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Turkey's president wants citizens to boycott iPhones in response to American sanctions

17:46 » The Week
There's a new argument in the Apple vs. Android rivalry. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday urged Turks to stop using iPhones as a way to stick it to the U.S., reports The Guardian . Erdogan argued that Turkish citizens should boyco...

Fortnite Android performance issues addressed by Epic

17:46 » SlashGear
Fortnite‘s Android launch has been a little bit messy thus far. First, we learned that the game wouldn’t be available on the Google Play Store, then it was the beta’s brief-but-still-kinda-weird exclusivity period on Samsung devices. Now, it seems...

The possibilities of the color-adjust property

17:45 » CSS-Tricks
The Open Web continues to show up in places we would have never originally expected to find it: our phones, televisions, watches, books, video game consoles, fast food menus, gas pumps, elevators, cars—even our refrigerators. By not making too man...

Samsung renames Gear app as Galaxy Wearable, also fixing Android Pie compatibility issues

17:12 » PhoneArena
Samsung’s Apple Watch “killer” has a new name, the same old software platform (sorry, Wear OS fans), a largely familiar design, incrementally upgraded specs, an identical release date as the Galaxy Note 9, and now a rebranded smartphone connection...

Fortnite 'influencers' may push the Note 9, but not many of you are game

16:36 » PhoneArena
Bae got me one for my birthday. Couldn't possibly be more excited to get ahold of this thing! #MondayMotivation #Note9 #Samsung #technology #LeftHandersDay2018 #SamsungNote9 #Sprint— Allison (@AllisonJ217) August 13, 2018 T...

Android 9 Pie quietly gains native Wi-Fi Direct printing capabilities

16:00 » PhoneArena
It’s 2018, and printing a document or a photo opened or saved on an Android phone can still cause the everyday user some difficulty. Well, not anymore, as long as you own a handset running one of the two latest versions of Google’s industry-leadin...

Fortnite on Android a dangerous slippery slope

14:51 » SlashGear
It started innocently enough. Android users are no stranger to iOS getting first dibs on apps and games, as long as they eventually get their share. At first, it seemed that was what Epic Games was doing for Fortnite Mobile on Android. Instead, it...

Android Pie Update Breaks Fast Charging on 2016 Pixel XL

14:27 » Extremetech
The 2016 Pixel XL shipped with speed 18W fast charging, but something appears to have gone wrong in the recent Android Pie update. This phone's maximum charging speed is now painfully slow. The post Android Pie Update Breaks Fast Charging on 2016 ...

Chromebooks dual-booting Windows 10 is a terrible idea

14:15 » SlashGear
After years of being ignored, if not ridiculed, Chromebooks are slowly becoming more interesting and more appealing. Chrome OS, combined with Android and Linux, is transforming into a platform that can make both Microsoft and Apple worry. All of t...

Google still tracks you even if you turn off Location History, here's how to limit this

14:15 » PhoneArena
Although pausing "Location History" tracking on your Google account may lead you to believe that you're stopping Google from collecting time-stamped location data for your devices, this is not actually the case. A new report by the Associated Pres...

​Cisco patches router OS against new crypto attack on business VPNs

14:14 » ZDNet
New attack threatens enterprise VPN and could enable target networks to be impersonated or allow a man-in-the-middle attack.
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