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Czech MPs have criticised Czech public TV for reporting that the US has curtailed financial help for schools in Gaza

15.října » Britské listy
The Education Committee of the Czech Parliament has adopted a censuring motion proposed by its Chairperson, the extreme right wing politician Václav Klaus Junior from the Civic Democratic Party (ODS). The motion strongly criticises public service ...

Romania leader calls for dialogue after marriage referendum

9.října » ABCNews.com
Romania's president says the country needs dialogue and tolerance in the wake of a referendum that aimed to make it harder to legalize same-sex marriage

Honda's smart intersection tells drivers what's around the corner

6.října » Engadget
As the Honda Pilot is about to enter the intersection a specially built HUD (heads-up display) flashes an orangish yellow with an image of an ambulance. Seconds later an actual ambulance that, moments before, the driver could not see barrels thoug...

The Endangered Beer Hall Adds to Germany’s Cultural Debate

6.října » The New York Times
One village’s effort to save their local pub, by selling shares to residents, highlights the steady disappearance of traditional venues as Germany grows older and more diverse.

UK Brexit bill could rise as EU reveals record spending promises

4.října » The Guardian
Brussels committed to €267bn in 2017, almost twice the size of the union’s annual budget The EU’s spending promises and pension costs rose by tens of billions of euros last year, an official report reveals, raising the possibility of an escalating...

White House Tells F.B.I. to Interview Anyone Necessary for Kavanaugh Inquiry

2.října » The New York Times
The White House authorized the new directive after a Democratic outcry, but the bureau must finish its investigation by Friday.

Romanian president says Brexit deal 'desirable and possible'

2.října » Reuters
Romania's President Klaus Iohannis said after meeting the European Union's Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier on Tuesday that a deal with Britain was "desirable and possible".

Top European officials appear open to prospect of suspending looming Greek pension cuts; no discussion at Eurogroup

1.října » naftemporiki.gr
Although the issue of suspending a scheduled pension reform, set for January 2018, was not discussed at Monday's Eurogroup meeting in Luxembourg, subsequent statements by top Eurozone leaders nevertheless yielded optimism that the standing Greek r...

The Washington Times: Ex-Czech president calls for revolution to save sovereignty of European countries from EU

27.září » Václav Klaus
His country and his continent last century escaped fascism and communism, but former Czech President Vaclav Klaus argues that Europe desperately needs to be liberated again — this time from the clutches of globalists and multiculturalists, and fro...

Romanian ex-prison chief sentenced to 20 years dies in jail

26.září » FOXNews.com
Ion Ficior, who was incarcerated for the deaths of 103 political inmates while in charge of a communist-era labor camp in Romania, has died.

F91 Dudelange welcome Milan with a sense of destiny and disbelief | Nick Ames

20.září » The Guardian
Dominant side in Luxembourg makes its Europa League debut against club that gave them their colours a century ago A five-minute drive from the centre of Dudelange, hugging a hill to the west of town, sits a community of colourful, tightly packed d...
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