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AGROFERT HOLDING, a.s. Zemědělství, lesnictví, těžba dřeva a rybolov

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Czech officials continue investigating poisoned Bečva River

4.December » Prague Monitor
by Alex Richardson | Prague Daily Monitor In September, a massive contamination of Bečva River was discovered to have killed over 40 tonnes of fish, prompting an investigation by Czech police. The exact cause of the poisoned water has yet to be fo...

Czech PM must resign if conflict of interest is confirmed, say MEPs

29.April » The Guardian
Leaked report from stormy visit to Prague tells Andrej Babiš to stamp out ‘oligarchies’ The Czech government needs to stamp out “oligarchic structures” in the spending of European funds, a leaked EU report into an alleged conflict of interest cent...

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13.January » Turistika.cz
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Who Keeps Europe’s Farm Billions Flowing? Often, Those Who Benefit

11.December » The New York Times
Conflict-of-interest rules are uneven. Influence-peddling is murky. The massive E.U. subsidy program is built to keep the money moving.

Demonstrations continue against Premier Andrej Babiš

11.December » Prague Monitor
Prague Daily Monitor Million Moments continues to organize demonstrations against PM Andrej Babiš and the company held in trust Agrofert. On Tuesday, Million Moments claimed 80,000 people attended demonstrations on Václavské náměstí. The demonstra...

Million Moments Movement turns to more protests, sooner than promised

6.December » Prague Monitor
Prague Daily Monitor Another series of protests organized by the Million Moments Movement is set to take place next Tuesday in Prague and the following week outside the capital. This is in reaction to recent European Commission audit results perta...

Czech leader to face fraud charges after decision overturned

4.December » The Seattle Times
PRAGUE (AP) — The Czech Republic’s prime minister is facing fraud charges after the country’s chief prosecutor overturned a previous decision to drop the case. Pavel Zeman announced the move Wednesday after evaluating a September finding to dismis...

Czech PM Babis: no reason to quit over EU audit on business conflicts - Pravo

4.December » Reuters
Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis sees no reason to resign over an ongoing European Commission audit into conflicts of interest related to the sprawling conglomerate Agrofert, Pravo newspaper quoted him on Wednesday as saying.

Summary of newspapers of the previous days – 29.11. – 1.12. 2019

2.December » Agris
Agricultural Fund will reimburse to Agrofert subsidies approved until August 2018. Failure of agricultural mission. Toman has doubts regarding cooperation with Russians. System which influence plant growth is often older than plants themselves, Cz...

Up to 300,000 demonstrate at Letná

18.November » Prague Monitor
Prague Daily Monitor Saturday afternoon saw up to 300.000 supporters of the Million Chvilek movement meet at Letná Park to demonstrate against what they see as misuse of power by politicians. The movement has set an ultimatum for Premier Andrej Ba...
Andrej Babiš - Český podnikatel a politik, předseda hnutí ANO
Karel Engliš - Český ekonom a politik
Richard Brabec - Politik, člen hnutí ANO 2011
Marian Jurečka - Politik za KDU-ČSL
Věci veřejné - Politická strana
Korupce - Zneužití postavení nebo funkce v politice
Petra Cetkovská - Česká tenistka
Lucie Hradecká - Česká tenistka
Petra Kvitová - Česká tenistka
Lukáš Rosol - Český tenista

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