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HTC U12 Plus, Tab Active2, and new Chromebooks (MobileTechRoundup show #434)

19:20 » ZDNet
HTC announced the new U12 Plus and it's fantastic. Acer also revealed four new Chromebooks, one that Kevin thinks challenges the Pixelbook. Samsung released an enterprise-focused tablet too.

HTC U12+ doesn't have a USB Type-C to 3.5mm adapter in the box

17:53 » PhoneArena
Available for pre-order in the US as of earlier this week, the HTC U12+ is a powerful, high-end flagship that replaces last year's U11. Similar to the U11, the HTC U12+ does not feature a standard 3.5mm headset jack, but it comes with HTC USonic A...

Seagate's hard drive/battery fanny pack is made for VR

26.května » TUAW
In addition to the major software update for the Vive Focus standalone VR headset yesterday, HTC also unveiled the Seagate VR Power Drive which, as the name suggests, is a hybrid of a power bank and a portable hard drive. This isn't an entirely ne...

VR Headsets That Will Transport You, Wherever the Destination

26.května » Wired
Whether you’re beaming up to the *Enterprise* or crashing your friend’s destination wedding from your sofa, these headsets take you there.

HTC adds some bells and whistles to the Vive Focus ahead of Western rollout

25.května » TechCrunch
As HTC gears up for a stateside launch of their Vive Focus standalone headset, the company announced a number of changes that they’re bringing to the device currently available in China. The company has long fancied itself the “premium” brand of V...

HTC reveals why the U12+ skipped wireless charging

25.května » PhoneArena
HTC has revealed why it chose to skip wireless charging with the HTC U12+. After previously explaining its eyebrow-raising name choice for its latest flagship, the Taiwan-based company has now gone on to reveal the thought process behind yet anoth...

Will the U12+ be the phoenix to resurrect HTC?

25.května » PhoneArena
HTC does plenty right with its fresh U12+ flagship. Apart from the top-shelf specs like a Snapdragon 845 chipset, QHD+ display, 6GB RAM and dual camera, it throws in many extra thoughtful features that are a rarity on other flagships, and omits st...

Essential Phone 2: Did Android founder Andy Rubin just cancel his next phone?

25.května » ZDNet
Andy Rubin appears to confirm that the next phone has been canceled, amid reports that Essential is up for sale.

HTC U12+, VIVE Focus integration bridges the mobile, VR divide

25.května » SlashGear
HTC has just unveiled its 2018 flagship, the HTC U12+, proving that it’s not yet done in the mobile market. It is perhaps no coincidence that it scheduled that announcement mere days before its VIVE Ecosystem Conference (VEC). Because at its VR-ce...
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