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Mac mini Nejmenší stolní počítač společnosti Apple

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Amazon adds Mac Minis to its cloud to assist Apple developers

10:43 » Engadget
Amazon is bringing the Mac Mini to the cloud for developers who want cloud-based build and test machines for any Apple device app. The new “EC2 Mac instances” use physical Mac Minis with Intel i7 six-core chips and 32GB of RAM. However, AWS plans ...

Amazon introduces native Mac instances for AWS, powered by Intel Mac mini

7:13 » AppleInsider
At AWS re:Invent, Amazon introduced new Mac instances for its Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), enabling developers to natively run macOS in Amazon Web Services for the first time. Announced late Monday, the new capability harnesses Intel-powere...

Apple Developers Now Able to Natively Run macOS Within AWS With Amazon EC2 Mac Instances

6:27 » MacRumors
As AWS re:Invent kicks off, Amazon Web Services today announced new Mac instances for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, allowing AWS customers to run on-demand macOS workloads in the AWS cloud for the first time. Amazon says that the new feature exten...

AWS brings the Mac mini to its cloud

5:52 » TechCrunch
AWS today opened its re:Invent conference with a surprise announcement: the company is bringing the Mac mini to its cloud. These new EC2 Mac instances, as AWS calls them, are now available in preview. They won’t come cheap, though. The target audi...

The M1 Macs are no iPad killers

22:01 » ZDNet
While they are arriving as the perceived competitive value of the iPad Pro is at a lull, the new MacBooks may help drive sophistication of iPad apps.

Best Cyber Monday deals on Apple's MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac

19:03 » AppleInsider
Cyber Monday is well underway, and time is running out to grab the best deals on Mac computers with aggressive holiday discounts and price wars going on today. Cyber Monday is a prime time to save on a new Mac, whether it's a brand-new model with ...

M1 Mac mini catapulted Apple to number one in Japanese desktop PC market

18:24 » AppleInsider
The new M1-equipped Mac mini has propelled Apple to the number one spot in the Japanese desktop PC market in the two weeks after the device's launch. Credit: Andrew O'Hara, AppleInsider That's according to new data from Japanese analysis firm BCN ...

Apple Cyber Monday 2020: Discounts on iPads, Macs, AirPods, and More

15:35 » MacRumors
Today is Cyber Monday, a shopping event that sees many of the same deals from Black Friday bleed over into a new week, along with a few brand new offers on everything from Apple products to related accessories. In this post we'll highlight the bes...

Mac Mini (Late 2020) review: Apple’s most affordable M1 Mac offers great value for money

15:35 » ZDNet
Apple's M1 chip once again proves its worth, helping to deliver a combination of performance and price that makes the late-2020 Mac Mini excellent value for office use, or for working from home.
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