same time as 5G iPhones, likely in the September–October timeframe, while a mysterious "AirPod Pro Lite" has been mentioned a...

How to buy a refurbished Mac, MacBook, iPhone, or iPad from Apple

14.February » Macworld
Looking for a way to save some money on the latest Apple products? Consider a refurbished MacBook, refurbished iPhone, or refurbished iPad from the Apple Certified Refurbished store. A refurbished product is just like a new, but at a lower price. ...

Apple patches modem bug that’s been in Macs since 1999

13.February » MacMegasite
Lily Hay Newman for Wired: In 1999, Apple released a slew of new features with Mac OS 9, calling it ‘the best internet operating system ever.’ The idea was to unlock the full potential of the turquoise plastic iMac G3 — the Internet Mac! — release...

New Mac Pro Facing Lengthy Delivery Estimates, Possibly Due to Coronavirus

12.February » MacRumors
Last week, we reported that many custom iMac, iMac Pro, and MacBook Pro configurations are facing longer-than-usual delivery estimates on Apple's online store in the United States. The reason for the delays is unconfirmed, but it could be related ...

Apple Reportedly Working on 'AirPod Pro Lite' Earphones

12.February » MacRumors
Apple is said to be working with supply chain partners in Taiwan on several upcoming products, including a so-called "AirPod Pro Lite," according to DigiTimes . Other products mentioned include next-generation iPad , Apple Watch , and iMac models,...

This re-imagined iMac design is absolutely stunning

11.February » BGR
In today's mobile-oriented world, where you can easily get by with just an iOS device, Apple's iMac is something of an under-appreciated workhorse. The iconic desktop computer admittedly doesn't have the allure of the iPhone and, if we're being ho...

Apple iMac Pro with flexible glass housing

Apple is developing an iMac made from a single sheet of glass. This stylish all-in-one desktop computer flexes, has a touchscreen and a removable keyboard.It seems like every gadget in 2020 will fold or flex as this is the new tech fashion. Althou...
Mac mini - Nejmenší stolní počítač společnosti Apple

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