HTC Výrobce mobilních elektronických zařízení

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The LG V50 ThinQ 5G is a surprise hit, at least in one key market for the company

12:08 » PhoneArena
Like many other mobile device makers, from Samsung to Xiaomi, Sony, and even HTC, LG is putting its faith into 5G cellular technology to start a new industrial revolution and turn things around for the stagnating smartphone market. After years of ...

HTC Cosmos update: More cameras!

21.June » SlashGear
In January of this year we got a look at the then-newly-revealed HTC Cosmos VR (for PC) headset. Fast forward to now, June of this same year, and we’re getting another look at the headset, and it looks ever-so-slightly different. Now the device ha...

Vive Cosmos Is The Next Consumer VR HMD From HTC, Launches Q3 2019 Fully Compatible With SteamVR

20.June » Forbes
HTC is adding to the wave of new VR HMD models with the Vive Cosmos, a PC-powered headset with redesigned controllers, an updated headband, inside-out tracking, and more. We don't the exact date it will ship but the company has revealed that its t...

HTC U11 and U12+ owners may have to wait another 2 to 3 months for stable Android Pie updates

20.June » PhoneArena
Poor software support is probably not the only reason why HTC's smartphone business is... essentially fading away, but the manner in which the company has been handling major Android updates in the last couple of years or so pretty much shatters a...

Rumors said the Pixel 4 would finally have a better design than the iPhone 11 this year. It won’t.

18.June » BGR
Google's Pixel smartphone lineup got off to something of a rocky start when it debuted back in 2016. The idea was terrific: a premium smartphone line with gorgeous high-end hardware and pure Android software. The benefits were obvious, but the fir...

Best gifts for gamers in the UK: What to get for the gamer in your life in 2019

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Shopping for a gamer sounds like it should be easy, but getting them the right gift can be a bit more complicated than you think. The good news: there’s so much to choose from. The bad news: there’s so much to choose from. It’s even worse when you...

Taiwan VR/AR ecosystem expanding

The VR/AR ecosystem is expanding in Taiwan along with the advancement of related technologies, as more firms are foraying into the sector eyeing the growth potential of this industry, according to industry sources.

HTC might be about to revive the 'Wildfire' name

13.June » PhoneArena
The HTC U11 Earlier this week HTC introduced two new smartphones after many months of silence. This kind of announcement probably won’t become a regular thing anytime soon, but rumor has it the brand is working on a 5G flagship for later this year...

This stunning Pixel 4 concept looks so much better than the real thing

12.June » BGR
When Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL rumors first began trickling out, it sounded as though something crazy might happen this year. Google's Pixel phone lineup began as a shameless iPhone copycat in terms of design, which wasn't very surprising since HTC d...

Struggling Smartphone Maker HTC Expects Income Boost From Its 'World First' 5G Hub

12.June » Forbes
HTC has taken an early lead in selling devices that let gamers and video streamers operate quickly on 5G networks. Competition may eventually limit income that HTC gets from the devices.

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