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Creating an XML JSON Converter in Azure Functions

A walkthrough of creating an Azure Function to convert XML to JSON and vice-versa, including pitfalls and gotchas of returning XML from Azure Functions..

Ben Heck's 'Oregon Trail' portable game teardown

14:17 » TUAW
It's not a Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft console for a change. It's a dedicated portable game console: one that only plays Oregon Trail. First, Ben takes apart a store-bought game to find out how it runs. Then, Felix the sudo Sergeant steps in with...

How Linux Can Make Your Life Easier

3:00 » LXer
Linux is an Operating System (more specifically a kernel) that provides an interface between the computer hardware and the user. Like Microsoft Windows and OS X, Linux provides a platform to the users, enabling them to carry out their daily chores...

BookWatch: Bill Gates promises his summer book picks are (mostly) quick reads

26.května » MarketWatch
The Microsoft co-founder has five reading recommendations, from books on da Vinci to modern science.

AP analysis shows how Bill Gates influences education policy

26.května »
Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates saw an opportunity with a new federal education law that has widespread repercussions on American classrooms

Microsoft Wins A Big Cloud Deal With America's Intelligence Community

26.května » Slashdot
wyattstorch516 shared this story from the AP: Microsoft Corp. said it's secured a lucrative cloud deal with the intelligence community that marks a rapid expansion by the software giant into a market led by Inc. The deal, which the comp...

Birth of a video game: How a small Seattle shop creates a sequel to a smash hit — with some help from giant Microsoft

25.května » The Seattle Times
Many independent game-development studios choose to partner with companies like Microsoft for access to resources and capital. That’s what Seattle’s Undead Labs did with its “State of Decay” blockbuster and its just-released sequel.

Edge Beats Chrome in Battery Test, Says Microsoft

25.května » Slashdot
The latest installment of Microsoft's browser battery challenge shows once again that Edge consumes less energy than Chrome and Firefox. From a report: With the Windows 10 April 2018 Update rolling out across the globe, Microsoft thinks it's once ...
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