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iPhone Chytrý telefon společnosti Apple

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iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max vs. iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max: Specs and features - CNET

9:50 » CNET
We compare cameras, performance, battery life and more between Apple's newest Pro phones, the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, and the previous year's models, the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

Are women let down by period trackers?

1:33 » BBC News
Millions of women use apps to track their menstrual cycle, but many say they do not work well enough.

The Galaxy S21 hits the same price sweet spot as the iPhone 12, but there are more challenges ahead

22:42 » PhoneArena
The is now official and while the variant is a notable upgrade over its predecessor, the standard and the Plus models have taken a step back in some areas. South Korean outlet speculates this might have something to do with the unpopularity of the...

Apple is a "lifestyle company" says incoming Intel CEO in bid to motivate employees

20:02 » PhoneArena
There was a time before the Apple iPhone and other smartphones roamed the earth when people relied on their PCs to access the internet. Back then, Intel was said to be the Gold Standard of chip makers. But that was then and these days Intel no lon...

Always have the latest iPhone with Vodafone's annual upgrade promise

20:02 » PhoneArena
This story is sponsored by Vodafone UK. Tech moves fast in today's world. If you are among the people that always want to ride the wave of cutting-edge tech, having a year-old phone might feel jarring to you. That's why Vodafone has your back with...

Which U.S. states are using Apple’s Exposure Notification API for COVID-19 contact tracing?

16:58 » 9to5Mac
January 16, 2021: Updated with latest states including Hawaii and Wisconsin. Apple and Google announced plans to build COVID-19 tracing into iPhone and Android operating systems on April 10 . The move marked a major partnership between the top two...

Hands-On Showdown: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs. Them All

16:47 » PCMag.com
How does the Galaxy S21 look and feel compared with the Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20, OnePlus 8T, and the latest iPhones? Take a look at the S21 with all these phones side by side.

Top Stories: MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, and iPhone Rumors, Best of CES 2021

15:09 » MacRumors
This week was sure a busy one in the Apple world, with a flurry of announcements out of CES early in the week followed by a rash of Mac- and iPhone-related rumors later in the week. The new rumors this week included details on updated MacBook Pro,...

Let's Celebrate Apple's Uncanny Ability For Leadership

13:10 » Forbes
When the first reliable leaks announced, in June 2020, that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 wouldn't pack a charger or a headset, brands like Samsung or Xiaomi made ads laughing at Apple’s move. Guess what the the latest models from Xiaomi or Samsung’s...

Galaxy S21 vs. iPhone 12 specs: Samsung may have beaten Apple this time - CNET

12:37 » CNET
Samsung has slashed prices of its Galaxy S21 lineup, but will that give it an edge over the iPhone 12 family? Here's how the Galaxy S21 stacks up against the iPhone 12.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max: The flagship battle

12:27 » SlashGear
The two heavyweights of flagship smartphones – Samsung and Apple – are in for another blockbuster bout as the Korean smartphone maker just announced the S21 series at the Galaxy Unpacked event. This comes after the release of the Apple iPhone 12 s...

iOS tip: Find out how many times has your iPhone battery been recharged

12:27 » ZDNet
Apple gives you a lot of information about your battery, but not this snippet of information. Here's how you can find out your iPhone's battery recharge cycles without any third-party apps or software.
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