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Android OS Operační systém

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Mastodon users can now share their profile via QR code on Android

7:14 » TechCrunch
Decentralized social network Mastodon has updated its official app for Android to let users easily share their profiles with QR Codes. This could be useful in loud places like event and hotel lobbies to exchange profiles, the company said in a blog …

Android users switching to iPhone usually purchase legacy or less expensive models

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CIRP has discovered that those switching from Android to iOS typically buy legacy or less expensive models.

Gemini on Android can’t ID songs, and it’s frustrating

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If it wasn’t clear before that Google’s Gemini chatbot was rushed out the door, it is now. Gemini’s since-removed image generator put people of color in Nazi-era uniforms. The chatbot’s commentary continues to tend toward the absurd besides, like eq…

Best Cheap Phone of 2024: Most Value for the Money - CNET

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We round up the best inexpensive phones we've reviewed from Apple, Samsung and Google Pixel. Our list of affordable phones should help you save money, with the cheapest starting at $160.

Powerful Video Performance Upgrade Expected For Millions Of Android Devices

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Android devices are about to receive powerful new video playback capabilities, according to a new report.

This 10-in-1 docking station is a multitasker's dream, and it's 35% off right now

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If you need more ports, this Baseus USB-C hub has a lot of tricks up its sleeve - even for your Pixel phone.

Nothing Phone 2A Arrives to MWC 2024 Ahead of March 5 Reveal - CNET

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Nothing's next phone has arrived at the Barcelona trade show, but it's saving the details for next week.
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Samsung - Výrobce elektroniky
iOS - Operační systém pro tablety a mobilní telefony
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iPhone - Chytrý telefon společnosti Apple
Yahoo! - Internetová společnost
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Pavel Ploc - Politik za ČSSD
HTC - Výrobce mobilních elektronických zařízení
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