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Microsoft Americká softwarová společnost

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Microsoft Has Launched “Jugalbandi”—A New Generative AI App for India

12:07 » Forbes
India, home to more than 1.4 billion people, is an incredibly ripe market for digital and AI-based innovation.

Microsoft releases a temporary fix for Surface Pro X camera bug

8:18 » Engadget
Microsoft has deployed a critical troubleshooter update for Surface Pro X devices that will give users access to their camera again. On May 23rd, plenty of Surface Pro X owners reported that their cameras had stopped working entirely. Based on stori…

macOS exploit found by Microsoft could bypass System Integrity Protection

6:20 » 9to5Mac
Apple introduced System Integrity Protection (SIP) with OS X El Capitan in 2015, and it essentially adds multiple layers of security that blocks apps from accessing and modifying system files at a root level. While users can manually disable this fe…

Microsoft deploys a temporary fix for faulty Surface Pro cameras. What to know

1:23 » ZDNet
A critical troubleshooter is coming to re-enable the cameras on outdated Surface devices, but it comes at a cost.

Microsoft found a macOS exploit that could completely bypass System Integrity Protection

22:56 » AppleInsider
Microsoft identified a new macOS vulnerability called "Migraine" that can cause headaches for Mac users — but only if you haven't updated your software recently. Apple patched macOS "Migraine" exploit On May 30, Microsoft published a new threat inte…

Apple WWDC 2023 is next week — here’s what we expect

21:09 » TechCrunch
Look. We’re all interested in one. I know it, you know it, Apple certainly knows it. Much as AI was Google’s primary focus at I/O and…I don’t know — Windows 11, I guess — was Microsoft’s centerpiece at Build, we’re all going into and leaving WWDC 20…

Microsoft says UK regulator an 'outlier' for blocking Activision deal

20:05 » Reuters
Microsoft on Tuesday accused Britain's anti-trust regulator of being a global "outlier" in blocking its $69 billion takeover of "Call of Duty" maker Activision Blizzard .

These Seven New Microsoft PowerToys Utilities Are Worth Trying

19:33 » Lifehacker
Microsoft’s PowerToys is a suite of tools that adds excellent features to your PC. PowerToys is free , but the way Microsoft keeps adding new tools, it feels like it should cost money. These latest PowerToys tools are just as exciting as the last. R…
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