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Mac ThiefQuest ransomware should be a reminder that no one is safe

6:15 » SlashGear
Long gone are the days when Windows is the only vulnerable operating system or at least the most reported one. Mac and Linux computers have their own share of vulnerabilities, some worse than others, but recent times have made them just as enticin...

What Secret Is This Mysterious Surface Duo Bump Hiding?

1:23 » Forbes
The latest tweet from Panos Panay reveals that Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer is “pretty pumped" about the Surface Duo, but it has posed a question. What is that mysterious bump?

I went to a Microsoft Store and all I saw was Apple laughing

15:11 » ZDNet
Microsoft is closing almost all its stores, so I wanted to see what they look like now. And to wonder why Microsoft did it.

Microsoft’s Plucky New Browser Move Is Angering Some Windows Users

12:42 » Forbes
Microsoft is angering some Windows users with a plucky method of ensuring its Edge browser grabs share from Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge 83.0.478.58 dla Windows 7

Microsoft Edge dla Windows 7 to darmowa przeglądarka internetowa, zastępująca leciwego już Internet Explorera. Program wyposażono w funkcję zapisywania artykułów do późniejszego przeczytania oraz możliwość gromadzenia notatek z wykorzystaniem OneN...

Microsoft Edge 83.0.478.58 dla Windows 8.1

Microsoft Edge dla Windows 8.1 to przeglądarka internetowa oparta na najnowszym wydaniu silnika Chromium. Program został wyposażony w zaawansowany skaner antywirusowy oraz możliwość zapisywania artykułów do przeczytania w późniejszym terminie. Mic...

Microsoft Released an Emergency Security Update to Fix Two Bugs in Windows Codecs

4.July » Slashdot
Tuesday Microsoft published two out-of-band security updates to patch two vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Windows Codecs Library, reports ZDNet: Tracked as CVE-2020-1425 & CVE-2020-1457, the two bugs only impact Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019...

The Brazil Tech And Innovation Round-Up: Senate Passes Fake News Bill, Microsoft Lacks LatAm Leadership, App Worker Strike, Dea

4.July » Forbes
The Brazilian Senate passed a fake news bill; Microsoft is lacking a leader in Latin America; Delivery app workers strike, noteworthy deals and more.

Microsoft And Sony Are Suspending Facebook Advertising, But It’s Less Noble Than It Sounds

4.July » Forbes
Sony and Microsoft aren't running PlayStation or Xbox ads on Facebook, but it's not quite the gesture it appears to be.

Apple iOS 14 Exposes Microsoft’s LinkedIn App Copying Clipboard Data

4.July » Forbes
First, it was TikTok. Now Apple's new iOS 14 privacy feature exposes LinkedIn app copying clipboard data.

This online course teaches you advanced Excel techniques

4.July » Mashable!
TL;DR: The Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advanced class is on sale for £8.82 as of July 4, saving you 92% on list price. Everyone uses Excel, but not everyone excels at Excel . Even if you think you know everything about the ubiquitous spreadsh...
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