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Blockchain Watchers Say Decentralized Apps Are Around The Corner

17:38 » Forbes
A Juniper Research analyst expects at least one app built on blockchain technology to be released on iOS or Android by the end of the year.

'Monument Valley 2' Nearly Doubled First-Year Revenue in Comparison to Original Game

17:13 » MacRumors
Monument Valley 2 creators Ustwo Games today posted a new story on Medium (via The Verge ) that highlights the first-year numbers and growth of the popular mobile sequel. Although there are numerous points of data to look at, one notable standout ...

Super Candy Ball released for iOS – Unique Fingertip Match Game

17:13 » MacMegasite
Shanghai-based developer, StarSprite Studios today announces Super Candy Ball, the company's unique fingertip match game developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. In this fun, animated game, players must move candy balls so that they grou...

Apple News 2018 Midterm Elections section puts US politics in spotlight

16:49 » SlashGear
Apple is adding a 2018 Midterm Elections section to Apple News, promising curated updates and exclusive highlights about the upcoming US elections. The news app will get a brand new segment and a banner highlighting it in the For You tab, the Top ...

The SpearHead 360 is a van that can hack your iPhone or Android device five football fields away

16:38 » PhoneArena
With all of the recent talk about privacy, a company called WiSpear is selling a van that can hack your Apple iPhone or Android handset even if you are 500 meters (547 yards) away. The vehicle, named the SpearHead 360, is the brainchild of Tal Dil...

Microsoft is testing AdBlock Plus on the Edge mobile browser

16:23 » Engadget
Microsoft is apparently serious about creating a great experience for users of its Edge browser on Android and iOS. According to The Verge, the tech giant has added Adblock Plus directly into the beta version of its Microsoft Edge for Android brow...

Facebook Confirms Development of Digital Health Time Tool for Mobile Apps

15:24 » MacRumors
Facebook is working on its own in-house time usage insight dashboard, following in the footsteps of Apple's iOS 12 keynote at WWDC, which included the announcement of a "Screen Time" digital health feature. Discovered by Jane Manchun Wong (via Tec...

iOS jailbreaking is nearly dead and Apple wants it to stay that way

13:26 » SlashGear
iOS, particularly on iPhones, may be one of if not the most popular mobile OS in the market, but that doesn’t mean all of its fans are completely satisfied with how things are. Some advanced users still feel stifled by Apple’s control but not enou...

Apple Refutes Hacker's Claim He Could Break iPhone Passcode Limit

13:26 » Slashdot
A security researcher claimed he had figured out a way to bypass the passcode lock limit on an iPhone or iPad, ZDNet reported. But it turned out the passcodes he tested weren't always counted. From a report: "The recent report about a passcode byp...

Best, lightest, and most awesome Android launchers

13:25 » PhoneArena
Ah, Android and its beauty! Without a shadow of doubt, it has the upper hand when it comes to flexibility and customizability - its biggest rivals (iOS and Windows Phone) literally don't stand a chance in this one-horse race. Thanks to this fundam...

Learn Swift: A guide for experienced developers

12:35 » InfoWorld
So your boss wants you to learn iOS app development. Or maybe you have an app side project that you want to work on. Where do you start? To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story)

Apple says researcher is wrong and the iPhone is not vulnerable to his brute force attack

0:13 » PhoneArena
Just yesterday, we told you about a way to get around the Apple iPhone's ten passcode attempt limit. Once you fail to open an iPhone after ten cracks at tapping in the correct passcode, the device is automatically wiped. This is done to prevent ha...
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