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Populismus Snaha zviditelnit se bez ideologického programu

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Putin, Addressing Russia, Warns West Not to Cross Red Line: Live Updates

21.April » The New York Times
President Vladimir V. Putin, amid protests at home and growing tensions abroad, said Russia’s response would be “asymmetric, fast and tough” if forced to defend its interests.

VISEGRAD BLOG: Czech President Zeman’s pro-Russian policy blows up in his face

20.April » Prague Monitor
The post VISEGRAD BLOG: Czech President Zeman’s pro-Russian policy blows up in his face appeared first on Prague Monitor / Czech News in English .

Biden administration capitalizes on growing rift between American businesses and the GOP

19.April » Daily Kos
As the decades-long between bond between Republicans and corporate America sours, the Biden White House is seeking to take full advantage of the schism and the openings it leaves for Democrats. Although President Joe Biden is seeking to raise the ...

By demonising asylum seekers, Denmark reflects a panic in social democracy | Kenan Malik

18.April » The Guardian
Forcing Syrians to return home shows the left apeing the far right in a race to the bottom What do you call a government so hostile to refugees that it wants to send them back to a country that tortures and “disappears” its critics on a mass scale...

Shadow warrior: Benjamin Netanyahu takes a dangerous gamble with Iran

18.April » The Guardian
Israel’s prime minister is creating a climate of fear and crisis as his best hope for holding on to power In a region famous for warmongers and tyrants, who is the most dangerous man in the Middle East right now? Not Bashar al-Assad, the isolated ...

Facebook and fear in Manila: Maria Ressa’s fight for facts

18.April » The Guardian
Ex-CNN reporter and founder of the news site Rappler on life under the relentless social media assault of the Duterte regime As terrible as the events were that played out on Capitol Hill on 6 January, Maria Ressa admits to feeling “a small amount...

Italian right-wing leader Salvini to go on trial for not allowing migrant ship to dock

17.April » FOXNews
Italian right-wing leader Matteo Salvini will go on trial for “kidnapping” migrants in September for his decision in 2019 as interior minister not to allow an NGO ship packed with migrants dock in an Italian port.

Helen McCrory: engaging, enthralling, always magnetically watchable

17.April » The Guardian
The exquisitely talented actor shone at playing complex, intelligent women with a seemingly effortless skill Helen McCrory dies aged 52 It seems fitting that one of Helen McCrory’s final screen performances in a career devastatingly truncated by h...

Trumpism lives on in new thinktank – but critics say it’s ‘just a grift’

17.April » The Guardian
The America First Policy Institute calls itself ‘non-partisan’ and a ‘non-profit’ but critics regard it as a cash cow for Trump alumni with stained reputations Malcolm X, Mark Twain, Malcolm Gladwell. Lewis Carroll, Steve Jobs. Douglas Adams, Moha...
Andrej Babiš - Český podnikatel a politik, předseda hnutí ANO
Jan Hamáček - Poslanec za ČSSD
Korupce - Zneužití postavení nebo funkce v politice
Václav Klaus - 2. prezident ČR
Petr Nečas - Premiér ČR
Leoš Heger - Ministr zdravotnictví ČR
Lobbování - Prosazování skupinových zájmů
KSČM - Levicová politická strana
Věci veřejné - Politická strana
ODS - Politická strana
ČSSD - Přední levicová politická strana
Jiří Besser - Český politik
Ivan Fuksa - politik - ODS
Pavel Drobil - Politik za ODS
Radek John - Politik a novinář
Vít Bárta - politik za VV
Martin Kocourek - politik ODS
TOP 09 - Pravicová politická strana
Bohuslav Sobotka - Politik za ČSSD
Jaromír Drábek - Ministr práce a sociálních věcí ČR
Jaroslav Škárka - Politik - nezařazení
Kristýna Kočí - Politik - nezařazení
Tomáš Chalupa - Ministr životního prostředí ČR
Štěpánka Hilgertová - Česká vodní slalomářka
Jennifer Lopez - Americká herečka, zpěvačka

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