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Development kit showcases Cortex-A76 based Snapdragon 855

7:10 » LXer
Intrinsyc has launched a 96Boards CE form-factor “Snapdragon 855 Mobile HDK” that runs Android 9 on a 7nm, octa-core Snapdragon 855 with GNSS, WiFi/BT, and optional touchscreens and cameras. Intrinsyc’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Mobile Hardware Deve...

Mario Kart Tour Closed Beta Announced for Android

7:10 » IGN Articles
Nintendo is now accepting applications for the closed beta test of Mario Kart Tour on Android devices ahead of its release this Summer.

Samsung Galaxy View 2 coming to AT&T on April 26, priced higher than the original

5:29 » PhoneArena
It's quite clear that AT&T plans to launch a sequel to the huge Samsung Galaxy View tablet, but no details about its availability and price have been announced yet. Earlier this week, AT&T published a promo video that shows some of the most import...

LG mobile business in question as production in Korea suspended

3:13 » SlashGear
Android smartphone news these days mostly revolve around Samsung, thanks to the Galaxy Fold brouhaha, and Huawei, thanks to the P30 Pro’s highly praised cameras. Former giants like Sony and HTC also get some attention from time to time but often n...

Best Buy's four day sale takes up to $200 off the LG G8 ThinQ and Apple iPhone X

2:40 » PhoneArena
Looking to save some money on tech? Big box retailer Best Buy is in the process of running a 4-day sale (via Android Authority) that expires this Saturday night (April 27th) at 11:59 pm CDT. That works out to 10 pm PDT and 1 am EDT Sunday morning....

Samsung's strange, gigantic Galaxy View is ready for round two

1:27 » Engadget
You probably weren't looking for a sequel to Samsung's lap-crushing Galaxy View tablet, but you're getting one anyway. AT&T has teased the release of the Galaxy View 2, another take on the Android tablet and mobile TV hybrid. It's not quite as co...

Security Flaw Lets Attackers Recover Private Keys From Qualcomm Chips

0:54 » Slashdot
Devices using Qualcomm chipsets, and especially smartphones and tablets, are vulnerable to a new security bug that can let attackers retrieve private data and encryption keys that are stored in a secure area of the chipset known as the Qualcomm Se...

Google launches its health-tracking app on iOS

23:14 » PhoneArena
Google Fit, the health-tracking app that made its debut on Android four years ago, has now been released on iOS. The app has gone through multiple overhauls since its launch back in 2014, but the last major update released last year made it extrem...

Update in Google Play Store will make BlackBerry's virtual QWERTY more helpful

22:38 » PhoneArena
If you own a BlackBerry handset that runs on Android (starting with the BlackBerry Priv and later), the company has dropped an update for the BlackBerry Keyboard app found in the Google Play Store. Spotted by CrackBerry, the update adds some new f...

Android Q update may hit Chromebooks before your phone

22:01 » SlashGear
If you’ve got a smartphone that you didn’t buy in the last several months, you might not get the Android Q update before your best buddy’s chromebook. One reason this is a distinct possibility is the nature of the update process. Because Google ta...

How to Declutter and Speed Up Your Phone

If your phone is feeling a little laggy, here are some tips to clear out old apps and other things that may be slowing it down.
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