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Android 11 announcement delayed due to protests over police brutality

16:25 » BGR
The Android 11 beta release date was just postponed, as Google decided to cancel the launch event it had planned for June 3rd. Google announced the change of schedule via Twitter, saying that "now is not the time to celebrate." The move comes in r...

The Morning After: Why would anyone buy a $350 'anti-5G' USB stick?

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It’s normal for our weekend newsletter to recap some of the highlight stories posted earlier in the week. It’s a bit unusual for them to include one about Pablo Escobar’s brother trying to sell refurbished iPhone 11 Pros. Back on our usual beat, w...

Google postpones Android 11 unveiling amid U.S. protests

9:54 » Reuters
Alphabet Inc's Google on Saturday said it has postponed next week's planned unveiling of the beta version of its latest Android 11 mobile operating system in light of protests and unrest in the United States.

The Android 11 beta launch event has been postponed

8:26 » Engadget
The launch of the Android 11 beta had already been delayed after Google I/O was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, and now it’s getting pushed back again. A virtual launch event for the start of the beta release was scheduled for Wednesday,...

Google Is Making It Easier Than Ever To Social Distance. Here’s How.

6:16 » Forbes
Google is addressing some of those challenges, using augmented reality, with the new Sodar web app. The app, available for Android devices with the Chrome browser loaded, will use a smartphone’s camera to display a ring on the screen, which gives ...

Android Circuit: New Galaxy Confirmed, OnePlus Supercharges Fortnite, Living Without Google

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This week’s Android headlines; confirmation of the Galaxy Note 20, waterproofing the Galaxy Fold 2, Huawei’s life without Google, Android’s short support life, OnePlus enhances Fortnite, a big red Nokia recording button, and more...

Facebook’s latest experiment is Venue, a second screen for live events

0:41 » SlashGear
Facebook’s experimental team has released yet another app, this one for both iOS and Android devices. Called Venue, the app is intended to help fans experience live events in a new way, according to Facebook, bringing people together alongside exp...

Rocket.Chat - Free, Open Source, Enterprise Team Chat for Linux

0:08 » Linux Today
Rocket.Chat is a free, open-source, scalable, highly customizable, and secure platform that allows you to communicate and collaborate with your team, share files, and chat in real-time.

Space out and explore the universe without leaving home

If the new NASA missions have inspired an interest in science and celestial objects, these apps and sites can open a whole new batch of worlds.

How to Automatically Add Chapters to YouTube Videos

20:53 » Lifehacker
YouTube has a new “chapters” feature allowing creators to timestamp specific spots in their videos to allow users to jump around to the most important parts without having to watch someone babble for ten minutes first. (Though that’s probably not ...
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