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Nativism is driving the far-right surge in Europe – and it is here to stay | Cas Mudde

17:25 » The Guardian
Spain’s Vox party came in third as the mainstreaming and normalization of the far right has become a common phenomenon of 21st-century Europe In 2016, the far-right Vox party gained a mere 0.2% of the vote in the Spanish legislative elections. Thi...

The price of unity

The transformation of Germany and east central Europe after 1989 Philipp Ther The strength of the German economy is often attributed to the shock therapy of the 1990s. But in 1999, the reunited country was considered ‘the sick man of the euro’. It...

Steve Forbes: Private equity and job creation -- What the liberals conveniently overlook

As much as Sen. Warren and her populist disciples want to demagogue the private equity industry, their policy ‘solutions’ will only hinder job growth and stifle the economic opportunities they say they want to create.

Polish parliament meets 1st time since populists reelected

12.November » ABCNews.com
Poland's newly elected parliament is inaugurating its four-year term with a ceremonial sitting Tuesday, after elections last month gave a second term to the populist conservative Law and Justice party

Nigel Farage, Brexit Party Leader, Lends Hand to Boris Johnson. Mostly.

11.November » The New York Times
Mr. Farage won’t run candidates in seats held by Mr. Johnson’s Tories. But his party may still hurt the Tories in other races.

Spain's reinvigorated far right makes its presence felt

11.November » ABCNews.com
The nationalist Vox party has emerged as a political force in Spain, even though the country has long perceived itself as being immune to the populist wave sweeping Europe in recent years

The Guardian view on Spain’s election: progressive parties must unite to defeat the far right | Editorial

11.November » The Guardian
The xenophobic nationalists of Vox made disturbing progress in Spain’s fourth election in as many years There was one major beneficiary of Sunday’s inconclusive election in Spain, but it was not Pedro Sánchez, the Socialist prime minister. Mr Sánc...

Wristbands and a sense of belonging: How Spain s far-right Vox party have entered mainstream

11.November » The Independent
Analysis: Vocal opposition to Catalonian independence and exhumation of Francisco Franco's remains appear to have helped boost party's electoral support

Spanish elections: How the far-right Vox party found its footing

11.November » BBC News
Santiago Abascal's party has become the third force in parliament, gaining 52 seats in the election.

Nigel Farage targets Brexit-voting Labour heartland

11.November » AL JAZEERA
The Brexit Party will not fight for Conservative-held seats, which may hand a significant advantage to PM Boris Johnson.

10 things you need to know today: November 11, 2019

11.November » The Week
1. Bolivian President Evo Morales resigned Sunday after facing mass protests over his attempt to hold onto power by bending laws to run for a fourth term, then claiming victory in a vote marred by allegations of fraud. Morales came to power more t...
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