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Microsoft Americká softwarová společnost

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Google’s Anthos multi-cloud platform gets improved logging, Windows container support and more

18:43 » TechCrunch
Google today announced a sizable update to its Anthos multi-cloud platform that lets you build, deploy and manage containerized applications anywhere, including on Amazon’s AWS and (in preview) and Microsoft Azure. Version 1.7 includes new feature...

Microsoft to bring News and Interests feature to Windows 10 users running 1909 and above

18:42 » ZDNet
Microsoft has a staggered rollout plan for its Windows 10 News and Interests feature, which brings weather, news, sports and more information to the taskbar.

Windows 10: How to customize your taskbar with weather, news and more - CNET

18:42 » CNET
The latest Windows 10 feature update lets you personalize your taskbar for quick access to information like weather, sports and traffic on your Microsoft device. Here's how.

All Windows 10 users will get their own news feed, courtesy of Bing

18:09 » PCWorld
Microsoft said Thursday that the company plans to migrate its News and Interests feed to all Windows 10 users, adding a small weather icon to the Windows 10 taskbar that can expand into news and interests. In January, Microsoft unveiled “news and ...

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan doubles down on exclusives for PS5

17:36 » SlashGear
Here at the beginning of a new console generation, we find ourselves in an interesting position where all three major console manufacturers are sort of doing their own thing. Microsoft is putting a big focus on services like Xbox Game Pass and clo...

Canonical Launches Ubuntu 21.04 'Hirsute Hippo'

17:36 » Slashdot
Canonical released Ubuntu 21.04 with native Microsoft Active Directory integration, Wayland graphics by default, and a Flutter application development SDK. Separately, Canonical and Microsoft have announced performance optimization and joint suppo...

Fortnite, Apex Legends i inne gry F2P od dzisiaj bez abonamentu Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft spełnił swoją obietnicę złożoną graczom konsolowym. Od dzisiaj gry wieloosobowe free-to-play nie wymagają opłacania abonamentu Xbox Live Gold do rozgrywki po sieci. To doskonała wiadomość choćby dla fanów popularnych produkcji battle roy...

Ubuntu 21.04 released

17:25 » LWN.net
The Ubuntu 21.04 distribution release is available. " Today, Canonical released Ubuntu 21.04 with native Microsoft Active Directory integration, Wayland graphics by default, and a Flutter application development SDK. Separately, Canonical and Micr...

Microsoft Teams adds audio sharing and notifications for Mac users

17:02 » AppleInsider
Those running Microsoft Teams on macOS are now able to share their Mac's system audio during a video call when another user is screen sharing. Microsoft Teams for Mac Microsoft has begun standardizing certain features of Microsoft Teams, such as t...

30 Million Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions By ‘Halo Infinite’ Seems Guaranteed

16:29 » Forbes
Tracking the growth of Xbox Game Pass over the past years is nothing short of eye-popping, and it seems pretty clear that Microsoft is going to be reaching some massive milestones soon enough here.
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