iOS Operační systém pro tablety a mobilní telefony

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iOS 13 beta 2 coming today for developers ahead of public beta release

19:04 » 9to5Mac
Are you a thrill seeker testing Apple’s pre-release software and dealing with beta 1 life? Good news! It’s time to move on to beta 2 life in search of more stability and performance improvements. Apple will release iOS 13 beta 2 to registered deve...

Israeli Firm Boasts It Can Hack All iPhones, Flagship Samsungs

17:11 » SPUTNIK
Israeli-based Cellebrite, whose clients reportedly included the FBI, has already been criticised over its refusal to cooperate with Apple and report the discovered vulnerabilities of the latest iOS, allowing the tech giant’s technicians to elimina...

Forensics firm says it can break into any iPhone or high-end Android phone

16:58 » BGR
Apple makes it a point with every product announcement to stress security and privacy features. That exact thing happened just a few weeks ago at Apple’s annual developer event, where the company unveiled several new privacy-centric features that ...

iOS 13: Your iPhone could also be your passport and ID card

16:41 » ZDNet
iOS 13 will give open up the iPhone's ability to read more NFC tags… a feature that some Android smartphones already have.

What we played in June: 'Final Fantasy Tactics' and 'Overcooked'

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Germans can soon use their iPhones as virtual ID cards

15:58 » Engadget
iOS 13's newly expanded NFC support will be useful for more than just hopping on the subway. Germany is taking advantage of the upcoming software's support for Apple-approved NFC identification documents to let residents scan their ID cards and us...

German citizen passport & ID available on iPhone with iOS 13 in fall 2019

14:34 » AppleInsider
Germany plans to utilize iOS 13's NFC stack, allowing users with an iPhone to serve as a user's passport or ID card -- but what iPhones can be used for this isn't quite clear yet.

New MacBook 2019 release date, price & specs rumours

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We round up all the rumours about the new 12in MacBook for 2019, including design, tech specs, new features and pricing and whether it might run iOS and macOS...

tvOS 13 FAQ: All the new features coming to your Apple TV

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Apple TV hardware is in an odd place. Apple is more invested in streaming TV than ever, with a new Channels feature to subscribe to premium content right in the TV app (and play it all from Apple’s robust distribution network), and a huge investme...

You can scan German ID cards in iOS 13; expect many other countries to follow

13:13 » 9to5Mac
The Federal Ministry of the Interior has announced that it will be possible to scan German ID cards with an iPhone running iOS 13 . This follows earlier news that iPhones will be able to scan the NFC chips in Japanese ID cards and British passport...

Data Extraction Company Cellebrite Touts New Software for Cracking iPhones and iPads Running up to iOS 12.3

12:36 » MacRumors
Israel-based software developer Cellebrite , known for breaking into mobile devices like the iPhone to obtain sensitive data, has announced that it can now unlock any iOS device running up to iOS 12.3, which was released only a month ago. The firm...
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