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Google Vyhledávač a internetová reklamní agentura

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Google remains focused on its long quest for your eyeballs

14:22 » The Guardian
AI Overviews, announced this week, are the culmination of a long line of products dedicated to keeping you on Google.com Google announced this week that it would begin the international rollout of its new artificial intelligence-powered search featu…

What is Veo? Meet Google's next-gen AI video creator, powered by Imagen 3

13:40 » ZDNet
OpenAI's Sora just got some serious competition. While Veo is still in preview, here's how to try the model for yourself.

Building an Interactive Location Selector with Google Maps in ASP.NET MVC

13:40 » C# Corner
In this article, Learn how to integrate Google Maps into your ASP.NET MVC application to create an interactive location selector. Follow step-by-step instructions to enable users to click on a map, select a location, and store it for future referenc…

Google co-founder on the future of AI wearables (and his Google Glass regrets)

13:08 » ZDNet
At Google I/O 2024, Sergey Brin shared his thoughts on Gemini, Project Astra, smart glasses, and more.

Google's brief smart glasses teaser flew under the radar, but it could mean something big

13:08 » ZDNet
During its Project Astra demo video, Google snuck in a scene at the end teasing some new AR smart glasses, indicating it might be next to join in the smart glasses game.

Business Tech Roundup: Google Gemini And ChatGPT Announce Big (And Flirty) Upgrades

13:08 » Forbes
Google and OpenAI have big upgrades, Meta discontinues its office application, Epson announces smart glasses and other news impacting your business this week.

Best Phone Under $500 for 2024: Great Features at Lower Prices - CNET

12:36 » CNET News.com
Our favorite phone under $500 is so close to its more expensive sibling that there's no reason to pay more.

Google unveils big AI features coming to Android phones. Here's what's to expect

12:36 » ZDNet
Google announced a host of new AI features at this week's I/O event, with Gemini playing a bigger role in the near future.

3 ways Gemini Advanced beats other AI assistants, according to Google

12:04 » ZDNet
Google unveiled Gemini Advanced at I/O 2024, and showed how the AI assistant for everyday tasks just got a lot more powerful.

Best Google Pixel Phone to Buy in 2024 - CNET

12:04 » CNET
From the new Pixel 8 Pro to the cheap Pixel 6A to the foldable Pixel Fold, these are the best Google phones you can buy now.
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