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Tim Cook mingles with Microsoft’s Satya Nadella at World Economic Forum, touts Apple’s education ambitions

0:50 » 9to5Mac
Apple CEO Tim Cook is in Switzerland this week amid the annual World Economic Forum. According to local reports, Tim Cook has mingled with the Armenian prime minister at Davos, as well as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and more. He also offered an i...

Microsoft Code Jumper is a physical programming tool for blind kids

22:37 » SlashGear
Microsoft has developed a product that introduces blind children to the world of coding. Called Code Jumper, this product is the result of Project Torino, a research project that was beta tested at New College Worcester in 2018. According to Micro...

Microsoft to start selling more Azure services directly starting in March

21:28 » ZDNet
Microsoft is moving to take over more Azure services billing and subscription management through its Microsoft Customer Agreement starting in March 2019.

Microsoft Debuts New Low-Cost Laptops and 'Classroom Pen' For Schools

19:41 » Slashdot
Microsoft is doubling down on the education market, a competitive arena for the world's largest tech giants, with a series of new low-cost laptops and tools to help students and teachers work together. From a report: At the BETT education conferen...

Why are we relying on tech overlords like Microsoft for affordable housing? | Shaun Scott

19:07 » The Guardian
Microsoft is pledging $500m for housing in Seattle, but that plan isn’t as generous as it looks Like many major metropolitan areas, Seattle is currently mired in what writer and housing activist Laura Bernstein has described as “a dual crisis of c...

The Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet is only $49.99 today, and that's its lowest price ever.

18:43 » Mashable!
Apple and Microsoft: "All tablets that aren't total shit are $100 or more." We're gonna play MythBusters for a second and tell you that that's simply not true, and Amazon is the one to prove it. If you're shopping for a tablet but are doing so on ...

Microsoft Education news today: New notebooks, Classroom Pen

18:32 » SlashGear
In the mix today is a whole lot of Windows 10 devices for education plus a brand new Microsoft Classroom Pen. The Microsoft Education team announced a bunch of news at the annual Bett conference this week, starting with devices, complete with big ...

Microsoft puts Acer, Dell and Lenovo Windows 10 PCs for students in the spotlight

18:32 » ZDNet
Seven new Windows 10 PCs, priced between $189 and $320, plus a new Microsoft Classroom Pen made exclusively for the education market, are among Microsoft's big bets for BETT 2019.

Microsoft expands its programming language for visually impaired kids

18:32 » Engadget
Back in 2017, Microsoft unveiled Project Torino, a unique physical programming language that taught visually impaired kids the basics of coding. It was a huge step forward for accessibility, but it was also just an experimental program limited to ...

Microsoft's Classroom Pen is a smaller Surface Go stylus for kids

18:31 » Engadget
Microsoft is aiming to make Windows Ink more useful for kids with the Classroom Pen, a new Surface Go stylus that's easier for smaller hands to hold. It's shorter than the current Surface Pen at four inches long, and there's also a slot at the end...

Lenovo pencil-friendly laptop, Classroom Pen highlight Microsoft EDU hardware - CNET

18:31 » CNET
Microsoft's new education tech includes $300-and-under partner laptops and a kid-friendly Surface-compatible stylus.
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