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Nanoleaf's New Dodecahedron-Shaped Remote Gives You Access to 12 HomeKit Scenes

15:18 » MacRumors
Nanoleaf's new 12-sided light-up remote joins its existing Nanoleaf Light Panels and Nanoleaf Rhythm, adding a whole slew of smartphone-free physical control options for your HomeKit setup in one easy-to-use accessory. The Nanoleaf Remote is bigge...

How Can I Use the Same Password on My MacBook, iPad, and iPhone?

15:18 » Lifehacker
Sometimes, the best tech problems aren’t the super-specific, why-is-this-doing-that-thing-and-now-smoking-help kinds of questions. This week, a reader sent in a fairly generic question that’s applicable to everyone, because it concerns our favorit...

FileMaker 17, First Take: More accessible, more connected

14:42 » ZDNet
FileMaker continues its move from database tool to low-code mobile app authoring system and simplifies the number of versions available.

How to disable Apple’s HEIF and HEVC formats in iOS

14:07 » Macworld
Apple introduced two high-efficiency multimedia formats in iOS 11 and macOS 10.13 High Sierra: HEIF and HEVC. They take up substantially less storage for the same quality of image as comparable JPEG, PNG, and H.264 video. However, they’re not very...

Macworld July 2018 Digital Edition

13:32 » Macworld UK
Macworld UK brings you all the essential Apple news, including reviews, tutorials and product round-ups. However, keeping up with the latest developments can be a real challenge. The solution: Macworld Digital Edition for iOS and Android.

Microsoft Updates Bing iOS App With AI-Powered Visual Search

12:57 » MacRumors
Microsoft has announced a new visual search feature for its Bing app that lets users snap a picture with their phone's camera and use it to search the web. The new visual search function builds on the AI-powered intelligent search capabilities alr...

Where oh where can the Mac updates be?

12:22 » Macworld
Even before Tim Cook took the stage, there was little expectation that this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference would focus on anything other than software. But now, with it in our rearview mirror and a new iPhone announcement likely not far do...

GarageBand lessons are now free for aspiring musicians

5:20 » Engadget
GarageBand has long been a useful tool to record music, podcasts and more. Even better, the app is free to download and use on your Mac or iOS devices, making it easy to try. Recent updates have brought enhancements like a portal for free sound pa...

Microsoft's Bing now allows users to search with their phone camera

5:09 » PhoneArena
Last month Microsoft confirmed that its Android launcher will get a new Visual Search feature and Rewards support but did not say when these new changes will be implemented. Today, Microsoft announced that Visual Search is now available through th...

iOS 12: How to customize Grouped Notifications

1:58 » 9to5Mac
One of the headlining features for iOS 12 is the new Grouped Notifications feature. It’s not as simple as grouping by app, but it intelligently creates your groups. For example, you’re getting iMessages from several different threads, those will a...

Bing mobile apps updated with AI-powered visual search tool

0:06 » SlashGear
Microsoft has updated its Bing mobile apps for iOS and Android with new visual search capabilities. This tool is powered by artificial intelligence, which enables the user to snap an image of an object, then get information about that object throu...
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