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The budget Galaxy S10 might adopt a side-positioned fingerprint scanner

16:11 » PhoneArena
Judging from the amount of rumors and leaks about Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S10 lineup, it will be safe to say that it's shaping up to be one of the most exciting Android releases in years. A large portion of this can be attributed to the rumored ...

Array of iPhones and Android devices used on bike by Taiwan senior to play Pokemon Go

16:10 » AppleInsider
A 70-year-old man from Taipei, Taiwan has become famous for riding a bicycle equipped with 15 smartphones, all used for playing Niantic's Pokemon Go.

The best camera phones in 2018: take better photos on the move

15:36 » .net magazine
Ace camera phones for every need and budget – whether you're a pro who needs the best, or a casual snapper on a budget.

OnePlus 6T review: Outstanding reception, solid battery life, and extremely fast performance make this one to buy

15:36 » ZDNet
OnePlus just released its first phone in partnership with a US wireless carrier and early indications are that sales were brisk. The in-screen fingerprint scanner works well, the phone is very fast, cellular performance is stellar, and you will go...

Samsung foldable tablet patent folds in three parts

13:52 » SlashGear
Pretty soon, Samsung might earn the reputation of a company that folds. In a good way of course. It has just revealed its prototype for the first foldable phone, expected to actually hit markets next year, but it has been playing around with folda...

Samsung BioLogics' listing under review after regulator says it breached accounting rules

13:52 » Reuters
South Korea's top financial regulator said Samsung BioLogics Co Ltd had intentionally breached accounting rules ahead of its 2016 listing, leading to a suspension in trading of the biotech firm's shares and a review of its listing status.

How did Samsung manage to bend the cover glass of its foldable phone? A ton of Japanese suppliers

13:52 » PhoneArena
What's the most interesting question about Samsung's upcoming foldable F-series? Is it the price of the first phone in the line? The specs? Nah, it's how did Samsung manage to bend the cover glass without breaking it! The first of its kind supply ...

The Galaxy S10 won't have a notch, but it may have a 'hole' in its display – where should it be?

13:52 » PhoneArena
The Galaxy S10 may have a camera cutout in its display Samsung recently unveiled four new Infinity Display models – two with a notch, one with a camera “cutout”, and the last one completely seamless. Called ‘New Infinity’, this notch-less screen d...

Galaxy S10's antenna and camera parts may be trusted to Chinese suppliers

13:18 » PhoneArena
Samsung will apparently be ramping up Chinese suppliers' participation in the Galaxy S10 project in order to keep costs in check. This way it may be able to deliver models that will be successful not only in terms of consumer attraction and sales ...

Rumored Galaxy X's foldable phone screen specs: 7.3-inch and 4.5-inch - CNET

12:42 » CNET
Samsung slipped out a few more details about the phone rumored to be called the Galaxy X or Galaxy F.

Sony XBR X900F 4K UHD TV review: Great image processing, but restrained color

12:42 » Macworld
Sony's XBR X900F can handle just about any kind of material with aplomb, including HDR. But its color palette is subdued and light bleed on black backgrounds is noticeable with the Xtended Dynamic Range function engaged.
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