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Czech prosecutors want immunity for PM Babis to be lifted

10.November » The Independent
Czech prosecutors have asked the newly-elected lower house of Parliament to lift Prime Minister Andrej Babis’ immunity from prosecution over alleged fraud involving European Union subsidies

Czech president still in hospital as analysts ponder PM’s election defeat

11.October » The Guardian
Doubts persist over whether Miloš Zeman, Andrej Babiš’ political ally, will be able to carry out duties The populist Czech president remained in hospital on Monday as news sank in that Andrej Babiš, the billionaire prime minister, had suffered a s...

Czech president in hospital after shock election defeat for PM

10.October » The Guardian
Fears of a political crisis as Miloš Zeman, an ally of Andrej Babiš, is admitted to intensive care unit The Czech Republic is facing political upheaval and a possible power vacuum after its billionaire prime minister, Andrej Babiš, suffered a surp...

Czech PM set to lose power after weak showing in general election

9.October » The Guardian
Andrej Babiš unlikely to be able to form another coalition, signalling the end of post-communist era Andrej Babiš, the Czech Republic’s billionaire prime minister, is close to losing power after his party and its coalition partners lost significan...

Czech Prime Minister's populist party narrowly leads election despite Pandora Papers scandal

9.October » CNN.com
The Czech Republic's billionaire Prime Minister's populist party was leading Saturday's election, days after the incumbent leader was embroiled in a damning Pandora Papers investigation.

Czech PM claims innocence over £13m French chateau but could become first victim of Pandora Papers

4.October » The Independent
The Czech Republic goes to the polls at the weekend, just as its billionaire PM stands accused in the Pandora Papers’ leak, reports William Nattrass in Prague

Protests against the Prime Minister

27.September » Prague Monitor
On September 27th, A Million Moments for Democracy organized demonstrative happenings in a number of cities across the Czech Republic. On Monday morning, many Czech citizens woke up to find several objects throughout their city surrounded by tapes...

Leading politicians distancing themselves from the Prime Minister

22.September » Prague Monitor
The Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš is publicly known to be the center of several questionable cases. The European Commission published a final report in April 2021. According to the document, the Prime Minister is in a conflict of interest, bec...

Summary of newspapers of the previous days – 16. – 18.7. 2021

19.July » Agris
Penam made a loss of CZK 155 million last year, sales also increased. BOHEMIA SEKT brings 11 medals from London wine competition. Staropramen breweries increased their net profit, however, made an operating loss. According to scientists, the Brazi...

European Parliament condemns Czech PM over conflicts of interest

10.June » Prague Monitor
The post European Parliament condemns Czech PM over conflicts of interest appeared first on Prague Monitor / Czech News in English .

Police propose indicting prime minister after investigating Stork’s Nest affair

1.June » Prague Monitor
The post Police propose indicting prime minister after investigating Stork’s Nest affair appeared first on Prague Monitor / Czech News in English .

Czech police ask for Prime Minister to be charged with fraud

1.June » CNN.com
Czech police have asked for Prime Minister Andrej Babis to be charged with fraud, following an investigation into alleged misuse of European Union subsidies, according to a statement released on Monday.
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