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HP’s New Reverb VR Headset Bumps Up the Resolution

19:22 » Wired
The price has swelled, too. The Reverb bundle will cost between $599 and $649 when it ships in late April.

HP Reverb VR Headset might’ve hit the sweet spot

17:27 » SlashGear
The HP Reverb VR Headset Pro Edition has 2x smaller LCD displays where most competitors have larger AMOLED. But the HP headset has more pixels per eye, a larger field of view, and a slightly lighter overall weight than HTC Vive Pro and Samsung Ody...

HP launches enterprise Reverb VR handset, aims for HTC Vive

15:50 » ZDNet
HP's latest Reverb virtual reality headset is targeted at industries such as healthcare, architecture and product design as enterprises move from pilots to production.

HP's high-res Reverb VR headset blows the screen door effect off its hinges

15:39 » PCWorld
That dreaded low-resolution "screen door effect" that's dogged virtual reality imaging since its inception just got blown off its hinges by HP's Reverb VR headset. Announced Tuesday at HP Reinvent in Houston, the Reverb boasts twice the resolution...

HP's 'Reverb' is the sharpest Windows VR headset yet

15:27 » Engadget
HP is ready to outdo the HTC Vive Pro and Samsung Odyssey with its latest VR headset, the Reverb. Confirming a February leak, it features an astoundingly sharp resolution of 2,160 by 2,160 pixels per eye, while those other headsets have around hal...

Angry Birds AR is coming to iPhone this spring

13:16 » TechCrunch
Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs took the scenic route to the iPhone. Rovio began flirting with augmented reality on the Magic Leap of all places, releasing First Person Slingshot for the headset last year. Last month, Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs hit St...

HTC reports high EPS for 2018

18.března » DIGITIMES
HTC has reported net profits of NT$12.02 billion (US$390.58 million) for 2018, a significant improvement from a net loss of NT$16.9 billion seen a year earlier. EPS for 2018 stood at NT$14.72 compared to a net loss of NT$20.58 per share.

A Backdoor Move Into India Will Boost HTC's Flagging Smartphone Business

18.března » Forbes
HTC has little market share in India but enough recognition to make money there by licensing its brand to local developers.

HTC finished 2018 with yet another loss and little sign of improvement

15.března » PhoneArena
The HTC U11 For the past few years, HTC’s revenue numbers have been on a relatively constant decline. As we already know, the company has also struggled to turn profits throughout this period, and it now seems that the fourth quarter of 2018 was n...

Makers stepping up efforts for VR/AR industry development

15.března » DIGITIMES
Efforts being made by Apple, HTC, Oculus and other players in China and Finland will underpin a robust growth of the AR/VR industry in 2019 and beyond, according to industry sources.

Viveport Infinity release date set for April 2 as pricing is revealed

14.března » SlashGear
Back at CES 2019, HTC announced a new initiative that turns Viveport into what is essentially the Netflix for VR games. Dubbed Viveport Infinity, this new subscription service will allow unlimited access to all of the VR games hosted on Viveport. ...

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