HTC Výrobce mobilních elektronických zařízení

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HTC surprisingly stops the financial bleeding with solid September revenue score

7.October » PhoneArena
For a company that hasn't been relevant in the global smartphone space for a number of years now, HTC is sure in the news a lot lately, somewhat surprisingly gunning for a high-end hardware return in the near future under a newly appointed head ho...

HTC reports robust sales for September

7.October » DIGITIMES
HTC has reported revenues of NT$1.275 billion (US$41.24 million) for September, up 73.7% on month and 1.53% on year. The annual gains for the month were the company's first in two years.

HTC to return to the premium smartphone market when the time is right

7.October » PhoneArena
HTC is no longer a major player in the smartphone market, but that it looks like the Taiwanese company plans its return. The last important number that represents HTC's contribution to the smartphone market dates from 2011 when the company account...

HTC to return to premium phones after shunning mobile innovation for VR

7.October » SlashGear
It may have been the first to come out with an Android phone but HTC not barely makes a mark in charts and market analyses. The smartphone maker, now also XR company, has long been in trouble and has equally been predicted to soon fold its mobile ...

HTC stopped innovating on smartphones, new CEO admits

6.October » TechCrunch
Several months back, we invited HTC cofounder and CEO Cher Wang to appear on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt. Sometimes, however, life happens. Two weeks ago, the company announced that Wang would be stepping down from the role, which would immediatel...

HTC’s new CEO discusses the phonemaker’s future

5.October » TechCrunch
On September 17, HTC announced that cofounder Cher Wang would be stepping down as CEO. In her place, Yves Maitre stepped into the role of Chief Executive, after more than a decade at French telecom giant, Orange. It’s a tough job at an even toughe...

5G, VR integration to bring in killer apps, says HTC executive

4.October » DIGITIMES
In addition to benefiting system operators, handset vendors and other players, the commercialization of 5G networks will help drive a fast development of VR applications, which could become killer applications of the 5G era, according to Raymond P...

HTC Vive Cosmos Hands-On Impressions

3.October » IGN Articles
The Vive Cosmos is a major upgrade over HTC's original VR headset with an integrated inside-out tracking system, new controllers and a much higher-res display.

Some Samsung Galaxy S4 buyers can claim their share of a $13.4 million settlement

3.October » PhoneArena
Benchmark tests exist so that enthusiasts and even manufactures can check the relative performance of different smartphones without opinions entering into the calculations. It can also quantify the difference in the performance of a particular pho...

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