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Android OS Operační systém

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Google Releases Third and Final Android 12 Developer Preview

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Google backs effort to bring Rust to the Linux kernel>

Google's Android Team is backing an effort to introduce Rust as a second programming language in the Linux kernel in an effort to improve security.

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On the cusp of Google I/O, new Android 12 update preview features go live

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The new universal app launch animation, direct link opening in the default browser, and improved call notifications are in store with the latest Android 12 dev preview.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 and Galaxy M40 are getting Android 11 updates

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The rugged Galaxy Tab Active 3 and the affordable Galaxy M40 are finally getting the long-awaited Android 11 update.

Motorola rolls out Moto G Stylus Android 11 update

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The latest smartphone to receive the highly-anticipated update is the Moto G Stylus, a smartphone that was launched on the market at the beginning of last year.

Facebook uncovers Palestinian government officials targeted with malware

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Two Palestinian groups of hackers have been using social engineering to trick government officials, from both Fatah and Hamas camps, into installing surveillanceware.
Google - Vyhledávač a internetová reklamní agentura
iOS - Operační systém pro tablety a mobilní telefony
Samsung - Výrobce elektroniky
iPhone - Chytrý telefon společnosti Apple
iPad - Tablet společnosti Apple
Yahoo! - Internetová společnost
Microsoft - Americká softwarová společnost
iCloud - Internetová služba společnosti Apple
Pavel Ploc - Politik za ČSSD
HTC - Výrobce mobilních elektronických zařízení
iTunes - Internetový obchod s hudbou a filmy

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