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Václav Klaus 2. prezident ČR

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German’s union head warns cutting off Russian gas could topple major industries

Germany's union head is warning that cutting off Russian natural gas imports will collapse major industries like aluminum, glass, and the chemical industry.

Today in History: July 3, Union wins at Gettysburg

6:20 » ABCNews.com
Today in History Today is Sunday, July 3, the 184th day of 2022. There are 181 days left in the year. Today’s Highlight in History: On July 3, 1976, Israel launched its daring mission to rescue 106 passengers and Air France crew members being held a…

Russia-Ukraine live news: Kyiv ‘fired missiles on Belarus’

Belarus president says his forces shot down missiles fired from Ukraine, warns of 'instant' response to enemy attacks.

Regulator urges Germans to prepare for possible gas shortage

2.July » ABCNews.com
Fearing Russia might cut off natural gas supplies, the head of Germany’s regulatory agency for energy is calling on residents to save energy and to prepare for winter, when use increases

Businesses Grappling With Post-Roe Data Privacy Questions

1.July » InformationWeek
Business owners, health platform providers, and employers are in the process of analyzing a host of thorny data privacy questions that loom now that the US Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade.

Erdogan will ensure Putin's fears of NATO expansion are unrealized - opinion

28.June » Jerusalem Post
Turkey's Erdogan is blocking Finland and Sweden from joining NATO - something that Putin is glad of.

Second return to Europe

27.June » Přítomnost.cz
The second Czech presidency of the European Union will be little burdened by the memory of the inglorious end of the first attempt, when we finally sweetened the deal for ourselves instead of Europe. So many events have taken place since 2009 that t…

‘Ninja Warrior’ Considered for Inclusion in Los Angeles 2028 Summer Olympics

A gold medal for Ninja Warrior skills? It’s not as far-fetched as you might think. Japanese TV network TBS, creator of the original Ninja Warrior reality competition format, revealed Monday that the show’s signature obstacle course will be tested fo…

As Russia chokes Ukraine’s grain exports, Romania tries to fill in

26.June » ekathimerini.com
Stopping at the edge of a vast field of barley on his farm in Prundu, 30 miles outside Romania’s capital city of Bucharest, Catalin Corbea pinched off a spiky flowered head from a stalk, rolled it between his hands, and then popped a seed in his mou…

Russia-Ukraine war: major shakeup in Russian high command, says UK; missile strike near Lviv injured four

25.June » The Guardian
UK military says key Kremlin generals replaced and that Ukrainian defence of Donbas cities being ‘reconfigured’; Germany warns about food crisis ‘tsunami’ ‘The Russians could come any time’: fear on the EU border Last Ukrainian forces in Sievierodon…

The Failure of Global Elites

Start by telling the truth. You’re going to get blamed anyway. The post The Failure of Global Elites appeared first on The Good Men Project .

As Russia Chokes Ukraine’s Grain Exports, Romania Tries to Fill In

With famine threatening millions, Europe is intent on finding alternatives to one of world’s biggest food exporters, whose landlocked crop is stranded by war.
Petr Nečas - Premiér ČR
Lobbování - Prosazování skupinových zájmů
KSČM - Levicová politická strana
Milada Halíková - Politik za KSČM
Česká vláda - Státní úřad
Jan Kubice - Ministr vnitra ČR
Populismus - Snaha zviditelnit se bez ideologického programu
Korupce - Zneužití postavení nebo funkce v politice
Leoš Heger - Ministr zdravotnictví ČR
Věci veřejné - Politická strana
ODS - Politická strana
ČSSD - Přední levicová politická strana
Jiří Besser - Český politik
Alexandr Vondra - Ministr obrany ČR a senátor
Josef Novotný - politik za ČSSD
Milan Štěch - Politik za ČSSD
Karel Schwarzenberg - Politik a předseda TOP 09
Martin Kuba - Ministr průmyslu a obchodu ČR
TOP 09 - Pravicová politická strana
Martin Kocourek - politik ODS
Jeroným Tejc - politik za ČSSD
Lubomír Zaorálek - Politik za ČSSD
Bohuslav Sobotka - Politik za ČSSD
Zbyněk Stanjura - Politik za ODS
Jiří Pospíšil - Český politik
Marcel Chládek - Politik za ČSSD
Miroslav Kalousek - Politik za TOP 09
Jiří Paroubek - politik

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