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Choose one: 3.5 mm headphone jack or in-display fingerprint scanner?

16:11 » PhoneArena
The 3.5 mm headphone jack has slowly been going extinct, at least as far as high-class smartphones are concerned. First it was Apple (well, it was the first notable company to do it, at least), then it was Moto, then HTC, and soon pretty much ever...

HTC smartphone lines to be rebooted again next year

4:05 » SlashGear
If at first you don’t succeed, try and try until you go bankrupt. That might be the adaptation of the age-old aphorism that HTC is trying to adopt as the Taiwanese company struggles to leave a mark in the smartphone market. HTC Taiwan’s president ...

HTC executive says the company will try to gain market share and turn a profit in 2019

4:05 » PhoneArena
HTC has been out of the smartphone conversation for some time, possibly going back to 2014's HTC One (M8) with its dual camera setup and unique design. But since then, the company has been going downhill. Third quarter revenue amounted to only $13...

HTC to reboot smartphone sales with mid-tier, high-end models in 2019

18.prosince » DIGITIMES
HTC is eyeing to reboot its smartphone sales in the first half of 2019 by focusing on mid-tier to high-end models, hoping they can improve its market share and profitability, according to HTC Taiwan president Darren Chen.

New HTC Desire 12s is not OCD-friendly

17.prosince » SlashGear
There’s a new smartphone on the market from HTC, and it has a back-facing camera setup that’s a little off-center. Instead of planting the entire camera array in the middle of the phone, they’ve decided to place the one lens in the center, making ...

The worst gadgets of 2018

17.prosince » Engadget
We've had the winners. Now that this dumpster fire of a year is finally coming to a close, it's time to look back on the disasters (real, political and humanitarian) we've survived and heave a sigh of relief. We made it, guys. But not everything c...

HTC Desire 12s launch reminds us why the company is not doing so well

17.prosince » PhoneArena
HTC may not be giving up on the smartphone market yet, hoping 5G connectivity and blockchain technology will somehow get the financially struggling company back in the game, but until that happens, the instantly forgettable Desire 12s has just bee...

HTC revving up AI, blockchain applications to healthcare sector

14.prosince » DIGITIMES
HTC's efforts in developing AI technologies and platforms for healthcare and other applications have paid off significantly, with its DeepQ AI platform already utilized by hospitals to support diagnosis and VR-aided surgery and by universities for...

ASUS ZenFone fate hangs in the balance as CEO resigns

14.prosince » SlashGear
ASUS may not be as a big a name in the smartphone market but it has achieved one thing few off its competitors have not. Its name has not been dragged in any major scandal or problems in the past years the likes of Samsung, HTC, and even LG have b...

Galaxy S10 might ship with a secure cold crypto wallet for storing Bitcoin

12.prosince » BGR
One of the newest trends in mobile is Bitcoin and the blockchain, although only a few companies are ready to offer phones featuring cold wallets for secure crypto storage, or support for decentralized apps. HTC and Sirin are two such companies, wi...

Telstra has its first enterprise 5G customer

11.prosince » ZDNet
Telstra has announced providing commercial 5G connectivity to FKG Group via the HTC 5G Hub, with the company testing the service across IoT applications in Toowoomba.

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