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HTC Výrobce mobilních elektronických zařízení

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Facebook might have an Apple Watch rival in the works: Modular design, $400 price tag

10.June » PhoneArena
It seems that Facebook might have an Apple Watch rival in the works. With modular design and a duo of cameras, it would allow Facebook users to directly upload to Facebook or Instagram.

HTC reports another revenue drop ahead of new 5G phone and VR headset launches

4.June » PhoneArena
HTC has reportedly another revenue drop ahead of its upcoming VR headset and mid-range 5G phone launches. The company could report annual revenue growth for the first time in ten years if its next products perform well.

Prototype Google Pixel phone found in China

2.June » SlashGear
This week an eBay seller in China revealed what they’re calling a Google Pixel Muskie Prototype (Original, Unreleased). This device appears to be the fabled mirror device that matched the HTC U11 Plus, a device that ended up being released by HTC ...

15 years at ZDNet: From Nokia and RIM to Apple and Samsung

24.May » ZDNet
Since the Mobile Gadgeteer's first blog post in 2006, we've witnessed an extraordinary evolution in mobile technology. From a Nokia in every pocket to phones that fold or explode, Matt Miller recalls the ups and downs across 15 years.

Get the Best Virtual Reality Experience With These Headsets

22.May » IGN Articles
We dive into the deep end of virtual reality to bring you the best VR headsets, which we've all rigorously tested.

Samsung makes it easy to manage cryptocurrencies on Galaxy devices

17.May » PhoneArena
Samsung recently announced that it's now allowing blockchain users to manage and trade virtual assets like cryptocurrencies from third-party wallets on Samsung Galaxy phones.

Beats design at Apple now lead by Android hardware legend

14.May » SlashGear
Apple appears to have pinpointed one of the most influential Android hardware designers of the last decade in Scott Croyle. This guy was the head of HTC’s design team when they created the HTC One M7 – he was also a founder of the company Nextbit,...

Apple Beats isn't dead yet, with new designer reportedly designing new products

14.May » AppleInsider
Rumors of Beats' demise may be exaggerated, as a new report claims that ex-HTC Android hardware designer Scott Croyle is working for Apple on future Beats by Dre device designs. Beats by Dre Apple now regularly releases special versions of Beats h...

Apple hired HTC’s ‘Jony Ive’ to oversee Beats hardware design for new products

14.May » 9to5Mac
There was a wild rumor making the rounds last year that Apple planned to phase out its successful Beats hardware brand and go all in with Apple-branded audio hardware. 9to5Mac reported at the time that burying Beats was “not a strategy that Apple ...
Android OS - Operační systém
Tenis - Míčová hra, tzv. bílý sport
Samsung - Výrobce elektroniky
iPhone - Chytrý telefon společnosti Apple
iTunes - Internetový obchod s hudbou a filmy
Google - Vyhledávač a internetová reklamní agentura
Microsoft - Americká softwarová společnost
iOS - Operační systém pro tablety a mobilní telefony
iPad - Tablet společnosti Apple

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