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Brotherless Night by VV Ganeshananthan review – heartbreak in war-torn Sri Lanka

3.May » The Guardian
Shortlisted for the Women’s prize, this epic account of a country and a family torn apart combines the intimacy of a memoir with the urgency of reportage American writer VV Ganeshananthan’s devastating second novel, Brotherless Night, has recently b…

Evgeni Golov: Running Ansible Molecule tests in parallel

28.April » Planet Debian
Or "How I've halved the execution time of our tests by removing ten lines". Catchy, huh? Also not exactly true, but quite close. Enjoy! Molecule?! " Molecule project is designed to aid in the development and testing of Ansible roles." No idea about …

Anne Enright, Kate Grenville and Isabella Hammad shortlisted for Women’s prize for fiction

24.April » The Guardian
Capturing ‘an enormous breadth of the human experience’, the six shortlisted novels compete for a £30,000 prize to be awarded in June • Monica Ali on how the judges chose the shortlist Anne Enright, Kate Grenville and Isabella Hammad are among the c…

Advanced Media hosts event to unveil RED V-RAPTOR [X] series in Middle East

22.April » Zawya.com
Advanced Media hosted an Iftar at Sofitel Hotel Dubai Downtown for RED enthusiasts, rental houses, broadcasters and filmmakers

AI and streaming threaten creative workers’ livelihoods, MPs say

10.April » The Independent
A cross-party committee has urged the Government to do more to protect the incomes of people working in the creative sector.

I’m a Sleep Expert. Here’s Why You Should Sleep with Your Pet (And Maybe Why You Shouldn’t!)

Falling asleep with your pet beside you can increase endorphin levels, thus reducing stress and anxiety.vv The post I’m a Sleep Expert. Here’s Why You Should Sleep with Your Pet (And Maybe Why You Shouldn’t!) appeared first on The Good Men Project .

Read Nathan Wade’s Resignation Letter

15.March » The New York Times
Fani Willis, the Fulton County district attorney, accepts Nathan Wade’s resignation from the Trump prosecution in Georgia.

Anne Enright and Isabella Hammad make the Women’s prize for fiction longlist

5.March » The Guardian
Three Irish authors – including Claire Kilroy and Megan Nolan – and Booker-shortlisted Brit Chetna Maroo sit among the 16 nominees, eight of them debut novels Anne Enright, Kate Grenville and Isabella Hammad are among the writers longlisted for this…

New cell therapy shows promise with ARDS patients

7.February » ScienceDaily
An initial trial suggests that a new drug, originally developed for use with cancer patients, could improve the survival of patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). The patients in the trial were all critically unwell with ARDS, cau…
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