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8 Helpful iPad Apps That Make Toddler Life a Heck of a Lot Easier

20:11 » LilSugar
Whether you're heading out on a road trip with your mini me in tow or you just need a little help once bedtime rolls around, there's probably an app for that. And while we definitely don't advise plopping your kids in front of a screen for hours o...

China wants one of its manufacturers to supply Apple with OLED panels

17:57 » PhoneArena
China's BOE Technology Group Co. is the largest manufacturer of big LCD screens in the world. It also supplies displays for Apple's iPad tablets. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company is now looking to become a source of OLED panels fo...

David Hockney, Annely Juda, London, review: Many of these iPhone and iPad drawings are little more than casual crowd-pleasers

These seize-the-moment devices rhyme with Hockney, yet there's nothing very fresh about the subject matter of this show

Microsoft releases a slew of Surface Go ads trying to convince you to buy the device

21.července » PhoneArena
Microsoft's marketing department has been very busy. The company released a large number of ads for the new Surface Go tablet. More on that later. The tablet, priced as low as $400 to compete with the 6th generation Apple iPad, will launch on Augu...

Making The Grade: Juice Mobile Power solves classroom charging woes

21.července » 9to5Mac
Making The Grade is a weekly series from Bradley Chambers covering Apple in education. Bradley has been managing Apple devices in an education environment since 2009. Through his experience deploying and managing 100s of Macs and 100s of iPads, Br...

Apple Loop: New iPhones Confirmed, Apple's Massive Upgrade To iPhone X, More MacBook Pro Problems

21.července » Forbes
This week’s Apple Loop includes FaceID for every new iPhone in 2018, the corners being cut for a cheaper iPhone X, secrets inside the new MacBook Pro, falling iPhone sales in India, the lack of fast chargers for the iPhone, Photoshop for the iPad,...

How to Never Mistype an Email Address on Your iPhone

20.července » Lifehacker
If you’re an avid Mail user and always rushing to send an email on your iPhone, mistakes tend to happen frequently. One of iOS’s features on iPhone or iPad can help you call attention to a mistyped email address, with one simple Mail setting. Read...

Prop Up Your iPhone, iPad, or Even Nintendo Switch With the Twelve South HiRise 2, Now Just $20

20.července » Lifehacker
Twelve South’s HiRise is the most attractive smartphone stand you can buy, and according to The Verge, a pretty great Nintendo Switch dock to boot . It normally sells for $40, but the black model is marked down to $20 right now, easily the best pr...

The Data Transfer Project has big-name support, but it's missing the biggest one: Apple

20.července » Macworld
Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft have teamed on the Data Transfer Project, a new, secure way to let users share their files and photos between online services. But where's Apple?

Mom Confiscates Kids' Phones and iPads Overnight - Their Payback Move Was Genius

20.července » LilSugar
Michelle Giggler certainly had good intentions when she began confiscating her kids' phones, tablets, and other devices at bedtime. The mom, who has four kids between the ages of 8 and 13, has likely been doing it to help them sleep better, with f...

Dish Becomes First Pay-TV Provider to Support Apple Business Chat

20.července » MacRumors
Dish today announced that its customers can now start support conversations using Apple Business Chat , a feature that Apple launched in iOS 11.3 in March that lets users interface with businesses right in the Messages app. With the new support, u...

How to Use App Limits and Downtime in iOS 12

20.července » MacRumors
In iOS 12, Apple's digital health push includes a couple of special new features for iPhone and iPad users who want to cut down on their app usage: App Limits and Downtime . In this article, we'll show you how to use them. App Limits allows you to...
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