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Václav Klaus 2. prezident ČR

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Finance Minister Staikouras in Luxembourg for Eurogroup, Ecofin, ESM, EIB meetings

10:20 » NEWS
Finance Minister Christos Staikouras visited Luxembourg on Wednesday to attend the Eurogroup and Ecofin meetings, the annual meetings of the… Περισσότερα...

Top JPMorgan Banker Predicts Great Wave of European Carveouts

12.June » Yahoo! finance
(Bloomberg) -- JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s top banker advising private equity firms in Europe says the region is primed for one of its busiest-ever periods of corporate carveouts, as companies seek to bolster capital and cut non-core businesses while v...

G7 affirms anti-capitalist 'Great Reset' to exploit COVID crisis

11.June » WorldNetDaily
Affirming the globalist agenda of the "Great Reset of capitalism," which has been adopted by the Biden administration, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told leaders of the G7 nations Friday that they must "build back better," remaking their ec...

Albanian Parliament impeaches president for vote comments

Europe News: TIRANA: The Albanian Parliament on Wednesday impeached President Ilir Meta for violating the constitution and discharged him from the post.

Yes drummer Alan White, a longtime Seattle-area resident, reminisces about recording ‘Imagine’ with John Lennon 50 years ago

Alan White, who now lives in the Seattle area, was just another struggling young English rock ’n’ roller when John Lennon and Yoko Ono heard him drumming. Here’s how White came to take part in recording “Imagine” 50 years ago this spring.

Germany Has Done 'Everything Possible' to Launch Nord Stream 2, Lawmaker Says

1.June » SPUTNIK
Nord Stream 2 – the 745-mile-long twin pipeline – will carry gas from Russia directly to Germany under the Baltic Sea, passing through Scandinavian waters.

Catholic group founding conservative university in Warsaw

28.May » FOXNews
An increasingly influential Polish Catholic legal institute, which lobbied for the recent restriction of abortion rights in Poland, is planning to open an international university in Warsaw, seeking to educate a new generation of conservative lawy...

Catholic group founding conservative university in Warsaw

28.May » ABCNews.com
A Polish Catholic legal institute is planning to open a university in Warsaw this fall to educate a new generation of lawyers

Quickshot News: 27.5.2021

26.May » Prague Monitor
Czech PM under fire for bungling call for EU solidarity » Read More Lower house approves amendment to building law » Read More People over 30 can register for Covid vaccine » Read More Czech former president Vaclav Klaus reportedly secretly sent a...

Today in History

25.May » ABCNews.com
Today in History Today is Tuesday, May 25, the 145th day of 2021. There are 220 days left in the year. Today’s Highlight in History: On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a Black man, died when a white Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee on Floyd...

A Windfall for Minority Farmers Divides Rural America

A $4 billion federal fund meant to confront how racial injustice has shaped American farming has angered white farmers who say they are being unfairly excluded.
Miloš Zeman - Prezident ČR
Petr Nečas - Premiér ČR
Lobbování - Prosazování skupinových zájmů
KSČM - Levicová politická strana
Milada Halíková - Politik za KSČM
Česká vláda - Státní úřad
Jan Kubice - Ministr vnitra ČR
Populismus - Snaha zviditelnit se bez ideologického programu
Korupce - Zneužití postavení nebo funkce v politice
Leoš Heger - Ministr zdravotnictví ČR
Věci veřejné - Politická strana
ODS - Politická strana
ČSSD - Přední levicová politická strana
Jiří Besser - Český politik
Alexandr Vondra - Ministr obrany ČR a senátor
Josef Novotný - politik za ČSSD
Milan Štěch - Politik za ČSSD
Karel Schwarzenberg - Politik a předseda TOP 09
Martin Kuba - Ministr průmyslu a obchodu ČR
TOP 09 - Pravicová politická strana
Martin Kocourek - politik ODS
Jeroným Tejc - politik za ČSSD
Lubomír Zaorálek - Politik za ČSSD
Bohuslav Sobotka - Politik za ČSSD
Zbyněk Stanjura - Politik za ODS
Jiří Pospíšil - Český politik
Marcel Chládek - Politik za ČSSD
Miroslav Kalousek - Politik za TOP 09
Jiří Paroubek - politik

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