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More Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 specs and price details leak out, release date may be pushed

10:15 » PhoneArena
Samsung is prepping a rather unorthodox Unpacked 2020 event, and not just because it may be held in a stream-only format due to the new coronavirus realities. It gradually moved its second half of the year fare outside of big industry expos, and s...

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 support pages are up, tipping an earlier release date

9:05 » PhoneArena
A mysterious device codenamed as model number SM-R850 has appeared on Samsung's support pages already, followed by Q&A how to pair it with the Samsung Galaxy Buds+. It's followed by another model, SM-R845F, and about the only number missing is the...

The Best Gaming TVs for the Next Generation Consoles

7:11 » IGN Articles
Getting a next-generation console? Here are the best gaming TVs to help you take full advantage of the Xbox Series X and PS5.

Galaxy Note 20 might be announced one month from now

5:42 » SlashGear
Despite all that’s happening around the world, one thing that seems to still be a constant is the schedule of smartphone announcements, at least from giants like Samsung and Apple. Whether they will be able to launch on time and with enough stocks...

TSMC crushes Samsung in Q2 chip production as more 5G demand beckons

1:12 » PhoneArena
When it comes to firms that manufacture chips for customers, the company that you probably think of first is TSMC. After all, the Taiwan based firm is the largest contract foundry in the world and produces chips for companies like Apple, Huawei (a...

The iPhone 12 is all it would take for Apple to crush Samsung's 5G dominance dreams: report

20:05 » PhoneArena
The , which Samsung released in 2019, was the world's first 5G phone. Huawei soon followed with the , and the early adoption of the next generation of wireless technology gave the two a head start, enabling them to capture the lion's share of the ...

This could be the first Samsung Galaxy smartphone to pack a 6,800mAh battery

15:58 » PhoneArena
It was believed earlier that Samsung is skipping the Galaxy M41 and moving straight to the because of display-related issues. Apparently, that's not the case, as the Galaxy M41 has received 3C certification and its battery has also been spotted on...

Motorola Razr review: It's one of my favorite phones, but I won't buy it - CNET

12:20 » CNET
I spent a week testing the Razr foldable phone and became enamored with it. But I also have worries over its long-term durability and high price tag.
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