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Lobbování Prosazování skupinových zájmů

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Life beyond LGBT

Matthew Grech, who used to be gay, and former trans Libby Littlewood speak to Christian Today about why it's so important that ex-LGBT voices are heard too.

Facebook leak shows inner turmoil over approach to conservative content

22:52 » Engadget
Facebook has long been accused of playing favorites on multiple sides of the political spectrum, and it's now clear just how much of that uproar extends to the company's ranks. A leak to The Wall Street Journal reportedly shows Facebook leaders an...

Biden Isn't Being Vocal Enough on Voting Rights

Why is the president so reticent to say unequivocally that we must protect voting rights at all costs, even at the expense of the filibuster?

Rebekah Koffler: Biden nominee prefers Soviet system to free-market economy – don't let them destroy the US

20:43 » FOXNews
Joe Biden’s choice for comptroller of the currency wants to transform America’s free market economy into the same kind of system that destroyed her native country, the U.S.S.R.

iPad & Apple Pencil artist's review: A decent Wacom alternative for digital production

19:56 » AppleInsider
While graphics tablets are the standard tool of the trade for digital artists, the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro could be considered an all-in-one package that combines the peripheral and a computer into one easily carriable device. Here's one artist'...

Those who influenced 2020 expect to work election strategy again in 2022

18:34 » WorldNetDaily
Many headlines have appeared regarding the results of the 2020 presidential election and how they were reached. While some of the claims of ballot fraud have been looked at, and discarded, there remain two issues that are being blamed for signific...

Matthew Cross backs Scotland for ‘really special’ T20 World Cup tilt

17:11 » The Guardian
The wicketkeeper-batsman is eagerly looking forward to the Super 12s after an epic two-year qualifying journey There was a moment, about an hour into their World Cup, when everything seemed to be going wrong for Scotland. Playing Bangladesh, ranke...

Broadway's 'Phantom of the Opera' plots a cautious return to the stage

13:17 » Reuters
Meghan Picerno was back at work after 18 months of pandemic limbo, overjoyed to be singing and dancing again with her "Phantom of the Opera" castmates as they rehearsed for the return of Broadway's longest-running show.

The U.S. Killer Drone Program Stays Afloat on the Back of Lies and Pentagon Propaganda

24.October » The Good Men Project
When a surviving member of Ahmadi’s family complained publicly about the errant strike that slaughtered so many members of his family, the Pentagon did what it has been doing for 20 years in Afghanistan. It lied. The post The U.S. Killer Drone Pro...

Russell Westbrook: Lakers didn't discuss Davis-Howard scuffle at practice

23.October » HOOPSWORLD
Jovan Buha: Russell Westbrook said the Lakers have moved past their frustration from last night and there was no additional talk of the AD-Dwight situation today at film/practice.Source: Twitter @j…
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