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Microsoft Americká softwarová společnost

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How the public clouds are innovating on AI

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The three big cloud providers, specifically Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), want developers and data scientists to develop, test, and deploy machine learning models on their clouds. It’s a lucrative end...

Cyber Monday has the Microsoft Surface Go 2 tablet at an unbeatable price

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Check out this Microsoft Go 2 (2020) discounted by $100 on Best Buy for Cyber Monday—which is the biggest discount on a recent tablet we've seen so far.

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Deploy A .NET API To Heroku Through GitHub Actions

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Live Charts Using Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Functions, SignalR And WPF - Part Four

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This article series is aimed at teaching you how to use Cosmos DB trigger and HttpTrigger in an Azure function to create a serverless app that can broadcast the data to clients using SignalR. The client can be a desktop/web/mobile client. For this...

The right environment

Efforts to connect the Greek economy with international hubs of innovation such as Silicon Valley; efforts to attract pioneering companies that invest in knowledge and technology like Pfizer or Microsoft to set up units here, all that outward-look...

EU Complaint Accuses Microsoft of Anticompetitive Bundling of OneDrive, Teams in Windows

2:19 » Slashdot
"Remember how Microsoft spent years in hot water in the late '90s and early '00s by forcing Internet Explorer on its customers?" asks ZDNet. "European open-source cloud company Nextcloud does." Now, with a coalition of other European Union (EU) so...

Microsoft Builds New Green Data Centers in Wyoming, Invests in Wifi, Education, Roads

20:57 » Slashdot
This week a Microsoft blog post announced they're opening two new data centers in Cheyenne, "built with sustainable design and operations in mind, contributing to Microsoft's commitment to being carbon negative." Our current and new datacenters wi...

Free Microsoft Office? Get Word, Excel and PowerPoint for $0 with these tips - CNET

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Yes, you can use every tool in Microsoft 365 without spending a cent. Just note there are some caveats.

Best VPN for Windows - CNET

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There's no need to compromise on VPN choices if you're a Microsoft fan, whether you're using Windows 10 or Windows 11.
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