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Android OS Operační systém

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TCL made Verizon a $400 5G tablet

15:53 » SlashGear
Tablets with built-in 5G aren’t exactly common yet, never mind affordable ones, which is something the TCL TAB Pro 5G seems determined to address while there’s a gap in the market. Announced today, the 10.36-inch Android tablet plays nicely with V...

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 review

15:41 » Mashable!
Microsoft's dual-screen Android foldable is back ! Did the not-a-smartphone, not-a-tablet device get it right the second time around? Let's find out.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 review: Better, but still buggy

15:31 » PCWorld
Microsoft’s new Surface Duo 2 smartphone poses a problem. When we choose to review a product, we try to do so objectively. We test the device, compare it to others in its class, and then advise readers whether we think they should buy it or not. T...

Surface Duo 2 review: Microsoft's second dual-screen hybrid is a letdown

15:30 » Engadget
Microsoft isn’t giving up on its dual-screen dreams. The company is back this year with a new Surface Duo that looks like it might fix some of the original’s flaws. Instead of a finicky and low-quality camera, the Duo 2 packs a triple-sensor syste...

Verizon picks up TCL's first US 5G tablet at a very reasonable price

15:19 » PhoneArena
The 10.36-inch TCL Tab Pro 5G is available on Verizon starting today for the low price of $399.99 with respectable albeit easily forgettable specs in tow.

Galaxy Watch 4: price, deals, and where to buy

14:46 » PhoneArena
The Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic have been released, and if you want to buy one you better check out this article.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 13, hands on: A versatile Android tablet, with entertainment front and centre

14:35 » ZDNet
Lenovo's 13.3-inch Yoga Tab 13 offers a decent specification, including a 2K display and excellent quad-speaker audio, but portability is hampered by its bulk and weight.

Phones with best battery life - updated October 2021

13:41 » PhoneArena
If you're looking for a phone that can last you through the longest of days – here are the current champions in battery life.

The Morning After: Will Facebook change its name?

13:18 » Engadget
So, will Facebook pull the trigger and change its name ? Maybe it's an attempt to dominate the conversation around the, ugh, metaverse , which has been around for years, perhaps to follow Google’s own reorganization around Alphabet or to simply cr...
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