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iPod Populární přehrávač hudby

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Apple Developing Thinner MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, and iPhone

17.June » Slashdot
According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple appears ready to embrace a thinner design language with the upcoming MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, and iPhone. MacRumors reports: When the M4 iPad Pro was unveiled last month, Apple touted it as the company's …

Apple planning redesigned iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch that are significantly thinner

16.June » 9to5Mac
Last month, Apple unveiled its thinnest product ever with the new M4 iPad Pro . Measuring in at 5.1mm, the 13-inch M4 iPro Pro is even thinner than the iPod nano. As it turns out, Apple has plans to give the rest of its product lineups a similar tre…

Reinventing the iPod: Apple is about to slap a display on the AirPods case

5.June » PhoneArena
Apple has now made full circle and it's going back to one of the most beloved gadgets in the last 25 years – the iPod. Nope, the now discontinued standalone music player is not getting resurrected, but it's going to get reincarnated in a future AirP…

Your future AirPods case may look a lot like a modern iPod nano

4.June » 9to5Mac
Sometimes with Apple, what’s old becomes new again . Designs and product names are at times revisited as the inspiration for new products. AirPods and HomePods, for example, play off the strong brand awareness for the iPod. According to a filed pate…

Apple says that this iPhone model is officially obsolete

4.June » PhoneArena
Apple officially added the iPhone 5s to its list of obsolete iPhone models while the sixth-gen iPod touch is now Vintage.

Apple Says iPhone 5s Now Obsolete as iPod Touch 6 Becomes 'Vintage'

31.May » MacRumors
Apple today made three changes to its vintage and obsolete products list , involving the iPhone 5s, sixth-generation iPod touch, and an older iMac model. First, Apple now considers the iPhone 5s to be an "obsolete" product worldwide, meaning that Ap…

Microsoft's Copilot PC and the M3 Mac killer myth

28.May » AppleInsider
Microsoft debuted what it thinks is a MacBook Air killer, but just like every other time it tried to kill Apple in the market this century, it's going to fail, badly. Here's why. Microsoft's Copilot+ PC initiative promotes AI According to proponents…

iPod Tetris game controlled by scroll wheel found on prototype

27.May » 9to5Mac
An unreleased iPod Tetris game has been found on a prototype of a 3rd-gen model, controlled by the scroll wheel … more…

New iPod-like device turns a strapless Apple Watch into a click-wheel ‘phone’

24.May » 9to5Mac
Apple’s most successful product of all time, the iPhone, was at one point going to look a lot more like an iPod than the device we ended up getting. The iPod was such a hit for Apple that the company naturally explored making an iPhone that looked a…

Apple Built a Tetris Clone For the iPod But Never Released It

24.May » Slashdot
Apple once designed a Tetris clone that has been found on a prototype version of the third-generation iPod, indicating the company was experimenting with releasing the game on the music player. From a report: It's called Stacker and, obviously, is c…
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